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its much cooler in london now

27 Jun

london 5.35pm 19C cloudy saturday 2020

i am sure plenty of us bloggers must be having a quiet day with nothing of note to write about. it is so with me anyway. but i want to put my thoughts down just for fun.

its gone cooler now, and from the forecast , it looks like it will remain so for next week at least. so i am glad of it. it is lovely to have this cool weather.

just dont believe those hot air fanatics who want it hot. they dont know what they are asking for. people like those should be sent to  saudi arabia in summer,  where it is always above 30C for days on end and then we shall see if they still like it. they should be held in a place without air conditioning, then we shall hear them screaming, get me out of here.

but anyway, we are here in blessedly cool london now. so lets enjoy it.

even so i read that the travel agencies are flooded with people booking holidays abroad.  because uk have just changed its policy about quarantining return travellers, make it  more lenient in removing that 14 day quarantine for returning travellers, using a traffic light system of countries to determine which ones need quarantining.

i wonder how they will make sure people obey it. also what if the country you are holidaying in changes its status when you come back. haha. it will be fun and games then.

i read there are 100 more cases of covid , not sure if it is deaths or what, and frankly i dont know if others also feel the same as me, about not caring anymore about these figures. they are like fictional news .

i feel like that sunbather in a crowded beach in bournemouth who was interviewed saying he dont know anyone who has covid, (nevermind died from it) so it does not matter he said. i too dont know anyone who has covid either, far less anyone who had died of it.

i guess you could say this is all because of the govt applying the lockdown, so i should be grateful for their action that there are not more deaths. i suppose so. but now the govt have to decide when to ease the lockdown, and it is a gamble in a way. more deaths from covid or the economy dead , leading to more people going poor and dead from poverty.

maybe , if u weigh it up, death is going to happen either way, just different people dying. and anyway death is always with us… so might as well swing towards preserving the economy  and open up and let businesses operate like usual.

also, look at it this way… IF you get covid, and IF you get symptoms, and IF it gets so bad that u need to be hospitalised, and IF you dont recover and die, well, if the body immune system cannot overcome this virus, then perhaps you should say it is time to go. and then go.

i know, it is all very logical, and stoic in a way. but if it is time to go, go , dont hang around saying goodbye and never leave. and those who are left behind, dont hinder the soul wanting to leave, accept it and wish them well, and rest in peace in heaven or wherever souls go to. perhaps it is easier to give this advise rather than to live it. i hope i will accept it if any of my loved ones die. i think i will , because to me, lingering on long after the quality of life has gone is not something i would like myself. so for both dead and living , death is a good solution and a good ending.

ah, all this seem quite morbid to be thinking about so i shall stop.


local news

27 Sep

london 12.38pm 18.8C hazy bright victoria library wednesday 2017

very surprised to read in the dailymail newspaper that lady lucan had died. none of the other papers reported it. and when i went to look at the website i find more details. even pictures of her mews house. much more details than in the newspaper article. i think this is a scoop for the daily mail to report her death before all the other papers. and it reported that 

She spent her days going to library, listening to LBC radio and walking in nearby Green Park.

i have seen her as a regular at this victoria library. she comes in to read the daily mail, and to use the library computers. i saw her a few days ago, can’t remember howlong ago… but it seems she had  missed her usual activities 3days ago. she had been estranged from her children for a long time. 50yrs it seems, and have not seen her grandchildren at all. 

 we tend to leave her alone, and not pester her with recognition. esp when at one time the daily mail was doing a big spread on her talking about her ex husband, the former lord lucan who tried to murder her and murdered the nanny instead. it is a bit strange to read of the death of someone when u feel you ‘know’ them vaguely because u have seen them in your daily life and is so much in the news.

so she had died at 80yrs old. if her ex husband had been alive he would be 82yrs old. 

added. 14.1.17 sunday 4.8C 00.44am this article about lady lucan’s will, she gave it all to shelter, a homeless charity. it seems she committed suicide by drinking a lethal cocktail of drugs mistakenly believing she has parkinson’s disease. 

enjoying life

10 Aug

london 15.2C cloudy wednesday 2016 10.36am

london 18.6C clear , sunset.

i am sitting up in bed, looking out of the window, it has a low sill, so i get a good view out of it. there is a sunset glow in the sky above the buildings so block out the horizon. it is quite difficult to get a clear view of the horizon to view the sun as it sets. buildings get in the way . that’s london for you. or any city as a matter of fact.

quite a cloudless blue sky still… even though sunset is 8.31pm. in fact it must be going on now, as it is 8.30pm now. it is not a spectacular sunset, dark clouds on the horizon masking it. the highest today is only 19C, but it is really very pleasant in spite of this low temperature.

i was out by bus to clapham junction, south london, to the lidl and asda there…( to buy asda basic ketchup which at 34p for 550ml is very good value. it got a nice thick consistency and a good red colour.) and really enjoyed the weather. it is nice to be able to just hop on the bus and go anywhere i like and at no cost at all to me. i think it is one of the best things about my living in london.

this morning the papers were reporting the sudden death of the duke of westminster. and he is the same age as me, or rather slightly younger. it always gives me a turn to read someone who is close to my age dying suddenly like that. and of course that person is bound to be rather famous , or their death would not be reported so widely in the papers. for all their wealth they die , relatively young i am thinking;  as i am the same age. my idea of old seem to get thrown further and further into the  years as i go older myself. haha. now i think 90 is old.

it does remind me of my mortality.

health , good health is really priceless and if the poorest of us have it, they are rich indeed. 



Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph

2 Jan

Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph.

interesting finding about cancer. seems it is part of nature, the more times a cell divides, the more the chance of errors in duplication and getting cancerous changes. 1/3 due to lifestyles and environment , 2/3 of cancers are random. but u can see how it is random because even getting cancerous cells does not mean u will die of it, because the body has other defense mechanisms that can detect these cells and destroy them . it is the coming together of failures in all these safeguards and defenses that will allow cancer to develop and even then it might be so slow that u die of other things. makes u see how random it all is, doesn’t it?

seems to me just natures way of killing us. a doctor said cancer is the best way to die, so maybe it is how nature kills off people, as we dont have many natural enemies. viruses and bacteria are our most serious enemies, that can kill us , but even then our own natural immunity plus our clever brains that invents medicines and vaccines have made them less killers than in the past. so there is only cancer left.  i bet aging is a factor, as we grow older our cells dont divide so good anymore and more errors comes in. that is why if u live long enough and escape heart and lung diseases or fatal accidents, u will get cancer even if u follow the lifestyle book and live a blameless life.

london 2015 friday

life and death

29 May

London wednesday
I see that the price of milk powder had gone up a lot. From £1.01 for 400mg to £1.40.

added. 2.8.14 milkpowder got back to £1.05 now. this is for the sainsbury brand of basic milkpowder. tesco who do a 454mg bag is now£1.15. it too must have gone up to £1.50 or more when sainsburys raised theirs, but i dont recall it. it must be that price or i would have mentioned it and bought it instead. but thankgoodness that madness with the chinese buying it and raising the price has now gone, and here we are in aug 2014 having the price same as before the madness started. 

It seems the Chinese from china have been buying them to bring to china, due to the milk powder contamination in their own country. I thought it was confined to baby milk powder, but I suppose some entrepreneur saw the opportunity to use adult milk powder to convert to baby milk formula.

Anyway that is what is happening now. My milk powder has gone up drastically in price. So whilst waiting to see if the panic buying will abate and the price return to normal, I had been buying evaporated milk. It costs .57p for 410mg from Tesco.

(added 29.5.13 bought 2 cans of the stuff from aldi for 53p each. i saw a young woman in asda buying lots of their evaporated milk costing 57p and i told her she can get it cheaper at aldi. she smiled and carried on. maybe she will go there next time. but i do hope she is not the forefront of an assault on evaporated milk stockpiling. it did say in the can from aldi not suitable for babies under 1yr old. but funnily enough, i dug out the old tesco milk can from my recycling bag and read the label, and there was no warning there that it was unsuitable for babies. so maybe that is why the young lady was not buying the aldi cans. )

For some reason, there is no supermarket selling basic evaporated milk.
In Malaysia, when I was growing up, in my house, evaporated milk is a luxury. We use condensed milk instead to use with Malaysian coffee and it certainly gives Malaysian coffee its distinctive taste. In Singapore they call it Singapore coffee, and I remember being scolded for asking for Malaysian coffee when I made my order to the waiter. Haha.

So now I am using evaporated milk for my coffee and re discovering how nice it is. Makes me wonder if I will go back to milk powder even if it reverts to its old price.

I find I use up a can of evaporated milk in 1wk. With more stingy portions I can make it last 9-10days. It is excellent in my porridge too. It gives it a rich creamy taste.

Just goes to show that if change is forced on you, it can turn out to be introducing you to something new. So don’t be afraid if things change in your life. Certainly in my life, I don’t mind these changes.

Talking of changes, I just had news from a friend that my friend, who lives in Thailand and who visited me recently in London, had died.

I first suspect something was wrong, when his friend in uk, called me on the phone to ask me if I had heard from him recently. It seems they talk long distance every day on the phone , but this friend now tells me he had been unable to get any answer from the mobile.

And he ask me to email my Thailand friend . The uk friend have no computer and cannot do so himself.

Well that was some days ago, and I did not receive any reply from the emails I sent him.

Then yesterday, I got an email from another friend, who had a email forwarded to him of a newspaper article in Thailand giving the news that my friend in Thailand was found dead at his flat .

So now we know what happened to him.

Makes me wonder those who have moved overseas to live, how would we ever know if they had died?

Perhaps the news will filter through eventually.

Because that evening, I had a message on my phone, from the friend in uk, who told me to call him as he has news of our friend in Thailand.

He heard the news from another source.

Well, we talked of our mutual friend, and remembered the nice memories of him. My other friend had known him for 40yrs so their friendship is longer than mine with him. He was quite old when he died, and died in a way that he wanted. Or rather the way he died is quick.

The other day I was on the bus to Brixton and saw someone had left the latest copy of Timeout, the magazine showing the listings for what to do in London. There was a small booklet for a festival guide for 2013, and the main magazine listed all the things to do. Reading it, I found I don’t fancy doing any of it.

I am expecting some friends to stay with me, next week so maybe they might find something in the magazine of interest for them. These friends are travelling Europe, they live in new Zealand, having migrated there from Malaysia. They are a Malaysian Chinese and malay couple who left Malaysia because they could not live together there.

Rather drastic I thought to leave Malaysia just to be able to have a civil partnership, and why new Zealand, instead of Australia? It is cold in new Zealand. They live in south island, near Dunedin.

So now they are having their once in a lifetime European tour. They are naturists, so they are coming to London in time for the naked bike ride next week.

So I wont be able to have pork whilst they are here. Chicken then. They are muslims.