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dancing and walking

12 Aug

london 5.58pm 23.4C sunny wednesday 2015

i am lying in my bed looking out of the window at the setting sun over the luxury block of flats across the way. two trees are blocking the way with their foliage, these trees being part of the wayside trees that line the roads around here. it is very pleasant and peaceful and very nice. i was thinking i could be on holiday here, instead i live here. haha.

i suppose plenty of people would love to be me, spending their holiday in london. Whilst people here dream of a holiday abroad. haha. everyone dreaming of going anywhere but where they are. but not me. i am very happy to be here. and since i dont work, this place has an air of me being on holiday anyway.

it is the holiday period now, and i notice it because i was earlier in the sports complex, and on entering it, i can over look the swimming pool and there were hardly anyone there.

now that school is closed the swimming pool is not full of student groups using the pool. there was only  some families with young children playing about . and the adult section of the lane swimming is also quiet, with hardly any adults swimming. there was no one in the changing room when i entered it, and the showers were empty too, with only one kid there when i entered , soon followed by his dad.

maybe august is a quiet time in london, even the primary school opposite my flat is dead… the school yard empty and quiet, without any school children making a noise while they played.

i think even the traffic is less, without all those school trips by the mothers ferrying their kids about. and hardly any kids on the buses too. quite blissful really when i come to think of it.

even the news is subdued, the lack of drama being evident when there is no big headlines to grab attention. some talk of china devalueing its remimbi, and trying to gain advantage from the $ by doing that, and giving every economy in the asian region a cold. haha. all their stock exchanges going down as a result.

and another batch of tube strikes in london, at the end of this month. with the strikers aiming for maximum disruption by striking on two days, a day apart. tough on the businesses that rely on the nighttime trade. london can be a ghost town on those strike nights. i think if they were to ask londoners if they want a 24 hr tube service over the weekend, and have these strikes and have to pay higher fares as a result, i think a lot would say forget it, and lets just have the night buses instead.

and to top it all, we read that nightclubbing is on the decline. i myself dont go clubbing , unlike in my young days when hi -energy music makes it so danceable,and when pubs are forced to close at 11pm, the only way to continue is to go to a club.

i thought it was just me , who am not going clubbing but it seems the younger generation are also not doing it.

i am really glad i came out  during the 80s and 90s, when clubbing and dancing were so enjoyable, (because the music was so danceable) and everyone was doing it; fond memories i got of those times. the young nowadays dont  seem to have as much fun as us it seems. 

london life

12 Jun

london 8.35pm friday 2015

so far no sign of that thunderstorm they were promising us but perhaps it is early days. i expect we shall get it in the early morning, and i hope it will then pass us quickly so that by 3pm tomorrow we shall have a sunny day for the naked bike ride. we can hear thunder in the distance, but only a smattering of rain just to wet the pavement and that is all. the highest temperature today was 25.8C, so their forecast that it will be 27C is out. and so far it has not been very rainy so their forecast of it being the wettest day will be out too. i think what they cannot predict is the timing. they know a storm is coming but when it arrives is depandant on the wind or lack of, and that they cannot predict.

it was a very enervating day earlier, warm and humid and for me very sneezing and watering eyes and itchy throat from hay fever. i dont really like going out when it is like that.

 we were out, because john wanted a stir fry of noodles with his lamb steak he brought from bournemouth. so we went to chinatown to buy bean sprouts, and flat noodle. i did the stir fry, and it was quite delicious. the lamb was very nice. its been ages since i ate lamb. and there are still two steaks for tomorrow.

by coincidence, john’s friend peter was in london. (they both live in bournemouth). we met by chance as we walked to the bus stop near my flat.  and he was going to the community hall nearby. well, when he met us he cancelled his going to the community centre and joined us on our trip to soho.

have u had this happen before? where a friend from your home town suddenly comes walking down the street when u are on holiday somewhere. it seems a friend of his got a day return ticket to london but his meeting was cancelled and asked peter whether he would like it and have a day in london.  

after the soho shopping, he took us to st martin in the fields, a church by trafalgar square where there was a pianist playing on a grand piano, at the alter. or where the alter would be.

this guy was playing the piano, and there was no one there except a old lady sleeping on the right nave, and a man sleeping on the left. haha. it seems they are remnants from the church being given over to homeless people sleeping there all night. i did not know all this but peter knew. i would never have known of this as all signs of bedding etc were not visible.

and the guy was practising his recital , which he would perform at 1pm. that was why he was playing to an empty church. it is great if u like listening to this music, there are a lot of these recitals being given free in this church during lunch time and evenings.

peter wanted to give us a treat and pay for the river cruise to hampton court, but we just missed the boat, at 12pm. and even though he suggested we take the boat to the tower bridge and the thames barrier, i said i was not really interested, as i have been there and it is something i see easily and i can get there free without paying for it. i know he is giving us a treat, but no use wasting money. the original plan of taking the boat to hampton court would be more interesting. still i was glad  we missed the boat, there is another at 2pm, but i wanted to get back, the hay fever is tiring. anyway we got back and had lunch instead. and we checked the bikes, for the naked ride. one of the bikes got a puncture and cannot be used, but i got two more, so that was ok.

i seldom ride on the bikes now, and only take out the bikes once a year at this naked bike ride. simon is riding one of the bikes more often, as he has been riding it to work. but tomorrow he will have to go by bus as i shall be taking his bike. haha.

yesterday john and i went to the sex club that we like very much. it is now £8 to get in after 7pm, so gone up by £1, but still very good value for money. certainly i had a really nice time there. i go only once a year,always at this time of year to coincide with john coming for the naked bike ride;  but it is always very nice whenever i go. one chap there recognised me and came up to chat, and told me that paris gym, a gay gym in vauxhall, (i was oneof the first to join when it opened in 1995), is closing.  

more inane ramblings

31 Jan


The tube closes at about 12.40am now… and that is rather early for a big city that purports to be trendy and vibrant.

Clubbers will have to go back by bus, or taxi, which does not sound great if u are a tourist to London.

I think if I were to be clubbing I too would be rather miffed at not being able to take the tube. It is quicker to get back on the tube than on the bus which stops so often.

When I was younger, I drove into London for a night gay clubbing, and I could do that because traffic was so much less than now. Now I think of it those were really great days, where it was a pleasure to drive into London, easy to park, free too, and I can just hop into the car after the club and drive back . I don’t drink so I could drive back.

But now … if those who drive are telling the truth, it is murder to drive into London for a night out.

So if they succeed in getting a deal with the unions about closing the tube 1 hr later it would be lovely.

It wont affect me of course as I live in the centre of London but also I don’t go late clubbing anymore.

It is one of the paradoxes of life, where when I was younger, I live in the suburbs of London and have to drive in to go clubbing, and don’t mind doing it.
Whereas now I am older, and not interested in clubbing, and just when I live right in the centre and can walk to all the gay clubs, I could not be bothered.

The times have moved on also. Before, gay life centred round gay clubs and pubs before the internet made it so easy to meet guys now.


But bear in mind that I am a minority in not liking clubbing.

I think when you are young, clubbing is an important way of interacting with others and with friends. And you will build up friends in the clubs if u club often enough. The buzz of being in a big club, dancing among so many, with lots of others all enjoying themselves is tremendous and being young u have the energy to stay up late.

And if u like to drink,or take drugs it is more fun doing it with others.

And you now have the drug taking to enhance the experience. I mean not only alcohol , but the others like ecstasy, meth crystal etc. I am no expert in those other drugs, or even alcohol, haha. Just getting what I know from reading blogs about it and talking to friends who have taken these things.

Sarah who commented on my blog says she finds it funny that I jump from topic to topic without any rhyme or reason. I am glad she is not put off by it.

This blog is a random and meandering blog of my thoughts and doings. Hope it provides inadvertent amusement, even if it shows me in a poor light, and people find it amusing to see me blundering around re inventing the wheel, as when I find something that everyone knows for ages, and which I have just discovered and getting so excited about it. Haha.

I am sure readers will be indulgent and just be amused at it, and realise that we all get excited when we find something, whether it is shoes, or beanies, or ideas or insights, and want to tell everyone to find they all know it already. Haha.

For eg, a friend recently told me that volunteering is not all it seems. He tells me that many organisations are using it as an excuse to lay off their paid workers, and replacing them with unpaid volunteers.

And these organisations don’t pay their workers all that much either and because they are short staffed, they impose on their workers. Asking them to come in on their days off because there is no one to do it. And not pay overtime either.
I have a friend who told me he had this friend who works for an old folks home, and is constantly phoned on his day off to work because they are short staffed. And he don’t get paid overtime either.

Maybe everyone knows this. Haha. But it is only now that I became aware of it.

Things are never black or white , are they? Here u are thinking u are doing good by volunteering and u find that u may have put someone out of a job, granted it is a low paid job and maybe u might be doing a favour to that person in that they might be forced to go find another job which pays better, but that is unlikely to be the case for most of these laid off workers.

It is a paradox of life that people want to work in jobs that don’t pay them enough to live on. U would think if the job does not pay enough for you to live on, you will refuse to work there and get a job that pays u enough. But that is not the case. Instead u work in 2 or 3 low paying jobs.

I see all the supermarkets are reducing their check out staff and adding more self help machines, so that source of jobs is going to go. I think it a real cushy job being a check out person. U don’t even need to think, just swipe the goods and the machine will even tell u want change to give back. Haha. But that kind of job is going to go.

People in new york have 2 or 3 jobs. At least that was what I found out when I used to go there regularly(in the late 90s) for Christmas shopping long ago. I met a guy there who told me that was what he does to make ends meet, because each job pays so little. Now I know u must not generalise from just one encounter but I figured that these people with 2-3jobs cannot be so rare that I can meet one of them in my visit to new york. Right? So it must be common to have 2-3 jobs.

If that is the case so long ago, I think it must be more so nowadays in new york. Is it so in London do u think? I have not met anyone who works in 2 or 3 jobs in london. And this is living here for more than 20yrs. So maybe it is not so dire in uk , because there is the safety net of social benefits unlike in usa. Or maybe more likely, I have not heard from these people because people here don’t talk about it.