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youngest cities, beans

18 Mar

london 2.07pm 12C sunny monday 2019 it will be raining on and off

its warm today. went out to lidl to do shopping and whilst there bought a croissant as a treat.

on the way back, i had to shed one of my hoodies. only yesterday, i had to go back to my flat to put on another hoodie. this kind of topsie turvy weather is par for the course in uk.

i dont really know what to buy nowadays… the idea of buying beans just does not fill me with joy… unlike buying meat.

anyway i bought two cans of baked beans, because i know i can wash out the tomatosauce and use the beans as beans without all that suger in the sauce. i leant that from jack monroe’s cookng on a boot strap. its a cheap way of getting the beans. these cans cost only 22p each, unlike if u want to buy the kidney beans, or any other types in a can;  it can be as high as 49p each.

of course i should do like what simon does, he says it is easy to buy the raw beans and soak them overnight and then cook them in the pressure cooker. he does it regularly, but i have not done it before. but canned beans are all cooked and so it does not take a lot of energy to make a dish out of them. beans by themselves are very bland, and so need to add lots of spices and herbs. i find i have to eat the beans very soft, and mashed up, because it is really hard work on the jaw to eat beans when they are still hard. no wonder so many indian bean dishes are eaten as purees. 

do you know that london is the 6th youngest city in uk? slough is the 1st. my friend cary who is as old as me lives there, but it seems it has a lot of immigrants and they have  lots of kiddies that is why it is the youngest. the source  

oxford and cambridge are in there because of their high student population.

in london, people in their 20s move in from all over uk, in huge numbers, and those in their 30/40s move out but only to the surrounding commuter belt.

youngest cities average age

  • Slough 33.9
  • Oxford 34.4
  • Luton 35.1
  • Cambridge 35.4
  • Coventry 36.2
  • London 36.5
  • Bradford 36.7
  • Cardiff 36.7
  • Blackburn 36.9

oldest cities

  • Mansfield 40.8
  • Wakefield 40.8
  • Barnsley 40.9
  • Sunderland 41
  • Swansea 41
  • Birkenhead 42.1
  • Southend 42.2
  • Bournemouth 42.8
  • Worthing 43
  • Blackpool 43.2

i think if you are an old person, living in london sounds ideal. where there are not that many other old people to use up the services and hospital waiting list. i was not surprised to learn that bournemouth is one of the old cities. all that seaside and sunshine attracts the retired. but blackpool is a surprise. it must be the old having fond memories of their childhood spent on the seaside in blackpool holidays and that persuade them to retire there. 

added 7.48pm 9C dry . i have cooked another bean dish. using the baked beans , rinsed to get rid of the tomato sauce. i have been looking at the bean dishes in jack monroe’s cookbook, and it seems you just add cumin, tumeric, cinnamon, and basically any other herb you have in the cupboard…. like paprika, chilli powder, etc and simmer. then add a cup of rice. oh, add a stock cube. and just cook until all is mushy. its quite nice, the end result, but i was thinking it would be nice to have different taste sensation with herbs that gives it another taste. i suppose i could add more chilli , so it becomes more spicey. or add a can of tomatoes to make it more tomatoey. like a bolognaise. then chuck in some cheese  and i can eat it with pasta. so i might try that next time. but for now it is quite a nice rice dish, a sort of one pot dish. also, there are all the other herbs, like oregano, sage, mixed herbs, herbs provence, etc. and they might give a different flavour to the sauce. might be worth experimenting there.

also i jsut have a thought, i can do beans , lentils in black soya sauce. perhaps i can cheat a little and put in just a little bit of pork.

that rinsed beans from the cheap baked beans can is a good one. you get the beans cheap and it will do for all my bean dishes i think. no point buying the different types of beans, because they all taste the same only the texture is different  and i dont like the texture of beans, because you have to eat them whole, and if whole, they need too much chewing… i like the beans all smashed up and like soft so that it is easy to eat. it looks like i will be buying herbs and spices a lot more now.

i must remember i can still do chinese vegetable dishes. so there is hope yet. so stir fried dishes using only vegetables.also cha kueh teuw, and noodle dishes stir fried or in noodlesoup. 

cities vs EU

4 May

london 10.17pm 14.1C wednesday 2016

the cities are frustrated at what they see as EU double standards. On the one hand, the EU places pressure on cities to reduce harmful emissions. On the other, its new laws will do little to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from diesel vehicles. This could force cities to achieve emissions goals through bans and congestion charges, when they could have been achieved by more stringent manufacturing regulations instead. link

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it is an interesting effect of one branch of govt pushing for one thing, whilst another branch doing another which are inherently contradictory.

too many tourists spoils the place

19 Feb

london 10.43pm 9.8C friday 2016 ( i wonder if that temperature is correct. we are warmer than madrid?

this article in the guardian make me think that there are very few unspoilt tourist areas in the world nowadays. the article was talking about italy limiting tourists access to a group of villages in cinque terre, linguria. i wonder how they are going to do that. but it does highlight a problem nowadays of too many tourists visiting a place, making it over crowded and destroying what is attractive in it in the first place. what happens is that the locals get to be too money grabbing, and try to fleece the tourists, or resent the tourists destroying their way of life. there is no answer to this  very modern problem. maybe we should just accept it as part and parcel of modern living.

i think only big cities can cope with the huge influx of visitors, in fact, they are the only ones able to do so and are unique in that aspect… they thrive with lots of visitors.  any other places will just get swamped. so u could argue that for the real tourist experiences that are not spoilt, visit  big cities. some might argue that cities are too much like each other… too westernised, to be authentic. but i think that is their strength. they distil the local culture, and bring all the diverse culture of that country into one place, and than serve it up in a palatable form, that a tourist can partake who might not be able to take the unadulterated form of that culture when practised in its home ground. i am sure many of u have gone to a country thinking u can try the authentic foods, there , to find that u cannot really stomach it, and is nothing like what u ate in your own country where it is calling itself the authentic country’s dishes. you may want it authentic , but not too authentic. haha.

some people might even say just come to london where u can eat all the world’s cuisine without travelling so much. 


Tourist hotspots around the world are crowded with new visitors – but are they all welcome? | Business | The Guardian

26 Jul

Tourist hotspots around the world are crowded with new visitors – but are they all welcome? | Business | The Guardian.

a good account of the dangers of too many tourists.

it mentioned bad behaviour by the tourists.

it did not mention that the host is also guilty, of fleecing the tourists, and enabling such things as the pedicab rider in london recently filmed whilst asking over £200 for a short pedicab ride to a family.

it also did not mention the prices to eat in the restaurants, or to buy from the shops, will inevitably rise to the disadvantage of the locals, as tourists are more willing to pay the exorbitant prices.

and the locals changing their behaviour to accommodate foreigners , like learning to speak english , or creating some festival, and dressing up just to keep the tourists entertained, and selling international stuff, rather than local stuff , because international by definition has more appeal to tourists. or even changing the taste of their local cuisine to suit the tourists.

i think it is long gone those days when travel is an education, and broaden the minds.

nowadays it is getting to  cheaper places with lots of cheap booze and lots of sun.

personally i think it is just modern life, and though i dont like it, ( that is why i dont travel anymore) i think it is here to stay and i can see the advantages to everyone, as it keeps the economy rolling.

i think it sad that barcelona is banning nudity. spanish laws are liberal and allow nudity in public. i would have thought that is a nice local tradition to keep to distinguish spain from everywhere else, but i guess barcelona is so crowded, they are trying to find ways to stop poor tourists from coming. haha. they want rich tourists who stay a short while, and spend lots and create the least trouble, and then fxxk off. and that is what will happen more and more as towns and cities get overcrowded with tourists.

i think with airbnb, so many will be able to by- pass paying to stay in expensive hotels and crowd even more the cities that are popular to start with.  the authorities cannot manipulate the type of visitors they want to encourage, the rich ones who stay in expensive hotels.

yesterday i was in that stretch of london between trafalgar square and parliament square, and it was just full of tourists and foreigners. i would imagine practically everyone on the street was a tourist. i was a local who was just passing through on the bus. i bet there are very few british born people there. if i were british born, i would feel i am the odd one out. in fact there have been some complaints about that, some were saying they dont hear english spoken in the streets in these places, as there are so many foreigners talking their lingo amongst themselves. i would say to them, dont get upset about it, treat them like they are guests of your country whilst taking their money selling them some junk, haha.