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chromebook sent for repairs

14 Jun

london 3.58pm tuesday 2016

a strange day. i am without my chrome book. earlier today i was downloading that pic u see… when suddenly the pointer disappeared and i could not type or do anything to it. its like the screen froze. anyway there was nothing to do except switch it off and reboot. and that was when the screen went blank and won’t start. i noticed the back of the chromebook was hot.

i wanted to go right away to john lewis in oxford st, with it to ask their  repair shop to sort it out. but my friend was with me, and his bus leaves at 3pm, so it being 1pm, he stayed till 2pm before he decided to go. as soon as he left i took the bus to the store. on the way i noticed the chrome book was getting hotter. so i decided to switch it off completely by pressing the on button for a long time. that is one way to switch it off. when i arrived i told the lady there that it got hot and switched off. she opened the chromebook and it turned on. it must have got cooled. luckily she did not ask me what happened… just asked to see the guarantee…she immediately said we shall send it off to repair. that was quick.

anyway i mentioned to her , the trouble is it has just expired. she said yes, and she started telephoning someone . and then went away… when she got back she said they will send it off to repair, and bear the cost , just as a one off. only warning me that if the fault is due to spillage or due to my fault then i will have to pay. well, that is very good of them. the guarantee expired on 11. june. and today is 14th june. so really if they want to be v strict, it is outof guarantee and they have a right to ask me to pay it. so i would very good of them to waive the fee. i highly recommend buying from john lewis. such good customer service.

anyway while she was away, i quickly went into the laptop and cleared the what -do- u- call it, the memory whatever… and lucky i did, because she took the chromebook there and then, gave me a receipt, said it will take 3working days and she ask me for my phone number and said we will call u when it is ready.. so quick, i have my baby taken away from me.  i am writing this on the library computer. i am glad i went so quickly to john lewis. if i had let it cooled down it would have restarted and i might have not bothered and then days later the problem would recur and it might be too far gone from the expired date of the guarantee… 







Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


how galling

21 Dec

london 10.58am 11.5C cloudy 2015

oh i saw a currys (the store) advert in the sunday times today, even though it is monday, my toshiba chrome book 13″ is £150. reduced from £200.

i bought mine for £230 in june 2014. anyone looking to buy , now is a good time to get a chromebook. it is true then that things get cheaper as time goes by.

still, i am glad i got the use of this chromebook for about 1.5yrs. so it is worth that extra. 

my chromebook is working all right now

19 Nov

london 10.38am rainy 12.5C thursday 2015

yesterday i took the chromebook and the charger (which had conked out) to john lewis, as i bought it there and they have a 2yr guarantee. i was hoping it covers the charger, but unfortunately the charger has a 1yr guarantee. so i was resigned to not having any chromebook till simon got back about 3days later.

but yesterday night, he surprised me by coming back early. he had not got my email and phone messages. but he had brought the charger he brought online. quite an expensive affair at £35. i saw one of these in maplin in great portland place, and it is only one voltage 19V and that cost £30. i did not buy it because i know my kind of charger cost about £5 in the street market stalls. it is just a matter of finding them. but now that simon has got one , and a real good one, i hope we dont have that trouble with chargers anymore. 

it is the first time i seen that charger and it is a real sophisticated one with a control that let u set the voltage… my old charger is 19V, and it got a range of sizes of plugs, so can fit anything , mobiles, laptops etc.

so i got my chromebook charged, but to my dismay the whatsis , that arrow that u control by fingering on the touch pad, was frozen.

ah well, i thought, that means i shall have to go to john lewis again. well this morning i went there, and as is typical of life, when i was sitting there waiting my turn, i thought i better check and see if it is still frozen, and of course, it worked ok. typical isn’t it? anyway john lewis was near the marylebone library so here i am .

i could go for the free coffee in john lewis,i suppose ; they do really good coffee,but i did not feel like having one.

so that ends my saga of the chromebook. a lot of to- do about nothing; and alls well that ends well. what will we do if we dont have these small things to write about hey?

added. 5.54pm thursday 19.11.15 , i charged up my chromebook using simon’s expensive charger, and found that when it is plugged in and charging , it freezes the whatsis, the pointer that u move on the screen with a finger on the touch screen. so it is not as good as my old charger, where i can carry on using the chromebook whilst it is being charged. this one i have to stop doing anything and let it charge and have to unplug it if i want to carry on using the chromebook. something so expensive cannot do anything as simple as the old cheap charger can do. i suppose it is progress ! not.

added 4.46pm friday 20.11.15 i put the old charger into the recycling bins, one that has a non retrievable door to prevent thieves. but i now found out that i could do with the fuse in that plug. it is  5amp (short for ampere) fuse. this is because i found out just now that simon’s old charger which i thought was not working when i tested it, has no fuse in it. at that time, we do not know how to open the fuse box in the plug. nowadays modern plugs have a door built in the plug which enables u to replace the fuse without unscrewing the whole plug and opening its backside. (nowadays they dont have screws at the back so u cannot unscrew it anymore).

but this particular model we dont know how to open the box… one of those modern conundrums. the design is too arty and farty. i know both of us are supposed to belong to the most intelligent species on earth, but we could not figure out how to open it.

 just now i thought i shall try again with it, because i thought it might fit simon’s laptop and not mine. and accidentally found out how it opens. it just flips open and we found  there was no fuse in there. so i put in a fuse from the spares that i keep in the flat and lo, it works on mine. not on simon’s new laptop though. what a saga. on hindsight i should have kept the fuse from the old plug before i throw it away, as it is i have to use  a 10amp fuse instead of a 5amp fuse. but anyway i am using the charger now and it is so much better than the expensive one because i can continue doing things on my chromebook whilst it is being charged.

also this charger is a cheap thing and so i am not afraid to carry it about and use it in the library. it wont be stolen so readily .

interesting all these developments… but i can see this modern life with our gadgets do make our life a bit troublesome when these gadgets stop working. or we get puzzled by not knowing how to work it.

it also makes me aware why the adaptor always seem to go off and stop working so easily. the 5amp fuse is not enough protection, as it really is 3.4amps. so any power surge for eg taking it out of the socket or plugging it in whilst the power is on, can produce a surge of power. i shall make sure i switch it off at the socket , or unplug at the chromebook end before i pull the plug from the socket. 

i am glad that i can be online

31 Aug

london 15.5C 5.47am bank holiday monday 2015 sunrise 6.10am

it has just struck me that it was very fortunate that i corrected the glitch in my chromebook yesterday, instead of just returning home and hope that it will correct itself. if i had not gone to the google store so soon after the glitch appeared, and had it corrected, i would be having a useless chrome book not working at all during this bank holiday. and with the shops closed today i might not be able to get the same expert help at the store today as it wont be fully manned. so i really have saved myself a lot of grieve by going there yesterday and get it sorted out so quick.

so now i am a bit shell shocked as it were, thinking of what it might have been and how i escaped that. i should be ecstatic at missing that fate, but i think humans cannot feel great joy at having escaped something we dont know what we missed.

i can imagine another timeline where i did not escape and am suffering the angst at not being able to get online as i would normally do. i am trying to savour that feeling of having narrowly escaped a calamity.

the sky outside my window is beginning to lighten now. as it is 5.55am .  it’s very quiet here; no dawn chorus from noisy birds , one of the joys of living in a city, as opposed to the country where there are more birds about.

even the seagulls that normally would be nesting on the chimneys of the block of flats opposite me have gone. their young has grown up and flown off i think, that is why they are gone. and not because of the hawk which the estate hired to try to scare them away.

yesterday i was just on the outskirts of the nottinghill area, where the carnival is on, the police have placed road blocks on all the roads going into that area. i was not affected as the paddington library was just outside that area. must be real inconvenient for the motorists living there. i think they got good weather yesterday, in that the threatened rain did not come.

they expect the real rain to come today. the festival is still on today.  huge rain clouds can be seen on the weather maps coming into london marching across london and  practically covering london for the whole day.

the libraries are all closed today, so i wont be able to go there as i normally do to read the papers.

i read here in the papers online, ( i found a great aggregate website for it, better than the one i had before which got lost when the chromebook got glitched)that walking 20 mins everyday will be useful to keep off ageing. i suspect as much, but it seems fresh evidence has been found to support it. i think i will walk to the library now instead of taking the bus as i normally do.

it is so tempting to take the bus, as it is free for me. it will certainly save money for my westminster council  for bus fares, as they pay my fare. haha. here is a case where it discourages walking. but people must do the healthy thing and forego the bus;  and just because it is free, does not mean u must take it.

it is the same with plastic bags given away by the supermarkets. for years, i have taken my own bags because i dont subscribe to that attitude where if it is free, i must take it. well, from october, everyone in england will have to pay 5p for each of  the bags. in wales and in scotland, this payment have allready been in place and dont seem to present problems so i am sure it will be so in england when it is implemented.

hope everyone bring their own bags. though i have been using the free bags that simon brings home  to line my rubbish bins and use as rubbish bags. we shall have to find another solution to that. we used to buy plastic rubbish bags. but that would just propagate more plastic bags surely? i wonder what other people would do to solve this? sainsbury bags are bio degradable, maybe they all are nowadays, so maybe the whole thing has come too late, and no need to ban supermarket bags, but to make rubbish bags biodegradable instead. hmm, u can see solving one problem, or thinking we solve one problem leads to another , and worst one.

contactless cards are going from strength to strength. esp from 1sept, the limit will be raised to £30 per transaction. i have not used it, because i prefer to pay cash. but in uk plenty like it. i think once the buses and tubes adopted it, people become used to it and so it becomes a normal part of their life. it is a bit like credit cards … i remember i used them like as if they were normal when i came to uk, even though when i was growing up in malaysia i never use them. 

added 7.50pm i think i know what happened to cause the glitch in my chromebook. i used a different email from what i registered with. instead of using the email with the @gmail.com , i forgot and used the @hotmail.com address. so that locked me out of my account in the chromebook. there must be a way to start again , but i dont know how . all i saw was the box asking me to type in my password, there was no box asking me for the email address again. so let this be a warning to those who are using chromebook. use the gmail account when u log on. 


29 Jan


i am at the library now, and just now a lady ask me about my chromebook. she said her laptop is too heavy, and wants to know more about mine. will she be able to print from it? i said if u use google doc u can and i ask if her printer is wifi enbled, she said yes. she asked if she used a dongle on the chromebook will she be able to print from it? i said maybe u dont even need a dongle as it is all internet enabled, and u can print from a google doc to the printer all via the internet. 

i am not sure if that is right. i have never need to print anything from my chrome book. i said the chrome book is even cheaper now at £200 instead of what i bought for it, £230. 

anyway she asked where she can buy one and i said john lewis in oxford st. but when she left i went into the john lewis website and find they have run out of stock of the toshiba chrome book. i found at argos a chromebook by toshiba like mine, 13″ is £179. 3days left of this offer.

i feel tempted to buy it too. even though i allready got one. pity she had allready left the library, otherwise it would be great for her to buy it. these things get so much cheaper. this chromebook is the best thing i got , i am a total convert to it now. 

overheating sony laptops

9 Aug

london saturday 2014

I dont have that problem even with my old acer laptop which i bought 6yrs ago, and which has recently died on me.

it is slow and it freezes the page often, but one thing it did not do is get overheated.

maybe the two is related, because it is so slow it makes me less inclined to stay online on it for a long time. and i dont watch movies on it either, not because it is slow but because i dont like watching movies on the small screen laptops. a movie being 1.5 -2hrs long means u are online for a long time.

anyway, i am reminded on this overheating problem by this blog entry by renard moreau, he poses very interesting questions in his blog about IT , though he does not offer soluin tions.

would u get irritated if not downright angry at sony for not quality controlling their product so that it does not catch fire because of an overheated battery? I would. but then i am not so crazy to buy a sony vaio. sony laptops have one of the most expensive brands.

the ceo of sony seem to brush it off, all these recalls and reports of their laptops bursting into flames, by saying sony is still top of the pile. I suppose he has to, haha. he cant go round saying it is a terrible indictment on his management. 

in case you think that is old story, the most recent warning from sony came in april this year2014. the trend towards ever thinner gadgets means that the battery is built-in and not removable. the downside is that if it goes wrong, the whole gadget have to be sent away and replaced. I am glad to see that my toshiba chromebook has a replaceable battery that is easy to replace by anyone.

even cheap laptops stop working if their batteries get too hot, so why cannot sony laptops do that???

i suppose all those who get fed up of overheating laptops should just buy a chromebook and solve all that problem at a stroke.

i have a feeling people will not tolerate all the old pc  tricks, like often having the page freezing, or having to switch it off and reboot. or constantly having to download new fixes, people are getting used to their mobiles and tablets operating seamlessly and would expect their pc to do the same.

that is why i think chromebooks will increase in popularity in future. it has a keyboard, and the screen is big enough to do most things in it. 

google chrome vs microsoft explorer

8 Jul


Yesterday, simon was so frustrated with his explorer browser that he downloaded google chrome, with some encouragement from me.

He had a laptop running microsoft and it wont start anymore. so he bought a windows 8 software program (costing £100)  and installed it. usually it would wipe out the existing windows and install the new one as if like new. but he told me even though he clicked the box which says this will delete all your files, he found that it did not. then i get him coming to me occasionally throughout the evening complaining of this thing or that thing which dont work. haha. I was real glad that i dont have to bother with microsoft explorer now i got my chromebook.

Anyway, after he installed google chrome, he began to learn how to use it. he found he had to download iplayer from google chrome to get it to work . before he was complaining to me that his iplayer did not work . he found out that when he deleted that (downloaded using explorer) and than reinstall with the download using google chrome, the iplayer used google chrome as the default ,instead of explorer,and so it worked.

Nowadays each system does its utmost to shut out the other… i have noticed that. in the past they allow others using a different system to access each other… i guess this was due to microsoft windows letting others access windows, because everyone was using windows. now windows is realising that their free access is allowing google chrome to steal business and customers from them.

I have noticed that google chrome do not let explorer users (and i presume other browsers too ) full use of their system. you are forced to get google chrome. That is why simon could not run his iplayer downloaded using explorer, to play on his google chrome browser; it is google stopping it from accessing google chrome.

That might explain why so many have switched to google chrome. AS well as the fact that google chrome is much easier to use and u dont have to bother with upgrades and virus attacks like you have to when you are using explorer windows.

I can say this, their strategy is working because even i have switched and i am very resistant to change my browser.

Google chrome have so attracted me that when i have to buy a new laptop, i was sure i dont want a laptop with windows 8 on it.  The ideal would be a windows 7 explorer with google chrome in it.  That way u get the easy use of windows for saving stuff and copy and paste things, with the quick response of google chrome in opening web pages. But windows 8 destroyed this easy marriage.

Or rather, i should correct myself and say people just got confused using two systems, and google chrome being the easier to understand, people just shut off explorer instead.

simon has a windows 8 and he was able to download and use googlechrome, so i guess he will get the best of the two systems. But i noticed his laptop is v heavy, now that i can compare it with my chromebook. somehow when something is so heavy u feel very reluctant to carry it about. certainly i noticed i carry my chromebook out and about now whereas when i got my laptop  i never carry it outside.

a sunny day in london

3 Jul


 really sunny day today so i went to oxford st and selfridges and tried out the new way of posting pics. pity i could not do it like this guy here who seem to be able to post pics with the original size. 

with the pics here i was hoping they would make it one frame and have the pics run like a slide show. instead they open another window and show the pics oneby one , without any way of making it run like a slideshow and there is no way of enlarging the pics to their original size.

Added I have found the help page that tells me how to do the slide. as for the size, i think i shall have to take a really large size pic and post it and see if it will keep its original size. as usual when there is a change in format, users get upset because they dont know how to use it and it is human to  blame the new design instead of themselves for not troubling to find out how to do it. i can understand why users dont want to learn new ways to do things, because it is a lot of bother. haha.  


more chromebook chats

29 Jun

Digital StillCamera gfdbfd


Nevermind about the picture, it was just a picture i took of my chicken curry quite some time ago but dont know how to post it, and today i went to the chrome store in tottenham court road to ask them how to do it. as well as ask them other questions .

The chap there was really very helpful. he sorted out the free 100gb that was given away to everyone who buys a chromebook. i tried to download it but it wont take. it seems i have to use my gmail.com address. whilst i logged onto chrome using my hotmail.com address.

he was really puzzled and asked why i used two addresses. well its a convoluted tale, haha. (I fear it will give me trouble in future because it wont allow me to access either if i am logged in on a different address.)but typical of ignoramus like me who dont really know what they are doing.  Anyway, i am real glad there is a chrome store that have people who can help. Though i found many of the functions by trial and error and accidentally hitting something and seeing the result and remembering what i hit to be able to repeat it. And I only now found out their help button.

Added 2.7.14. i just remembered the guy in the store was using a 12″ chromebook. i never knew they had one that size. he tells me it was issued long ago at the beginning and not anymore. I told him if i knew of this size i would have bought it because the 11″ size puts me right off. the screen looks square, unlike my 13″ screen which looks rectangle and more modern. square screens remind me of my old laptop. i used to like them thinking they offer more space for the money but now that i am using the 13″screen  i too am seduced by the rectangular look. I used to think i shall always like the 15″ format, but now i cannot imagine going back to it.

I wish wordpress has a help button too, because quite of lot of stuff they have that i have no idea what they used for, nor how to find how to do things in there that i want. But they are not really very crucial things so being on wordpress is still very nice. 

I forgot when i was in the store to ask them about the cable security lock that u can click onto the chromebook and latch onto something fixed so that you can leave it and it wont get stolen. it would be nice to wonder off in the library whilst the chromebook is being charged and not be afraid of it being stolen. i asked at another retail store in the tottenham court road and was shown a huge bulky heavy thing with a combination lock costing £35. yet i have seen the slim one used by chromebook which is so much lighter. link here and it only costs £9. granted it is a lock with a key and not a combination lock but who cares as long as it is cheaper. 

added 2.7.14. I have gone to john lewis to buy this cable security lock, but they dont stock it. instead the assistant recommend i go to maplin, further down the road in oxford st, near topshop, and there i find they only sell two types , costing £23 and £16. online i can find locks for £5. so maybe i wont bother and just ask the next guy to look after my chromebook when i go off for long. or bring along a bag that i can lock.



living in london pt 16

17 Jun


I am at the library using its electricity to charge my chromebook battery. and i get about 6hrs or so of use afterwards and that last me the rest of the day. it takes about 2hrs or 1.5hr to charge the battery. i wonder whether it would make my electricity bill less if i charge it at the library. I have a feeling our generation uses up a lot more electricity from all the electronic gadgets we have now that all require charging and constantly use electricity.

this library system in uk is really very generous. free use of the broadband, and free use of the electricity to charge our electronic devices. 

in the past i have kept my previous laptop plugged into the mains everytime i use it as the battery has lost its power. and it is so heavy and bulky i seldom take it out to the library.  i wonder if being continuously plugged into the mains uses up more electricity or not. if it does i must have used up a lot as i tend to be online a lot at home. and i tend to keep the laptop switched on as it takes ages to power up and to shut down.

this chromebook is so easy to power up and turn off,that i tend to switch it off whenever i dont need to use it. I have noticed that just to switch it on uses up a big amount of electricity. for eg, when i switch off it tells me i have 15mins more of use. then later when i turn it on, i find it tells me i have 7mins left. so maybe i should just close the chromebook and let it go into sleep mode instead.

Anyway it is rather fun to be able to take the chromebook all over the flat and not to have all those wires snaking over the floor. And it is very light so much so that i can just swing it around and about. i wonder if it has a camera that i can use to take pictures with. 

added. i went to look at the apps, and there is one that switches on my webcam and on the screen i found a camera and i can take a picture. and not only one snap, but a string of them so it can appear like a video. well that is interesting to know. next i have to learn how to find those pics again and how to post it. 

i have to learn lots of new ways of writing posts… i found out how to forward delete , to highlight the words so i can copy and paste. to scroll up a page and down, to scroll straight to home and to end of the page. there are no one button operations for these functions. OH YES, I FOUND OUT HOW TO MAKE CAPITALS. funny quirks from the makers of these chromebooks. they dont want people to write in capitals letters i think, as that is like shouting. That might explain why they dont have a key just for capital letters.

one think i still have not learnt is to store my camera pictures and put it on my wordpress. That is why i have taken lots of pictures of the naked bike ride recently but dont know how to post them. There is a nice function here which will download very quickly into google +, but how to find those pics again and what’s more how to bring it to wordpress is a mystery to me. 

Now that the naked bike ride is over, we are looking forward to the next fix… the gay pride events. the celebrations cover a 2wk period of gay events. the main one of course is the gay pride parade through central london. i think they will have a stage show in trafalgar square, but i think us gays will go to soho, even though there are no stage shows being planned.