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humans just want to collect things

1 Mar

london 9.53am -2.3C overcast. thursday 2018. they say snow till 11.30am. the snow is very small so more like a drizzle really.

12.34pm cloudy -1.2C victoria library.

i have had my free flat white coffee at the victoria place macdonalds. it is warm there, unlike the main concourse in victoria station. i noticed the usually busy kfc next door is shut. i wonder if they have been struck by the chicken shortage that kfc branches seem to be suffering from. 

an elderly man a few days ago told me it was cold in the main station area in victoria station, when we were both waiting to collect our free coffee. i havent noticed it then but today i noticed it. it was cold. and i put it down to their opening the main entrance to the station. it used to be blocked off whilst they were preparing the forecourt for a glass structure to cover over a new hole in the ground access to the station, but now that work is finished and so they have opened this main entrance. and by doing so enable the cold wind to blow right through and freeze everyone in there. haha. the cold makes waiting there very unpleasant. 

i see in the newspapers today mention of a whole set of new 10p coins that the royal mint is putting out. it is an A-Z of what being british is like. i suppose it will make every collector of coins feel anxious and want to collect all these coins. they can pay £2 each for the whole collection. so 2×26 = £52 just to own this collection. or they can just watch out for them in circulation and hoard them when they find them. but all in all, it just panders to people’s hoarding instincts. all very silly really. and i suppose 50yrs from now they will dig up such a collection of these coins and auction them off for a fortune. ( or not). 

i found out that the old £10 note is still valid for today only. so i could get rid of my old £10 note by buying something but i felt why should i be forced to spend it? so i went to my local HSBC bank branch in victoria and exchanged it. no questions asked. they exchanged it without any fuss and never asked to see if i was an account holder. which is more than can be said for the barclays branch who , once when i went in there to change a old £5 note ask me if i was a account holder, and refused to change it because i was not. that is why i dont like barclays. 

added. 11.13am 8C cloudy tuesday 2018

saw this by vice , talking about the 10p coins in detail.