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using the classic wordpress editor

21 May

london 11.14am 27C sunny thursday 2020. it is early and it is allready hitting 27C.

i tried the new editor just now, but it was so weird that i just went to the options and chose the classic editor.

it brought me back to the old editor and that is what i shall stick to if they allow me.

it all started this morning when i tried to write a post as usual.  a pop up window came up telling me that they are going to change everyone to the new editor from june 1 and to ask me to try out the new editor now. so i did and found that i dont like it, not surprising because everything is changed and i have to hunt around to find the text size, the font, the colour of text, and i have not even tried to add pictures , so it was easier to just chose the classic editor and get back the old editor. so here i am now using the classic editor and i hope they will let me use it even after the june 1 changover. let me see if i can add pictures to this post. 

it seems to add it easily . the sun is streaming in through the windows.

added. 1.52pm friday 22.5.20

i had wondered why they did not give us a link to a tutorial on how the new editor works, in that newsletter informing us of their decision to changeover on june 1. it would be useful. and prevent a lot of people just giving up when they first try it. 

i found it whilst browsing the reader  , it is a video ,go right to the bottom of that page, and it is the last video called ‘gutenburg wordpress tutorial’) and after seeing it, i got an idea how to use it. i think if i had seen it first, i might have kept on with the new editor. but for now, i can use the old classic editor as i dont have to relearn any new stuff. i guess if in future they stop the classic editor, than i shall use the new editor.

the main thing i learnt from that video  is that there are a lot of stuff with the new editor that i dont want or need to know, so it does not matter that i dont understand those. 

and so if ever they terminate the classic editor and  force us all to use the new one in future, i can just learn the basic stuff that would enable me to write and post images and that is that, i can ignore the rest.