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cinema and supermarkets will be cool at least

26 Jul

london 11.26pm 26.6C dry (highest today36.9C 3.54pm) thursday 2018

we shall see if this is the official highest temperature of the day.

i was in my flat so escaped the worst of it. with the curtains drawn, it can be quite cool in the flat. perhaps if i had been outside i would have felt it was like an oven. i went out at about 7.30pm when it had cooled down a bit. went to the tesco and found a yogurt selling for £1 for 1kg. it is a brand i have not heard of , henna, and it is a set yogurt. it is quite nice, and a nice change from the sloshy yogurts. nice to know there is a £1 1kg yogurt to buy when i feel like having a probiotic topup. the previous promotion, of that brand lancashire farm that i had been buying is now over and have reverted to the usual price of £1.40. 

i have been seeing this mission impossible film that is being shown on tv now… the 5th in the series. yesterday they showed the 4th. it does seem quite repetitive actually, car chases seem to take up quite a lot of these films to fill up the 3hrs which they run … i think it too long really.

all these mission impossible films we are being shown  now on tv are an advert for the latest film, that is released on 25july. they are supposed to whet your appetite for more of these, but i think it made me feel overfull, and satiated with the formula.

perhaps the heat outside will encourage more people to go to the cinema, for the cold air if nothing else. we might see a spike in cinema attendance. though it does encourage me to go into the supermarkets whenever i see one near me, just to cool off. 

added 27.7.18 friday 11.21am 29.7C sunny. looks like the official highest temperature yesterday was 35.1C

living in london pt 9

24 May

london saturday

i suspect my heading is not very inspiring, nor original, and is downright boring, but if i dont use it, i cant think of what to put in it, because most of these posts are meanderings in the byways of my mind picking and chosing at random the things i do, or thought as it comes to me. 

I have been sent an email from westfield the supermall people, giving me a vip pass for 2wks.

i entered a competition for a free year’s cinema pass, and i think my chinese name makes them think i am a chinese tourist from china.

everyone here knows chinese from mainland china are big spenders and wealthy.

i suspect that is the reason why i got this vip pass, because when i went to the westfield mall to collect it, i found it gives 10-20% on certain stores and eating places there plus how to claim my vat refund from the store straightaway. and asking me which country i come from. 

recently my friends from usa came and bought things and asked me how to claim the VAT refund.

i did not know, but guessed that maybe they have to ask at the airport and then send them their receipts etc and after a bit of time, they will get the refund.

They are gone now, back to the usa, hope they will write and tell me what happened to the refund and what they have to do to get it.

but from what i read from this vip pass booklet, it seems u can get the refund immediately on day of purchase at the mall itself. You just have to ask for the tax free shopping receipt when you buy.

unfortunately i wont be spending any money buying goods from them to take advantage of it,  but i wish i had known of this when my friends were here. they might be able to take advantage of it or maybe not as it says only i am able to make use of the discount no one else.

I am tempted to use the discounts for the food. i am quite tempted to eating in yo sushi, one of the eating places offering 20% discounts. i like sashimi more than sushi, but i guess no one gives discounts for sashimi, so sushi will have to do. haha. ( i had a google of yo sushi website and found that in their menu they have sashimi, tuna and salmon.)

i was browsing the westfield website, and found they have a kids offer of £1.75 for anyone with a kid to see a film in the vue cinema . the catch is that it will be kiddies films. haha. 

they have a senior club, for over 60 year olds and that is better value, u can see a film on their special days for £3.55. and get a free cup of coffee/tea and biscuit too.

rather good i think. but this feature disappeared from the website when i went in to check recently. but i have an email from them which says it is still on. i must say they are very good to give this offer to oldies.

it is very pleasant here in london now, it is 17C now and very sunny and blue skies with wisps of clouds. my ideal kind of weather and temperature. and flowers bursting out everywhere.

I got an email from ikea, telling me they are selling white orchids for £3.50 special for members only, instead of their usual £4.50. quite tempted to go there, their store in wembley, and buy one.

but there are lots of flowers all around me, esp roses, which is what i like as they have both a scent and have lots of varieties, and i can see them for free and smell and touch them too in the gardens hereabouts every time i go out and about everyday.

whilst orchids dont have any scent. 

there is a whole bed of roses now starting to bloom in the garden of the tate britain, just down the road from me. they will afford plenty of days of smelling and touching and seeing for me. haha. 

which reminds me i still have not seen the matisse exhibition of his cut outs in the tate modern now showing. and i got a free pass to see it too as much as i like. i think i shall go today just to be out in the sunshine and use it as an excuse to go somewhere.