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my dental appointment

20 Jun

london 12.05pm 27.3C sunny tuesday 2017

rather a painless visit to the dentist. both financially and painwise. she recemented the crown, gave me a checkup and a scaling, and it came to £20.60 which is the stage 1 of the scale of fees charged by the nhs. that is rather less than i expected thinking she will charge me for stage 1 and 2 work.nowadays they dont polish the teeth anymore after scaling. and she did not suggest taking bitewing xrays… it might bung up the cost to stage 2, so perhaps just as well she did not take xrays.

since i wont want any fillings even if the xrays shows caries, the xrays wont serve any purpose anyway. in fact, i know there is a potential caries in my upper right first molar… but being an ex dentist, i can assess whether fillings can wait. sometimes caries take a long time to progress… esp if i dont have a sweet tooth, so i can afford to wait and watch it. 

so now i shall have to make sure i put no pressure on that crown. can be a bit difficult, but it means i must resist the temptation to bite anything with my upper front teeth. so will have to chop food small now, instead of tearing it off with the teeth. ah well, if it let me use that crown for another 4yrs i shall be quite satisfied. i think one day it will need to be remade. i asked how much a private crown would cost, she said about £600, and this is with a crown and bridge specialist. i daresay it will be more. 

i had an interesting conversation with the dentist. she said she likes doing root treatments, and in fact is doing a diploma in it. strange isn’t it because it is because of the root treatment , for molars and premolars and their difficulty as i got older that made me give up dentistry. she did not like doing post crowns, saying it was so difficult to get a good impression of the root, so maybe that explains why the previous dentist did not do a laboratory made post. yet, if she do lots of root treatments a lot of teeth will need post crowns afterwards, or in the future. dead teeth are brittle and will fracture over time, or discolour , both good reasons to have a post crown made.

maybe the dental graduates nowadays dont have much experience in getting good impressions of the root… it is a bit of skill to do it. or post crowns made by the laboratory are so expensive now that it is not cost effective to do it on the nhs. that might be the real reason. even in my day as a nhs dentist, it was not very profitable to do it, but i did it anyway, as i was trained to do it and it is the best way… that crown will last a lifetime and wont fall off unless it was hit with a strong force.

 its another pleasant day today, not as hot as before which makes it better. yesterday i was looking at the weather in subang,malaysia ; near my family home, and it was exactly like what we get in london that day, only exception was the humidity… 47% here compared to 80% in malaysia. that might explain why it is so uncomfortable in malaysia but not in london even though the high of about 31C is the same. and i noticed it was just as humid in the night in malaysia. it doesnot abate even at night. in fact it seems to get higher, ie more humid at night and early morning.

isn’t it funny, i just made myself a hot cup of coffee after my meal of hot noodle soup… in this heat, and i still want these hot foods. and me sweating away… haha. though i have noticed that sweating can cool me down. so there is method in the madness. haha. 

added. 4.10pm 28.5C i just got back from shopping in tesco. it is the one near kennington where i have to take two buses to get there, but both times the two buses came so close to each other, i did not have to wait.

even returning, the bus arrived just as i reached the bus stop, so brilliant timing.

anyway i went there to buy coffee and milkpowder. it is sure quick to finish off that 100mg bottle of coffee. it is 79p, gone so much up from 50p which it was for so long. i have got into the habit of having coffee… fortunately, this basic brand is still cheaper than the branded coffee. a lot cheaper actually … compare to those costing £4. if other people finish off a 100mg bottle in 3 weeks like me, just think how much more they will spend if they buy those branded coffees.  though if u compare it to a paid cup of coffee from the coffee shops which  cost £2.70 a cup, i guess it is very cheap. it is all relative isn’t it?

of course u might argue what about the taste. surely a weak instant coffee must taste terrible. perhaps u will be right, but then i find ordinary coffee as sold in the coffee shops not much better really. blame it on my bad taste buds which cannot seem to differentiate good coffee from bad.

in fact, i dont know what bad coffee taste of, as it all taste the same to me just different bitterness…and i dont even add suger. i bet if u add suger it will taste even more the same…  as i paid up and left i saw a woman carrying in her shopping basket a pack of frozen cornetto icecream and remembered that tesco is selling them for £1 for 4. but i was allready leaving the store so did not feel like going back… i guess better not buy any, as i should not be eating any sugery stuff.

and coming back i found that just making ice by putting water in the ice box is so easy and putting it in tap water makes the water so cool and quite delicious actually without adding sugery syrup. in the past i used to think i have to add suger syrup to the drink. it is a habit right? been doing it since i was a kid, so that it never occurred to me that u can drink tap water with ice in it, and it would be quite nice to drink.

it is so cheap to do, to make ice i mean, that sometimes i wonder why simon buys ice costing £1. and then putting them inside the freezer so that it occupies so much space. 


my post crown fell off

17 Jun

london 8.10am 20.5C sunny 2017 saturday

rather a strange thing happened yesterday night. i was brushing my teeth and my crown fell off. but the strange thing is it was so quick i did not see it fall. it just disappeared.

i assumed it fell down the sink hole in the bathroom. in fact, i did not even hear the clatter sound that you would expect if it hit the sink.

i was thinking of all the possibilities of how to proceed with this. all of which eventually getting a new one made and all the palaver that goes with it. i was rather disturbed that i could not find it, as it is easier to cement it back if i have it. if it is lost, then i will be forced to have the dentist make a new one. it did seem strange that it fell through the sink hole without making any sound. that should have alerted me that it might not have gone down the sink hole.

i cannot remember when i got this crown made.( i just now searched my blog but none of my words brought up that post. i wonder if i did not mention it at all… ) it must be at least 3 yrs ago.

it was on a upper right canine. one that died due to fixed orthodontic work that i had when i was doing a postgraduate degree in eastman college in london.

i had fixed braces, cemented by brackets onto my front teeth to correct the two lateral teeth which were rotated.  it lasted my course, and the teeth were straightened, and in fact were so perfect that when i went on holiday to san francisco, the guy who manned the desk at the hostel just could not stop exclaiming how perfect my teeth were… i think he was attracted to me, because he said the hostel was closed and invited me to stay with him… he stayed near the sea, where there was a pier, and asked a friend along and gave me dinner … i was rather innocent in those days and just took all this as a matter of course, and the next day he took me back to the hostel where i checked in and i did not see him again. or if i did i did not recognise him… i was really very clueless in those days. haha.

  because i asked for it to be removed when the course ended. the teeth were straightened out, it was to correct the two upper lateral which were rotated giving me a dracula appearance (as a dentist that was not a good look haha), but you need to keep the wires on to let the tissues rearrange themselves in the new position. that is why it was not stable, and when i broke the tooth and the crown was made, it stopped blocking the rotation, and the lateral incisors started to rotate… so after all these years i have gone full circle and the two canines have resumed their rotated position, though they dont jut out that much and are not so obvious.

now of course i am so much older and so it is not so bad, or rather i am not so conscious of my appearance, and can accept this happening. it is life i think. just glad that when i was younger, i had such nice straight teeth.  it helps in getting sex partners haha. not to mention it was a good appearance for a dentist to have straight teeth…

but one of the side effects of orthodontic treatment is that moving teeth can disrupt their blood supply and the tooth can die. that happened to the canine. i had a root treatment done to it, when it developed an abscess, and it had not given me any trouble since, just gradually darkening as dead teeth tend to do… and dead teeth are very brittle so after all these years, the crown broke away when i ate a chicken wing. so that was why i got a post crown made.

and it got loose, i noticed it a few days ago but did not bother to see a dentist about it. and now it has come off and disappeared.

well, when simon got back from his shift work this morning, i asked him that after  he has slept to open up the u bend in the bathroom sink.

he went and did it there and then… (he usually dont go straight to bed when he comes back from work… he says he is too tense and need to wind down first) . but anyway he got the ubend out and there was no crown. so after he put it back, he said it leaked and he will need to buy another ubend that will fit better… i searched the bathroom, but nothing.

then and went back again and searched the pile of towels near the sink, thinking i heard nothing when it fell, so it must have landed on something soft… and i saw it. it was on top of the bottom-most towel, in that pile. how it got there i have no idea. i would have expected it to land on top of the pile and be obvious to find…one of those perverse things that inanimate objects do… makes u wonder if there is a imp that make these things happen.

anyway i found it and i saw it was not very well made. the post was short and did not fit the canal at all… it was a bad dentist, or someone who has not got the experience yet. so now i put it back and will make sure i dont put any pressure on it and be careful when i eat and will see my dentist to have it cemented in. … at least it covers the gap in my teeth.i suppose in the future it will have to be remade… we shall see. i am glad that tooth held out all these years. if it had happened when i am younger it might be more disturbing to me. but not now. when one gets older and reach a certain age, the mind tends to accept imperfections and adapt. it had better i think, otherwise you will get a very upset person, who is mentally overwrought and unhappy.