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29 Apr

london 2.11pm wednesday 2015.

i just feel like chitchatting, so just consider all this as just me making like i am in a kopitiam yakking over a teh tarik.

john, my friend from poole, has gone back now.

on the day he left i brought his one way ticket for another journey to london for the naked bike ride in june.

because we book as soon as it opens, we were able to get the £1 train ticket. plus 50p booking fee it cost him only £1.50 for a 2hr journey by train from bournemouth to london. it is really very cheap, which makes me wonder why i dont go to bournemouth more often, but i dont.

this is really strange because i can stay with john for free too. but i just dont fancy travelling. i like pottering around my neighbourhood and doing routine things. i wonder if it is a sign of going old? it might well be, i find as i go older i dislike altering my routine. all those advise to do a new thing, experience a new thing, and get out of a rut, etc, i find just thinking about it makes me tired. haha. i like doing nothing and just pottering around and having my life on a even keel. from looking at my friends, whenever anything exciting happens to them , it is being robbed, or having a bad health scare, or something bad. so no thanks to me nothing happening is good. haha.

 and he wrote in an email telling me his train from waterloo was delayed 90 mins because of ‘a body on the line’. that means someone committed suicide. its sad that people feel their life not worth living to take it away. and just recently i read the victoria line was delayed because of ‘a body on the line’.

my life is very easy going, and i was thinking in a world not so wired up with news available 24hrs, i wont hear of death so much. but nowadays i do hear of a lot of deaths of other people. it is hard not to be a bit depressed on hearing of it. so i harden my heart and block all that out. call me unfeeling but i really cannot bear hearing all this news of deaths of strangers.

i wonder if that is the reason why depression is so prevalent these days. though i can well believe depression has nothing to do with your circumstances, as this news i read of a woman who won the lottery in 2003, committing suicide recently using the train. so even with all that money she still got depressed and killed herself.  i wonder if it is the same body on the line that john told me about that delayed his train. could it be her? all in all, it is depressing. 

i did not intend to write about all that above when i started my rambling talk. but it sure is difficult to get away from it. lets talk of other things that is happier.

john told me his landlord bought him a new oven, to replace the old one that kaput. that is one good thing about renting, though it would depand on how good your landlord is. i think john’s landlord is very good. his rent is only about £400 a month for a 1bedroom flat. i guess it just shows how everything is so cheap outside london. london is really a cocoon of high prices for everything. which sounds so depressing again… 

but lets get back to john’s good fortune in getting a new oven. it costs £400, which seems to me rather a lot to pay. but nevermind, the landlord is the one paying it. john gave me a link to show what kind of oven it is. 

a belling oven 

his oven looks nothing like the link he gave me. he sent me pictures of it.

john's oven

it has hot plate hobs. quite easy to use actually.

it has a ceramic hob. it means it is easy to clean, but i would find it rather strange to use, as i am so familiar with the rings. ah well, i am sure john will get used to it.

added 3.35pm. i got a new message in my email with a invitation to the 

A place in the sun exhibition.
London Olympia 8th – 10th May 2015

i have seen the tv program of course, and enjoy it even though i have no intentions of buying property in other countries. i wonder how they got my email, but whatever the reason, i applied for an invitation ticket. after all if it is free it might be interesting to see what it is all about.