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life is good

27 Sep

london 12.49pm 18.1C cloudy tuesday 2016

19.5C 5.43pm

 i have succumbed to an impulse buy just now. was in sainsburys to buy more milk powder and stockingup on it, because as things are going, the basic prices of stuff is going up, and so i thought i shall just make sure i got milkpowder. it is a staple of mine which i cannot do without.

anyway whilst there i was about to leave, when i pass by the cooked meat counter,and saw half chicken roast for £1.50, reduced from £3. the original price is over priced really, but this half price is ok, for half a chicken. and on an impulse i bought it even though i got chicken pieces thawing in the fridge and undecided what to make of it. to roast it or to make a curry .

it seems i am craving a bit of roast chicken after all. haha. anyway my life is good if all i have to worry about is impulse buying food.

the good thing about buying basic foodstuffs is that the prices are so low. so that even if they increase it , by 40% , tesco basic coffee for eg, it only go up by 20p. haha. so really it is low, even though percentage wise it is enormous. that is the thing about quoting % rises. they dont really give the real picture.

anyway, i am just investigating more ways to amuse myself in my life now. joined a website for older guys to network. it is catering to older guys who likes older guys or young guys who like old guys. i guess i am accepting that i am considered an old guy now. even though my mind still thinks i am young, but one must acknowledge reality.

quite a interesting website and allready i have made contacts and chatting to them via email. i am restricted to 2 messages on the website as i am not a paid member, but it is not really a disadvantage as the website do not block us giving out our emails, so we can carry on the conversation by email to each other rather than via the website. i think the owner is quite good really.  it is only £50 a year, and i am wondering if i should pay the subscription, just to support the owner who has set it up, if nothing else. it is a great concept really. there are a lot of americans even though the person who set it up is european. ah well, we shall see how that goes. shall we?

life is really very good. i potter around given the freedom of london as it were with my freedom pass. it is a wonderful gift. 

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Digital StillCamera