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a new year is coming and calendars for it.

17 Dec

london 3.12pm 6.8C rain, sunday 2017

i have been collecting calendars for the new 2018 year. first the daily mail on sunday giving away free royal wedding calendar. showing harry and meghan, even though they are not married yet. we can see it is a rush job, an extra calendar since they allready had given out a calendar earlier featuring the royal babies.

then i went to chinatown just to see what bargains they got. and saw the sambal sauce that i bought for 50p has reduced further to 20p each;. so i bought 4… only yesterday i got a phone call from my friend who lives in slough telling me he went to his local chinese grocer to buy the same sauce for £2.50. hmm, i wont tell him about this ones i bought, no point making him feel bad about it. and anyway he might be the kind of guy who dont want to buy reduced foods that are near their sell by date… human beings are like that. some are too proud to buy reduced price foods. some actually would feel insulted if u think they are so poor that they have to buy sell by date foods. and would get angry with you for telling them about it because that would imply that u think they are too poor.  to me, i would consider it a great tip, and a bargain… but dont tell people otherwise they will think u are fallen  on hard times, reduced to scrounging for food bargains and rifling through the remainder bins and scraps and they will feel sorry for you. haha. 


i got the sauce at the new loon moon in chinatown and they were giving away a calendar. this year they are not putting it out for people to take, but giving it out at the cashier till. they have a small calendar and a large one, and i ask for the large one, just for a change. it is rather pretty, with a gold cover, and a bright red inside… the dates are just full of chinese characters, which i cannot read. it seems this coming chinese new year is the year of the dog. the size is lovely, big enough so that i can use the back of each month to make my own calendar next year. i would have lots of room to write things down for next year’s calendar. the cashier asked me if i want a calendar, and i wonder it might be because my purchases came to nearly £5. i bought 3 packs of the ho fun noodles which are great for making char kuey teoh. perhaps if i have not bought so much i might not have gotten the free calendar… i might keep it in mind to buy something from them around this time next year, just to get any freebie calendars that they are giving out. a new calendar for a new year is a very uplifting gift i think, just for the symbolism alone. 

a strange apology

20 Nov

london 9.39pm 13C warm night. monday 2017

i was browsing the online guardian and saw this article, that paperchase has apologised for the free wrapping paper offer and joining forces with the daily mail to offer it. what an extraordinary thing to apologise for. just because some small numbers of people in the social media has criticised them for associating with the daily mail, which they say is against transgendered just because there have been some article written by the daily mail questioning it. in the process the paperchase people have alienated all the readers of the daily mail. i find this bullying by a minority is the norm now… truly this is a snowflake generation, being offended by the slightest thing, and imagining slights where there is none intended. i wonder where it will end. 

nectar card and the daily mail

19 Aug

london 5.27pm 20.4C cloudy bright. saturday 2017 forecast says it should be sunny now. not so.

saw this headline 

Nectar just teamed up with the Daily Mail and its members aren’t happy

it was an article in the pink news, and i thought it was saying the daily mail readers were unhappy about the daily mail changing its points system to the nectar system. because the value is decreased a lot , it now takes 16weeks to build up to 1000 nectar points, whereas before it took 8weeks  to get 2000 daily mail points. but it seems i was wrong,the unhappy members were the nectar members who said nectar should not have admitted daily mail to its stable of businesses linked to it. they accuse the daily mail of being homophobic , racist etc etc.

i read the daily mail, and i dont think they are all those things. they question the things that happen, and they have every right to… a case in point is the hoo haa about the labour spokesperson for  woman equality saying it should be brought up for debate that there are all those  muslim men who are guilty of child sex offenses , and her mentioning of muslim , made her a target for others to  accuse her  of being racist etc etc. and she was forced  to resign.  she got no support from the labour party.  

she was right to bring up this question, and those people shouting racists on anyone who questions  these men were wrong . it is precisely the fear of being called racists that make the authorities let them off and allow them to carry on to exploited the children for so long.

but coming back to these bunch of members saying they will destroy their cards as they object to the daily mail being included… they can do so, it is a free country but it also means they cannot stop us from joining or the nectar company from letting other companies that dont fulfil their idea of what they like to join and to not allow themselves to be dictated to by the likes of them. it is all very convoluted sentences i am afraid. haha. but i hope u get the gist of what i am saying. 

20.8.17 sunday added. this article in today’s mail on sunday has hit the nail on the head. it says the extreme wahabi version of islam has gained enormous influence, so that it has drowned out the more traditional view of a peaceful islam. i know in malaysia islam has always been taught as a peaceful religion but it has been changing, as more of the wahabi preachers were able to get into malaysia so that the wild strain of wahabism is rife in malaysia, and indonesia now;  and these preachers have spread into the west as well, with the saudi sponsored mosques and madrassi that saudi money have built, and with it come their preachers with their call for the compulsory hijab, and strict separation of men and women. 

more calendars

14 Jan

london 4.37pm 4.3C dry saturday 2016

every year the daily mail gives a free calendar , usually depicting the royal family, this year it is depicting the kate and harry’s kids. in past years i never can get hold of it, as it is given with the paper, and it just gets taken but this year they are printing a voucher in the paper for you to take to a tesco to get it. so that is how i managed to get hold of one.

it is rather a nice souvenir, but it is one of those things, when i allready got a good calendar ,i now get so many of them. typical isn’t it? but maybe they can be kept as souvenirs and royal trivia to collect for those inclined to collect such things. and of course the kids will grow up and change beyond all recognition. 

maybe i can put down in it all the highlights that happen in the coming 2017 though i hope it wont be full of deaths of celebrities. at least we know when their birthdays are haha. and what star sign they are. prince george 22 july , charlotte 2nd may. so what star sign are they?

 actually there are websites where u can use your own photos to make such calendars like this. a nice way of remembering the growing up stages of your children and family i think. 



daily mail is not that bad really

12 Nov

london 2.19pm 10.5C drizzle saturday 2016 marylebone library

i have said that the newspapers are all having the same news stories, and mimicking the internet in its sameness, but this morning i was reading the daily mail and it has a few scoops that the others dont have. one about a mother buying baby milk, another about a grandmother being jailed for defying the secretive family court.  

and then there are those asking lego to stop advertising or linking  with the daily mail to giveaway free lego toys; because they object to the mail’s reportage of those children who are allowed to come to uk who look like adults and other immigration issues saying the daily mail is  racist for doing so. well, that is the usual accusation when these things occur.

yet i think it perfectly reasonable to ask that the children taken in are really children and not adults otherwise we shall put at risk carers and children who mix with these ‘children’ who are really adults. that is why i think those asking to boycott the daily mail are wrong. they are trying to censor articles about immigration, and trying to say all those people are refugees. nothing could be further from the truth. why they cannot say vet those illegally entering the country to make sure they are genuine refugees, and send the rest back. it seems the common sense thing to do , dont u agree? 

like now i read of a article saying the authorities did not prosecute those who abort their female babies, for fear of being called racists. 

the uk gets itself all in a twist trying to not appear to be racists, when we should condemn such  barbaric practises, (like getting rid of girl children from being born, or circumcision/genital multilation), that custom or religion make them do it to their children. no one says anything against it simply because it is their religion or custom and u are not supposed to object to someone’s religious beliefs or custom. talking of killing girl foetuses , i can understand why people consider abortion on demand is in the same category. killing unborn babies just because u dont want them. when there is contraception to prevent it, women who use abortion as a form of birth control are taking advantage of the abortion laws that allow abortion on demand. 

it is the same with the rochester asian gang of child groomers. the authorities overlooked their activities,or dare not pursue them for fear of being accused of being racists. 

i read of that tesco bank being hacked and accounts have money taken away… and i dont hear of any of the newspapers writing outrage articles condeming tesco about it, and yet when talk talk got hacked there was this huge anger and blaming. why is that? just because tesco bears the cost of all the money stolen they think it is allright then. it seems double standards here. 

 no one directly lost money from the talktalk hack. only a few people who foolishly gave the crooks who phoned them up with their details telling them to change their bank accounts and to transfer money to them to open another account. i dont hold a brief for the daily mail, but i can recognise that they do some good investigative stuff, as well as ask questions about immigration, and eu stuff that are not in uk interests. 

daily mail online

3 Feb

london 8.16am cloudy 5.5C (that low, though in the flat it does not feel cold.) wednesday 2016

read this one today about how the dailymail online only produces £23million even though it is the biggest english language site in the world with 220million unique actives (is that users, views, or browsers? i wonder. from the spreadsheet it seems it is browsers.)  a month. as it said, not a lot of money fr the adverts. possibly due to adblockers in smartphones.

In March 2014, the Guardian hit 100m browsers for the month. In July 2014 it managed 137m. (“Browsers” aren’t the same as “views”, nor the same as “users”. A single browser could do multiple page views; a single user might use multiple browsers, such as a mobile one and a desktop one at different times of the day. If you’re feeling wonkish, the Audit Bureau of Circulation has more data at appendix 2.1 of its measurement requirements: “This metric measures each browser on a given device; it does not measure a person.”)

a good article about ad blocking 

i am one of the viewers , now and then, even though i read the daily mail printed newspaper, (more like skim the webpage  really, the whole of the right column is gossip and not worth a read.)

i like that it has so much content on one page, that is something that i wish all online newspapers will copy, but maybe it uses up lots of bandwidths or something that makes it expensive to maintain, because no other newsonline have it as much as the dailymail online. its adverts are not intrusive. at least in my chrome… maybe my chrome blocks pop ups.

some other websites , eg tvguide website and some news websites,have embedded videos adverts that start automatically and set on high volume whenever u open the page, very scary , especially if i am in the library,and sometimes it takes a bit of time to find out where they are to shut them up or stop them. though i now just switch on the mute button on my chromebook. adblockers dont seem to work on them. but u can see how they dont generate much revenue because we block them or shut them up or stop visiting the site if it gets too intrusive.

i think adblocking got more popular because the adverts got more aggressive and intrusive… and in turn that make the advertisers even more intrusive, finding ways to force the adverts on us. it is a vicious cycle that will push a lot of internet users to adblock. that is why the whatsapp idea of offering companies direct contact with their targets via whatsapp text sounds like the way to go. that is one way of getting at those smartphone users who are getting immune to adverts, or use adblockers. 

free £5 voucher

6 Dec

london 3.33pm 13.9C cloudy sunday 2015

it’s sunday and the shop was still open when i went to the robert dyas store in artillery road, victoria,at about 3pm; to buy something that costs £5, because there is this daily mail giveaway to spend in any of their stores but only for today.

they only have 3 stores in london, all very close to me it turned out. the nearest to me was this artillery road store. i live here a long time but i didn’t even know of this company, nor that they have a store near me. so in terms of raising awareness the voucher has done its job. 

they sell household stuff, electrical stuff like microwaves etc(which cost a lot ) ,light bulbs, and lots of containers, lunch boxes etc. i thought of buying one of those, but not only do i like the cheap takeaway plastic containers that i can get, but also they cost a lot and i felt i want more for the money, even if i get it free. haha.

i was browsing their kitchen utensils, and saw this, a £4.99 can opener. granted we allready got one, in fact we got two, one of which is not working… so i thought since the can openers seem to go bad often, i shall get one to keep as a spare. haha.

there was a meat thermometer that cost the same, and i was debating whether to get that as i dont have one. but then i realised i dont use a thermometer. it is not necessary really. u are supposed to stick it into the meat, but i was thinking what if i want a medium rare beef roast… that thermometer wont be much use would it? it is meant for chicken or pork where u want to make sure the internal temperature is high… but then just cook it for the proper length of time and it will be cooked. no need to know the internal temperature.

its a lot of fun searching the store for something i might like and having to decide. thanks to the daily mail and robert dyas for that. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


added. 12.12.15 here is their christmas ad, with employees saying if they are gay or straight and asking us to shop there and saying they serve everyone. hmm, maybe they are hoping gays will specially use it to buy their household stuff. like john lewis, which is kind of known to be gay friendly.