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london, prime burger, centrefeed roll

30 Oct

london 4.45pm 16.5C cloudy friday 2015

my friend from bournemouth is here staying with me visiting london.

i told him of the free burgers at prime burger in euston station and he asked me to join him today so i find myself there today. simon also decided to join us when he woke up and decided to have his lunch here instead of cooking it.

my friend had printed out 3 copies to give out. i think that might be the reason why when it was our turn , the cashier said they are doing only one pattie for the bad boy instead of two. i think too many people are printing out the email invite and using it rather than registering at the website and getting their own email.

i could have shown them the email they sent me, of course, and i could have done it to test out this theory of mine, that it is only for printed copies that they are doing the one patty bad boy. but i did not know of it until i was at the till.

anyway it was still very nice, in that the single pattie was more manageable to eat with the hands, the two patties is too big to hold and eat with a mouthful. this time i thought the meat was nicer done, not so hard or dry.

so all in all another nice lunch all the nicer for being free and for my friends to enjoy it too.

i found out that prime burger was a name change from fine burger,( according to this post, written on 3 july 2015)and they did a similar promotion in kings cross on 3rd july this year. so they are an old chain renamed and so doing a new promotion.

i googled prime burger and got a website of a company called prime burger. it is in stockholm. it must be the same one, because companies are very jealous of their name and will not allow anyone else to take it. so this is the uk branch of that stockholm company. 

(for those who dont know, the king cross railway station is not called king cross but st pancras. confusing i know but that is the british way for you).

after our meal, simon says he will be going back home to sleep, but i said i shall go roam about first. my other two friends were still eating so we left them  and i went to covent gdn and walked through it to the charing cross library.

found a big roll of industrial paper left on the road side. they are very useful to mop things up and serve as kitchen rolls. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

isn’t it huge? i wonder what they are used for. i was wondering where to buy one and how much. and here is the price. in staples a stationery shop chain. £9.98 for 6 rolls 100m .£1.66 a roll. they are called centrefeed rolls.

as usual london is full of tourists, it is very nice to see the hustle and  bustle of it, at least i think so, as a city is exciting because of so many people there. people complain of the crowds but to me a city is exciting because of the crowds.

i stopped to look at the menu in a coffee shop in covent gdn, and saw croissants for £1.99 each, eat in, £1.15 to takeaway. when u can get croissants for 29p in lidl, or even 79p in tesco, i guess the covent gdn tourists dont mind paying that to be able to sit in a cafe enjoying being served with it. it is part of being a tourist and imbibing the local scene, isn’t it? and i can imagine it can be very exciting if u are a tourist to be staying there.

i saw a guy with short running shorts and very long legs, i think his legs are as high as my chest, so most of his height is in his legs, which are very nice by the way; and he lived near there, because i saw him opening the door to a very small house in one of those narrow alleys that weave in and out of that area. he was carrying a sainsbury shopping bag.

as a tourist it must be a lot of fun to be in the centre of it, but i am a resident so i dont fancy living in covent gdn. too touristy and everything is so much more expensive as they cater to the tourists. and too many tourists so they do get in the way.

trafalgar square was busy with a big screen to show the final of the rugby. the security man at the gate into it asked me to take off the cap of my drinking water bottle , but allow me to take in the bottle. it is strange isn’t it? first time i see this security measure … usually they confiscate the whole bottle. anyway i went in for a bit but  decided i want my bottle cap more than i want to see the rugby, so i turn tail and ask for my cap back. and exit the place and took the bus home.haha. 

added. 8.1.16, finally the centrefeed roll is used up. it took about 2months.