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male circumcision… should it be allowed?

14 May

london 6.40am 12C cloud. sunday 2017

there is a group calling to oppose circumcision of male children, and generally advocating male rights, and it linked to an article in today’s mail on sunday regarding a mother sueing the doctor who performed the circumcision on her son, when he visited his estranged father. circumcision is actually illegal in the uk. (edited. it seems it is yet to be tested.  and this case might be the one to test it.)

 it is carried on irregardless. one of the strange anomalies i think because it originated as a religious custom by the jews, with the muslims now, so the law tends to allow it for religious reasons under the freedom of religion act.  it is interesting that everyone , or majority of people, seems to be against female circumcision, but not male ones. when u ask a guy who have been circumcised, you often get the answer that it is no big deal, some would even say they prefer it. others know no alternative, as they will never know what it is like to have a foreskin, so they dont miss it. we dont hear much of the views of those children who have been affected… i mean have u ever read anywhere about the views of all those females who have been circumcised?no one have made a questionaire to ask them what proportion of them feel they have been affected by it… maybe they dont know any alternative so never can regret not having it. in an age when hitting a child even on the arm, is considered assault, it seems really strange to me that cutting his foreskin is considered to be ok.

all i can say is that i am glad my parents did not cut me . i am not sure i would trust them ever again, if they did. you expect your parents to not hurt you, so i dont know how the sons feel when it happens, unless of course it is done when they are so young, they dont remember it, which is mostly the case. or most probably, as happens when  we have something done to us, by doctors,  we are told it is necessary to cure us… and we trust our parents to want the best for us. we take their word on trust, and so we assume we are sick and needs that operation to get well. or like when we got vaccinated, it hurts but the kid forgets about it.

perhaps in the end , it is not really that important. if our souls want to experience all that goes with being circumcised, well then they will get it. and vice versa. our souls want it. 

Stories About Circumcision: One Midwife’s Perspective | Wake Up, Mama!

21 Aug

Stories About Circumcision: One Midwife’s Perspective | Wake Up, Mama!.

this is a video showing circumcision.

i thought it is just a quick snip and that is that. a swift operation, a swift pain and it is over. isn’t that how it is done? and a small bit taken off the tip.

what the video shows is very horrific, but maybe it just looks horrific, but the actual experience is fine. i know that often when you see surgical operations, it can look very horrific. after all, many boys have gone through it, and no one i know of ever say it was so painful it was a terrible experience. so it must have been quite ok. unless memories of baby hood are not retained by people and they had forgotten it.

but this video, the tip is not taken off, just a cut through the length of the foreskin. and actually it is logical. a cut will be quicker to heal, and still loosen the foreskin, to be reabsorbed by the body. such a long prolonged process,with that forcep being pushed in deep into the foreskin, and not once but many times. and no anaesthetic too. geez, it is like torture.

i find it cringe worthy and just very difficult to continue to see it. i stopped seeing it at that point when he snipped right down the foreskin. just cannot see any more.

i dont know how anyone can subject the child to it, and the child must be locked in position and held down. you can hear it screaming .if  i were the baby i would be squirming and moving like crazy if it is done to me.

still want your child to have it done? that child must have nightmares forever afterwards.

hmm, i went to look at the video again in the link just now, 4.36pm, but the entire post has gone, been removed. that was quick. its only an hour since i posted this. added 9.03pm, the post is reinstated but with a more detailed account where previously only the videos were shown. it is a very considered account of one person who argues against circumcision. i think many must be like me, who have not seen the actual operation done to the boys but assumed the procedure is an swift one done anywhere, and not causing much discomfort… certainly i have heard of these things being done in a mass scale in a village setting, and the boys seem quite ok with it.

found a video of it , but this time with anaesthetics, even though we can still hear the child crying. i am afraid i could not see some parts of it, too painful to watch.