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lockers in the gym

10 Jan

london 10.36pm 6C dry wednesday 2018

the daylight is getting longer by 2mins now instead of seconds like the time when we were near the solstice. i notice it is lighter now. my circuit class has started after the 2wk holiday break, and today is the first class of the new year. when i got out of the building at about 4.15pm, the sky was  light… with the setting sun throwing its red rays onto the underside of the clouds. before, on the last day of the circuit class last year when i came out, it was dark. so there is visual evidence that the days are lengthening now. its very uplifting, as it gives a hint that brighter days to come. though we still have the deep troughs of winter to go through, as jan , feb are always the deepest cold of the year, before we can get to the warmer uplands of summer.

during the holidays i found 3 old £1 coins in the flat. simon had dropped them on the floor. he seemed to be getting them given to him as change, or he is finding these old coins in his wallet but whatever the reason, i find them on the ground , mainly in the bedroom and in the watercloset (wc).

i had lost my token for the lockers.  i had found that token  and had been using it for the lockers before i lost it… so finding the old £1 coin is rather a happy thing for me…as i am able to use the lockers to put away my things and be able to lock them with that old £1 coin.

though one of the guys working out with me told me reception had told him they have changed the lockers to accept the new £ coins now. i thought he was mistaken, because the locker accepted my old coin , but later when i was leaving the place i saw a note taped to the locker sides, saying they accept the new £1 coin. so it looks like my old £1 coin is not needed after all. still i will continue to use them as it is quite easy to forget to retrieve them when the lockers return it when u have finished.

i am glad that they dont charge us to use the lockers.  in the past they used to charge for the use of the lockers. perhaps they realise that it makes thieves damage the locks to get at the money and the cost of repairs makes it all very unprofitable.

Life continues to be very pleasant for me. one of the guys in the circuit class that i was talking to told me he felt a bit bereft , trying to fill his days and having something to do. but since i am really happy not to have anything to do, nothing planned and no one to have appointments with, this life suits me very well.

the circuit class is for all ages, as long as they are men, as it is a men only class. but because it starts at 3pm, those who do go are those who are retired. so it seems to have self selected that age group, though our instructor has always maintained it is for all age groups. but it stands to reason that younger people will be at work at this time and wont be able to make the class. oh i have a thought, it will suit the young unemployed too… but perhaps no young guy will come as it kind of shows his unemployment status. 

the class is free, so i dont know who pays our instructor… i cannot imagine he is doing it out of being a volunteer, he got to earn a living surely;  maybe it comes out of the old people fund, because london is one city that seems to have a program of helping old people keep active. that makes london a very old- people friendly city.

it might well make it a good city to retire to, even though it sounds counter intuitive, as many consider it a very expensive city. but from my own experience, as long as u can find cheap accommodation… and i suppose to many that is a big IF, i can vouch that london can be very cheap to live in. 


i like it raining in london.

9 Aug

london 5.02pm 15C rain wednesday 2017

they forecast today will rain a lot, like a whole month’s rain in one day and they were right. haha. it has been practically raining the whole day. but i dont mind. i know there are a lot of people lamenting that summer is over, and where has summer gone? but it is not really that bad. even the temperature is not cold, i was able to walk about and go to the gym in my shorts, and a lightweight gym top. and it is only for one day, the rest of the week it will be dry. 

last week it was raining too when i went to the circuit training, but this time there are 4 of us. and i think our trainer made it a bit easier for us, 10 exercises instead of 12 like last time, and simpler exercises too. so this time i was able to complete both the sets without feeling faint. also i remembered to take it easier, do the exercises slower and taking deep breaths all the time. it was a very nice feeling being able to stretch and work out the muscles and i noticed i like the ones that stretched the back and strengthen the arms. i find i could do them very easily. and there were a lot of exercises for the stomach muscles which is great as it would get rid of my tummy . so all in all, i am very pleased at how it went.

and i shall go swimming at my local sports centre as well. and get back into the exercising thing and get back into shape again. sigh, i realise gyms are necessary. theoretically we can all exercise at home, no need to go to a gym at all, but it is one thing to say so another to do it. i could do all those exercises at home but it just means i never do them. lazy or what.



i am starting to get exercise now

3 Aug

london 3.20pm 20.8C cloudybright thursday 2017

i went to a meetup.com men circuit training session yesterday.

i belong to meetup.com group and they send me notification of new meetup groups and this one came up. it was at chelsea gym and free. and it does not even require that i be a member of the gym to attend. so what not to like right?

i immediately signed up and that was how i find myself there at 3pm yesterday. it was a really nice experience in that i got to find out what a circuit training is about and also i got a trainer who was able to keep an eye out on me, when i told him i have never done it before. he was able to see when the exercises got too much for me even before i realise it myself and suggested alternative ways to do the exercise and finally even suggested i sit the rest of it  and lie down. i am glad he did , because when i was lying down it hit me… i felt a bit faint… those exercises look deceptively easy but they sure take a lot out of me, and what is more i did not even realise it at the time. it seems the secret is to pace yourself… you do each exercise , there were 12 of them in a circle, for 1min… and pacing yourself is the important thing so you dont tire yourself out. the mistake people make is to do it quickly and that is not the thing to do. it is not a race.  

of course, i was very out of shape, having not done any exercises or gone to the gym for 2-3 yrs now. this one came along at the right time… as i have been thinking of resuming my fitness regime but was too lazy to make the effort. this one will let me into the front door as it were and as i gain in stamina i shall start taking up more activities on my own initiative. but this one , with its commitment to go once a week will keep me motivated. it helps to have a trainer guiding me , not to mention making sure i dont over do it.

i am hoping more of the others who have signed up start attending the sessions. so far there are 30 members who have put their names down, but only two of us turned up that time. lets hope more of them take the plunge and come to the sessions. i suppose part of the discouragement must be the fact that the sessions will show u up if u have not got the stamina, and some people might not like it and feel inadequate if they have  take it easy and even drop out as it were to take a  rest and to recover , as it shows their lack of stamina exposed to others. i dont mind, but then i dont mind showing my lack of stamina haha and how unfit i am.