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28 Jul

Its Sunday, and I am having a lazy day. Usually I would go to the gym , as it is only 9.57am, and the library is not opened till 1.30pm.

But I have given up my gym membership so most probably I shall go to the sports centre swimming pool later on in the morning.Image

It’s a nice day, not that it is hot, but it looks like rain, so it is quite cool. Thank goodness. The heat wave seems to be over for a bit at least which is the nice thing about it, it does not last long.

I can keep things in perspective. Just because a high temperature is nice, too much of a nice thing can be hell.

Just look at Malaysia or any tropical country with their 35C daily temperatures for months. Hell, I tell ya.

Everyone goes into places where the airconditioning is on full blast. Wasting a huge amount of power.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get dishwashing liquid. Usually simon buys them and uses them up very quickly because he got this awful habit of squeezing a huge dollop to pots which he just wants to soak.

He can just fill the pots with water there is no need for adding such a lot of soap really.
Anyway it is now left to me to buy a new one. I guess he must have thought he has been buying them long enough. Haha.

I don’t buy them because I figured if he wont listen to me to use less, then he can jolly well buy them when they quickly run out.

I dilute the liquid by 10, and use that and it lasts me a month.

Anyway I got this brand , called daisy, costing only .61p for 500ml. It is the cheapest in the Tesco.

this tesco branch do not stock the value brand, 33p, otherwise i would buy that.
And it is really very good. Very concentrated, so that even on a 10x dilution it gives off a good lather.
In the photo I used up a third. This is because I filled up an empty fairy(its just a brand name) liquid bottle with a 10x dilution liquid. And another one for myself.
I noticed these fairy liquid type bottles don’t have small openings so u can get a big dollop of it squeezed out every time u use it. I use a spray on mine, that limit’s the amount that comes out.

It got me to thinking that people really use far more washing up liquid than they need to. As usual they wont realise it and continue to think they are sparing and careful. And then wonder why their money don’t last.

Interestingly, there was a warning on the bottle that it is not suitable for clothes. I wonder why? I know a friend who uses washing up liquid to wash his clothes. Perhaps he uses fairy liquid, because there is no such warning on the fairy liquid bottle.

I read this in the news about teresa may, the home secretary, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is 56yrs old, it is a long time to not know u got type 1 diabetes, which is found in children, because it is a autoimmune disease which destroys the insulin producing cells.
So how come she can live to that age and is healthy and unaware of any symptoms? Makes me convinced that doctors don’t really know much about the causes of diabetes.

It is a nice cop out to call it a auto immune disease. It basically says we don’t really know how or why the body attacks its own cells so we call it an auto immune disease.

We don’t know why there is type 2 diabetes either… the cells get resistant to insulin, or the pancreas lose its ability to produce insulin. Why? and how? we don’t know. They say cells get resistant to insulin, u must ask yourself why it can even get resistant, when its whole function is geared to responding to these hormones. And why insulin in particular , why not the other hormones? It is not like antibiotics, which is a man made thing, introduced to the body as an artificial construct. This is a naturally produced product by the body .


Of course medical scientists will say they do know… sedentary lifestyle, overweight,  etc, but thin people can get diabetes too. Which makes us realise it is just doctors who don’t know but just tell you to not do those things, on the basis that it wont do any harm and might do a lot of good; just in case haha.
And now they have found out eating a lot of sweet things are not the major factor of getting it.i bet somewhere there is also not drinking wine… and they will throw in not smoking too, i bet. 

Exercise they say will prevent it. Why and how? They don’t know.

My theory is this.
Exercise depletes the oxygen and glucose in muscle cells, as it is being used up by the muscles contracting, etc. With the glucose depleted, this forces the cell to get glucose or else!… the cell will suffer. Haha.
Or rather, putting it in a scientific way, the concentration of glucose in the cell decreases setting up a differential across the cell membrane, and the glucose in the blood diffuse by osmosis from blood vessel to cell.
So does this mean that those people with type 2 diabetes never force their cells to grab glucose from the blood because they never get active enough to use up huge amounts of glucose inside the cells?

That is my theory , and that means there is no need to inject insulin. Just exercise so that the cells get glucose depleted. This will stimulate insulin production because the absorption of glucose will lower the blood glucose and that will feedback to the insulin cells in the pancreas to increase production of insulin.

Use it or lose it. If u don’t use up the glucose in the blood, it is natural for the insulin cells to reduce production of insulin, that is a natural negative feedback mechanism, but increase glucose consumption by the cells, will lower blood glucose and set up a positive feedback mechanism and start the insulin production going again.

And it would explain why exercise is a good thing.

Seems to me exercise is a good thing no matter what. u dont have to know why or what mechanism it does its goodness.

like being able to drive a car without knowing how and why an engine works , u can just make sure u do exercise and move that body of yours. break out a sweat by doing some strenuous activity in other words and do it often.

Added.1.8.13 this article about people not doing enough exercises shows the public generally is well informed of the benefits of exercise. yet they dont do it, or rather those who are not educated dont do it. perhaps that is not so surprising, as if u dont read up about it, u may never know why exercise is good for you.

even for us who know exercise is good for us, it is one thing to know it in an academic kind of way, and actually go out and do it. people may feel they have to go to a gym or something to do the exercise, but just walking is good enough. 

added 7.7.13 read this today about a guy who cured himself of diabetestype2 in 11days by diet alone. he reduced it to 800cals a day…  the reasoning behind it is that the fat in the pancreas and liver stops the cells from dealing with the suger and insulin. starving himself caused the body to use the fat stored in the liver and pancreas.