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first time using my new chromebook

12 Oct

london 2.18pm 21C cloudy friday 2018

this is my second attempt at writing this post, not because it is difficult, but because i was writing that offline, and it was not saved and it got wiped off when i reload. ah well. nevermind.

i collected my new chrome book 11″ this morning from john lewis. and went upstairs to their cafe to charge it and to redeem the voucher they gave me for a free coffee and cake. the voucher is not connected to this purchase. they give it to me once a month in the past, though now it is once every 3months. 

the nice thing about chromebook is that once you log on to the chrome os, it remembers all your favourites and passwords so that it is easy to pick up where u left off. 

 well now that i have a chance to play with it, i find it is quite easy to use. and no problem with the size of the text or it running out of the screen.

i remember back to 4yrs ago when i was so fearful of a smaller screen, thinking it will be a strain to see things. that was why i bought the 13″ screen. now there are no 13″ on sale but 14″ instead. and i find those far too big now. there is a 12″ but it is quite expensive.

and now the price has even gone down. it used to be £200 for an 11″ chromebook 4yrs ago. 

it is surprising to see the market being driven up, to larger screens. when you consider everyone is fixing things to accommodate the small screen of smartphones, so that the extra space in wide screens are just used to fill with adverts.

and this smaller size laptop is so much easier to put inside my gym bag and to carry around.

what i noticed is that it is not possible to download the photos from my camera to the blog. that seems to be the only downside. perhaps i can figure it out in future.