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keep old bottles, they can come in useful

19 Aug

london 1.33pm 19C rain wednesday 2020

i have spent the morning removing the ice from my freezer. i wont call it defrosting, exactly, as i dont think the term can be used for scrapping off the ice from the walls of the freezer. though i did not physically scrap it off , but use hot water to melt it first. perhaps a better term is ‘de-ice’. it is quite easy to do that is why i dont know why i had the impression it was a lot of bother. 

it is a useful tip, use hot water, i just use a sponge and dip it in hot water and rub it over the ice. of course remember to switch off the fridge at the plug. it saves a lot of bother scrapping the ice off. not only is it easier, but scrapping the ice can damage the walls of the freezer, or rather u can scar it with scratch marks. and it is a lot of work the manual labour of scrapping the ice off.

but i did scrap off the plastic that seem to have melted on one part of the wall. its weird to see it there,the plastic had turned brown, and at first i did not know what it was.  and i had thought why simon did not remove it as he is usually the one who defrost the fridge, but i am beginning to think that he had been quite sloppy doing that job, as i can see scratch marks on the walls, suggesting he has been using a knife to scrap the ice off. just goes to show u cant trust people to do a good job of these things. 

the plastic stuck to the wall  was caused by the ledge not being supported at that side, due to the  support on that side breaking off. so it tilted the load and caused the food to pile up against the wall on that side, and the cold walls caused the plastic to stick. it took some time to remove it, that was why some of the food i took out of the freezer had begun to thaw. hope it is not too far thawed that i can refreeze them. they have always told us not to freeze thawed food. but what about partially thawed?

i wonder what is the science behind not to refreeze thawed food. does it cause bacteria to grow during the short time they are thawed before it is re frozen? anyway i am not going to throw away all my food just because it is slightly thawed out.

i am using a book to hold up that side of the ledge. someone looking inside will think i am weird to be freezing a book!! haha. but after i wrote that i went back to look at it, and decided to remove it and found that the food is supporting the ledge, so that is ok then.

(added 10.9.20 thursday. simon had noticed the book, because a few days later he asked me where it was. he wanted to use it to prop up the ledge because as we use up the food in the freezer, the ledge has begun to slip down again on that side. so now the book is back inside supporting it. the book use up less space than an empty ketchup bottle. )


i find my ketchup bottle is just the right height but it is full of ketchup now so i shall wait to finish it off, and remember to keep the bottle. i have just thrown away the previous empty bottle,now i wish i had kept it. this is a lesson to keep old bottles as they might come in useful in future.

i have a theory that the ice on the walls of  the freezer makes it inefficient in keeping the contents cold, and that means more electricity need to be used to achieve the same effect. so by removing the ice, i hope to reduce the electricity that the fridge is using. i shall see if i get lower electricity usage after this. if i am correct, i shall make sure i de-ice the freezer regularly. 

added. 2.11pm.

i googled about refreezing thawed foods, and it seems it is quite safe to eat foods that are refrozen after thawing. 

added 3.48pm

here is an interesting fact. i switched the freezer on at 1pm, and noted the reading. now i checked the reading again, and found that only 0.4kwh has been used by the fridge. it is now off. so i guess that the freezer is properly at the right temperature now. so it only took such a small amount of electricity to bring it back to normal operation. i think i can safely say removing the ice definitely reduce electricity used. so here is another very big way to reduce your electricity consumption. but i shall hang fire , before i come to a final conclusion, i should read this again in 24hrs, that should give a more definitive result. 

this is the birthday card that simon got for his birthday yesterday. i thought it was very funny