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i dont rent out my spare room

29 Sep

london 10.30pm 14.8C dry thursday 2016 high of 21.7C

some guys from another gay website send me a message asking whether they could stay at my place on their way to catch a flight to europe. they live outside london. they seem to know me, and i remembered that i went with some friends to their place in the country when they gave a naked party. however i told them i cannot accommodate them because my place is not ready.

i am rather ashamed? no shy, more like, about letting the spare room.

oh what is the word, where u know your place has not the standard of cleanliness and modernity and facillities suitable for paying guests and you are too lazy to make it come up to standard. haha.

so anyway i told them no, citing that my place is really not suitable, it has no central heating, and everything is rather basic. and dusty as i really cannot be bothered to do a spring clean before each guest comes. i like the way things are, so for myself i dont feel ashamed at all of living like this, but i guess other people’s standards are higher than mine or i assume it must be higher than mine, as i know my standards are very low in the first place. haha.

strangely i dont mind dust that accummulates over the surfaces of my furniture, and everything else. but i do mind dirty dishes piling up in the sink unwashed , and not even being soaked. that is why i dont have piles of unwashed dishes or pots and pans or bits of scraps of food on plates lying all over the place.

some parts of my life is very untidy, and other parts are kept very clean and tidy.

take for example, the toilet. the watercloset(wc). people dont like cleaning the wc, but i find it no chore at all and clean it regularly. it takes only a minute if less and so i dont have to buy one of those blue coloured tablets that stain the water blue and that mask the state of the toilet. i wonder if people buy them to cover the stains in their toilet, either because they are too lazy to clean it off, or the stains are so ingrained it cannot come off no matter how hard they scrub. anyway i dont have that problem. 

i am not on bnb, the online booking website for rentals that is sweeping the world and getting so much attention. this is because i dont really fancy letting out my room on such a regular basis. it is too much hard work. i marvel at some of the hosts who would provide a cooked breakfast included in the room rate. it is so much trouble the very thought of it gives me the heebee jeebees. haha.

anyway these two are gay guys who still go to europe for holidays. and not only to the sun, but in january they are going to austria. they really like their holidays those two.

if u are in central london, u can really make a good income letting out a room with bnb. not so much a flat, this is because u are not there and there is a good chance people who rent it will throw a party and thrash the place and then disappear before u find out and have no way of getting them to pay for the damage.  whereas if it is only a room, you are there, to keep an eye on them and make sure they behave. haha. also with a flat u have to register it with council, and many councils dont like u renting out the whole flat. this is due to complains by other residents in the block and also crowding and noise.

i know that some of the flats above me are rented out, because u see new people coming and going . but fortunately they are all very quiet, and well behaved. though they tend to throw huge amounts of rubbish, not household foodwaste but cardboards and stuff down the chute, which is rather narrow and blocks it. necessitate the caretaker to clear it now and then. but there have not been any notices warning people about doing it, so i guess the caretaker dont mind and consider it as part of his job. or else the chutes are so narrow that even with ordinary use they clog up. oh, they also ring our bell, to try to get in haha. but it is not often, or rather, we ignore it. hehe. 


daily life

18 Feb

london 5.07pm 7.7C sunny clear blue sky thursday 2016

its only become this nice weather a few hours ago. so we can see a nice sunset now and every thing looks lovely. i got the bus to cross the vauxhall bridge on my way to morrisons in camberwell to buy the chicken legs (5 in a pack)1.35kg they have on offer, reduced from £3.50 to £2.

and got a nice view of the setting sun and river views (its at low tide) when i re -crossed it on the way back. one lady along the route came aboard carry a large pile of the free newspapers, evening standard to put on the bus. i was right glad she did, i took one and thanked her when she came to sit next to me at the front of the bus.  but she said the bus driver dont like it, as he says people take it and throw it on the floor and litter his bus. haha.

i can understand why the bus driver might object, because it was quite a big pile, and even though i took two, one to leave in the hallway of my block for the other residents, i could see a newspaper on the ground when i left the bus. some one had dropped it on the floor. people can be bastards sometimes. haha.

i was very glad to get it though. 

i got a £5 morrisons gift voucher from the daily mail points system.  so i used that to buy 2 packs. i got change for that of £1. it is always nice to get something for free. hoho. 

earlier i went to the morrisons branch in strutton ground,(its a pedestrianised road, with pop up food stalls that cater to the lunch crowd, as well as shop restaurants, like the fish and chips place.) itis near new scotland yard offices (sold now to be torn down for luxury flats), and found the shop is gutted, with some workmen inside dismantling the shelves. they have closed it. i have heard of them closing branches, no mention of this one being one of them, but i guess it cannot be making much money, even though it was only opened about a year or so.

 and one store closed and another open. not a morrisons, but  i saw another one by sainsburys opened near me. it is below a block of luxury flats called great minster on marsham street. it is opposite the former westminster hospital, (which was converted to flats long ago).

i thought the planning application had been refused by westminster council, because some locals have objected, but it is here now, so i guess sainsburys must have reapplied with a scaled down plan and that was allowed. it is now just a local sainsburys, whilst before the plan was to take over the whole ground floor of that block.  i guess it is nice to have a sainsburys so near me. as usual someone else will lose out; the small corner store in the grosvenor estate will lose business. 

it will provide competition to the local tesco, that is hidden away in the home office block of govt building. i went in this new sainsburys to have a look and found they had reduced priced groceries, i cannot imagine they are long enough there to accummulate sell by dated groceries, so they must have reduced it as a opening ploy.

i bought a pack of 350mg mushrooms, for 45p. mushrooms are real nice in an omelette. what with all the luxury flats, and the govt offices around, it is doing roaring business. i went at lunch hour and there were queues to pay, they all look like office workers buying their lunch. we here in london are really spoilt for choice in the supermarkets that are like so close to each other.