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30 Mar

london good friday 2018 6.2C 7.37am cloudy/sunny.

i saw this article about population density in europe, and saying they dont tell the whole picture…

for eg, There are 33 1km² areas across Europe with a population of 40,000 or more: 23 are in Spain, and ten are in France. England’s most densely populated km², in West London, has just over 20,000 people in it. Globally, the highest figure is close to 200,000, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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it does explain why my own personal experience bears it out. i live in central london and my area can be deserted with hardly any people during the course of the day.  ok you might say maybe i am lucky to live in a small pocket of residential area with no businesses around, so no one is likely to be walking about, but still, there must be people living here… but all the windows are blank and i see no one when i do happen to go out. of course everyone could be at work , haha. so during the day no one lives here so perhaps mine is  not a good example. hehe.

but right now i look out and really the place looks like the whole place is empty of people. i suppose it does not help that it is a bank holiday weekend and maybe practically everyone have left town. i wonder if that is one of the urban myths, that london practically empties of people durng the bank holiday easter weekend. usually on working weekdays, before 9am would be a troop of office workers walking past my flat, on their way to the home office and other govt buildings further down the road. and after work,a fewer number  of them walking back to the tube station. 

i think my area is always very quiet and deserted, but maybe london does get emptied during these bank holiday weekends. we hear of long traffic jams with everyone seemingly heading out of the cities , or airports full of departing passengers… not so much of arrivals … because they dont hang around in the airports for us to notice them. so by rights those who leave should be evened out by those who come in to visit london. 

but still, when i was in hongkong,(oh this was quite long ago, so it must be worst now) the noise! the crowds! people everywhere!!! i remember there were lots of drilling and at one stage i had to walk about with my fingers in my ears, starring straight ahead when i walk on the pavement in an attempt to block the noise and everyone around me and everything that was happening in my vicinity.  it was that unbearable. i have never felt that crowded in all the years living in london.

you could say that is nothing, just wait till u get to an indian city. haha. but maybe it just goes to show that our own personal experiences may not be a useful guide to how busy a place is. here is where statistics play a role in showing us the truer picture.