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we are willing to pay more for what we perceive to be luxury. duh

8 Aug

 9.18am tuesday 2016 sunny 17.4C london

i had the two croissants this morning. yesterday i bought 2 loaves of 800mg wholemeal bread for 17p each. (reduced from 85p normally) and it does make me think how very inflated are the price of croissants. each of my reduced price croissants cost that much alone. if u buy them fresh they can be 70p ( they are 80p now edit, it was in one store but still 70p in another)each, and that is in tesco. i dare not think what it will cost in a bakery with the croissants fresh from the oven.  yet so many of us buy the croissants. maybe fresh croissants are so delicious, many will consider it is a small price to pay to inject that luxury into their lives. it shows that price is not everything. i know that because even i want to buy fresh croissants every morning when i am on holiday in france, or spain. with coffee it epitomises for me what  a holiday in europe is all about. haha. perhaps having a croissant when i am here in london is a way for us  to bring back those european holiday memories. added. lidl sells freshly baked croissants for 29p each. i think they must be the cheapest in uk. i noticed the croissants are particularly nice in the late afternoon when they bake a fresh batch. not so much the morning. their size has been gradually getting smaller and smaller as the years go by, i notice.

i realise reading my title of this post again that duh, of course. that goes without saying really. that is nothing new. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

one of the loaves i bought yesterday , i have eaten some of the slices allready. they were very fresh, so much so that i did not bother to toast them. the other loaf is in the freezer. its become so cheap to buy these that i have not bothered to bake my own bread nowadays.

added. 8.57pm i think related to all this is the fact that we do not know how to bake anymore. i am sure it is easy to make our own croissants, if we know how. it cannot be complicated. but the skill to do it is lost to most of us.

it makes me remember seeing very expensive packs of ready cooked rice being sold in supermarkets (and i mean it is 1000% markup 100mg cooked rice for £1, when 10kg of uncooked rice  is £10, and that is not including those times , as recently, when it can be bought for £8 on a reduced price offer).  it is so easy to cook rice, and u dont really need a rice cooker. just a saucepan with a tight lid will do. it is even easier if u microwave it.  but obviously those who dont know how to will find it convenient to buy the ready cooked rice and might consider it is worth it  for the luxury of convenience.

come to think of it, this concept of luxury hinges on the idea of convenience. getting others to do and produce things that u like , not need.

croissants are lovely

7 Aug

london 12.50pm 23.1C sunday 2016 in the library

1.51pm sunny 23.2C back in the flat


there were 4, i ate 2 before i remembered to take this picture. they are from waitrose reduced to 69p from £1.50. i felt like having some croissants this morning. i got the free coffee too, seeing i have to go to the till to pay for the croissants. coffee goes well with croissants.  i shall save these two for tomorrow when i shall grill them first to bring back the crispness.