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how to change your duvet cover

2 Nov

london 3.05pm 11C sunny wednesday 2016

this method seems very easy to do and takes the hassle out of changing your duvet cover. she rolls the duvet bolster -like and then evert the duvet and roll it out right side out. 

though i have my own method which i have been using all these years and it is quite a quick method , much quicker than this one , it does require some dexterity and a bit of strength, esp as my duvet is a king size double duvet, two duvets in one, and is thus quite bulky. it is bulky but quite light, being made of down and feathers. 

i turn the duvet cover inside out, and then reach inside right to the other end to the two corners, and then through the two corners grip each corner of the duvet and then flip the duvet cover over the duvet and let it roll over and down the whole duvet. and that is it, all left to do is to button up and flap the duvet so that everything settles inside the cover. it is very quick unlike this folding of the duvet into a bolster… 

day of the dead celebration at the chelsea school of arts, which is near the tate britain. i happen to pass by on my way to the tesco, and on the way back saw a bit of this projection on the facade.

this morning i went to see the nurse in my gp practise for a checkup. they offer this checkup to any one of their patients who are 40-75yrs old. i have been getting quite a lot of phelgm and a chronic cough for some time, the phelgm getting more noticeable but did not feel i want to bother the doctor about it.  it seems rather trivial.

so i was rather glad that they have this checkup to give us. the nurse seem to think it serious, she told me i should see the doctor, and also to get a resting blood test. luckily the receptionist told me i can see the doctor now, as there has been a cancellation. so i am glad i dont have to wait. the doctor sent me upstairs to get an xray. this branch seem to have quite a lot of departments for testing. which is great as it saves me having to make another appointment with the hospital to get the chest xray. and the nurse told me to give a sample of phlegm which i try to cough up and drop it off at the box for them to test it.  so i am rather glad that i am being seen to and so quickly too. the xray will take a week for the result to come back. 

well, i felt quite unsettled after the appointment, not so much for myself but thinking about how health and bad health can really make a person feel very sad. esp as after the checkup i read a post by garfield hugs talking about the pain she is having. she seldom talks about the pain, so this one must be real bad for her to mention it.  i know how sad it makes me if i have loved ones feel pain or suffer bad health because there is nothing we can do about it to relieve that pain. i wish i got a magic wand that i can wave and make pain disappear. though i do am aware that pain is a good indicator of something going wrong, and so can be an early warning. but long term chronic pain is something else entirely. 

anyway, i remembered i have the john lewis free voucher for a cake and coffee  and it expires soon, so i decided i shall cheer myself up and go to their sloane square branch where they have cheese cake. their other branch in oxford st dont have cheese cake and i fancy cheese cake for some reason. so here i am sitting in the top floor cafe, under the skylight which is bright with the setting sun, and a grand view overlooking london and on the other side looking down the air well, with their christmas hangings. 

in a way it is just as well i dont get a lot of these free vouchers for free cake and coffee. they are just full of suger and not very healthy. but the few times i get them is just right, enough to make me enjoy them butnot that often that i get unhealthy amount of suger in me.

the store is putting out its christmas decorations for sale. amazing how every year they do this and there are still customers who buy them. i would have thought people would have built up a huge amount of these decorations and can reuse them every year so that there is never any need to buy any more. but it does not work that way. maybe just as well there are so many willing to buy them every year and keep the profits coming and make businesses still stay open instead of closing. 

the night before christmas

24 Dec

london 11.16pm 8.3C clear night. thursday 2015

i have been putting in my data of my expenses into my new spreadsheet and did not realise the time has flown. and when i next looked up i realise it is near to midnite and the coming of christmas day tomorrow.

it feels like any night actually. this is because there is nothing in my flat that commemorates it. it is too much bother to put up decorations etc. so i don’t. haha.

maybe that is why i dont feel sad or anything about it. or mind spending it alone, with no festivities around me. i like my own company and my own thoughts. that might explain why i dont mind being on my own.

simon is of course at  his mother’s. she lives in essex. i think he is in two minds about it. his mother expects him to go of course. but i think he gets fed up if he stays too long and comes back for some peace. haha. all that talk of families argueing with each other in these family gatherings, is quite true.  

i have managed to avoid joining him. do u know that to this day i have not met his mother? i know, it is strange, but it is because neither of us want to , i think. thank goodness his mother and i think alike there. we chat on the phone when she calls and i pick up the phone. otherwise we dont really have any conversations. she has not visited me, nor i her.

i dont mind. simon and i have been together since 2000, he mentioned it one day when he said he saw it in his diary. i myself have forgotten when we met. i dont bother to keep note of anniversaries, so dont remember the date or year we met. haha. i think he must think i am quirky, but thank goodness he does not mind. because i dont remember birthdays and dont celebrate them, neither mine or his. haha.

i dont know when his birthday comes round actually. i am glad he does not mind it. he used to give me a birthday card and presents for my birthday, until i dissuaded him as it is just more stuff to dust and find a place to put away and clutter up the flat. haha.

perhaps that explains why i am not too disturbed with these christmas or new year hoo haa. these so called special days just pass me by. i would go to bed early on new year eve, and sleep through all the fireworks and hoo haa. hehe, i dont mind it. 

perhaps also in malaysia, we dont really celebrate christmas that much. when i was a kid there, we just go to midnite mass and that is it. we have a christmas tree, an artificial one, with decorations which we use and reuse. and there are no presents. my parents could not be bothered with all that, because it is expensive that is why. haha. or at least i think that was why we dont get presents, and my parents dont emphasise that bit of it. so we are not expected to give them presents and they are not giving us any. it saves a lot of bother really. and i am rather glad we dont have that tradition. now that i have given up my religion, i dont have to go to midnite mass anymore. 

perhaps that might explain why now i never did like giving or receiving presents. i prefer to give , or receive cash, because that is what we got during chinese new year, in our angpows. literally translated as red packets. and the amount need not be a lot, as long as it comes in pairs. a coin and a note, or two notes, or two coins.

well, i like the way i spend the holiday period, but dont expect anyone to do the same. haha. i think it does not matter how you spend this period, as long as u are at peace with it.

have a happy time

24 Dec

london 8.46am 12.5C sunny thursday christmas eve 2015

i got two christmas cards , and they are pretty. so i thought i shall post them. 

they epitomise the image of christmas that i have.

though this time we dont have any snow. it has rained and i was thinking if we had a cold weather it would have turned to snow and we would have a blanket of snow covering the landscape now. i like the warm weather we have now but it does not feel very christmassy. 


today is the actual winter solstice

22 Dec

london 7.09am 14.3C tuesday 2015

Dec. 22, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:04 AM GMT 3:53 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 9h 10m
Length of Day
7h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m4s longer.

so, finally the shortest day of the year. not surprising that olden days people celebrate this day. solstice means sun staying still. that describes how it rises at noon lower and lower in the sky until the lowest position in the sky  at noon on one day,before it starts to get higher in the sky at noon again. that would be how ordinary people in olden days notice it. 

though with the hit and miss nature of time keeping they did in old days i am sure the day they celebrate it might well be a day or two out. it does not matter does it? any excuse to have a feast haha.

that might also explain why 25th dec is a special day. it might take that long to notice the day is lengthening again. and that might also explain why so many religions seem to use it, or a similar day around now to hang their hook of significant event on it. who knows if not for the wonky time keeping of the old days, christmas might  be 21 dec after all. haha. instead i would like to think it was to replace saturnalia which was celebrated around december. and so they chose  25 dec, just so  the christians wanted a christian feast to overlay that decadent celebration of the heathens, and now the christian version has completely obliterated that heathen one, so much so that no one now celebrates that heathen one anymore.

i suspect that children in olden days were a collective responsiblity, and each child is not treated any different from another. they all were collectively looked after. so it might serve a community to have all the births come in a batch.

so saturnalia is a good way of ensuring lots of babies born 9months later, and have a bunch of nursing mothers to provide milk to all those babies and frees other mums from nursing duties and getting on with other businesses.

it seems to me to be a really good arrangement. and allows every child an equal chance to get advancement in that society.

now in our present time, if u are lucky to get born into a rich family u have a better chance than another born into a poor one. and the difference gets more pronounced with each generation. the inequalities get wider.

christmas tree and carolling in trafalgar square.

4 Dec

london 2.58pm 13.1C, quite cloudy now, earlier it was sunny but very weak sun. friday 2015

yesterday the christmas tree in trafalgar square given to uk every year by norway was lit up.

wait till it gets dark, 3.53pm GMT tonight and u can see it in this webcam. its a live streaming video.

quite interesting to watch in daytime too, as it is like spying on the people  in trafalgar square. haha.

from today till 23dec there will be carol singing round that tree 4pm-8pm weekdays, 2pm-6pm weekends.

all the streets have lights strung across them all along their lengths now. so it is quite festive and christmasy. and the shop window displays will be all lit up too. 

added. 4.07pm, i see there is another bright light there, it is the menorah that is used by jewish people to celebrate hannukah. the candelabra is supposed to be lighted each day for 9 days. but i see in the live webcam a bright light where it is supposed to be, so it seems they have lighted it all at once. 

the christmas spirit

7 Nov

london 5.23pm friday 2015

the christmas gifting is building up to a big steam now. all the weekend papers got supplements full of gift ideas, and the tv adverts are just presents -filled. even the programs are now christmas themed. they all have very sentimental plots, but they do make me tear up a bit. rather silly but in a nice way, you know haha. and the ones that show new york scenes are really nostalgic, which just goes to show how new york have been associated with christmas in films for so long now, that it has been kind of burned into the national memory. haha.

most people will be thinking and worrying what to buy … not me of course, but i am all for the buying spree during these occasions, as this will keep businesses afloat for the year. most will earn their profits during this short period and sustain them throughout the rest of the financial year.

most of us complain about how commercial christmas has become, but it is what makes the money go round and provide jobs for people.

so far the shops have not put out the christmas decorations, they still  have the witches and halloween stuff in the window. but that will change. it’s only november, and you might well be forgiven if u think it is too early for the christmas hoo haa to start. but if u dont need to worry about buying anything , this time in thebuild up to it is rather exciting. even if u dont buy into the nativity thing,( like me), you can still enjoy the hype for what it is, a bit of theatre and entertainment. 

Top 10 Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas

22 Dec

Top 10 Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas.

lots of christmas themed ideas for presents . this  i like. i was laughing all the way through. i like the turkey pop up legs timer and the turkey telephone.

i have always loved this guy’s website featuring the best of everything.

what is even better is that click on the images and it takes u to the source and you can find out the prices of those items and actually get to buy them if u are that crazy or carried away by it all.