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One twin gave up sugar, the other gave up fat. Their experiment could change YOUR life | Mail Online

28 Jan

One twin gave up sugar, the other gave up fat. Their experiment could change YOUR life | Mail Online.

read this this morning. in the debate about healthy eating, i think we have got the wrong end of the stick. we call this food is bad, that food is good.

So, what were our conclusions? If you want to lose weight it will be much easier if you avoid processed foods made with sugar and fat. These foods affect your brain in a completely different way from natural foods and it’s hard for anyone to resist eating too much.

And any diet that eliminates fat or sugar will be unpalatable, hard to sustain and probably be bad for your health, too.

Sugar v Fat on BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm. (quote from article)

i suppose it is one way of looking at it. 

i think that is the wrong way of lookng at it. all foods are good, it is the amount you take that is bad. moderation in all things should be the motto.

there used to be something called ‘a balanced diet’/  i wonder why no one mentions that anymore. it encapsulates a healthy way of life.

eat everything, but in moderation. i guess the argueing point is how much is too much. that would vary with different people i guess, but in the end, a rule of thumb may be this… leave the table still wanting more.

and eat when you are hungry and no snacking in between meals.

i think if u follow that u can ignore all these experiments with extreme measures.

One very important side effect of just eating enough and not bother with stigmatising this food is good or bad is that you stop obsessing about foodand you dont think dwell on it . i think if u think too much about food, it makes u hungry and want to eat.  like seeing adverts about food, it makes u hungry. Correction, not hungry, because you did not feel hungry before seeing the advert; but it makes u want to eat something, anything. haha.

my friend’s overweight

28 Aug

My friend is visiting me. He came on Sunday 25.8.13. And is leaving today. He is the one who bought the £9 one way fare by national express. 
I did not realise he has obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd). I think he may have told me but I forgot. But yesterday he said there was a surprise for me in my fridge and when I went to open it , I did not notice anything different until he pointed out to me that he cleaned it and arranged all the objects neatly in line.

Well, I am glad he did it, because he said the fridge smelled, and the fan filter at the back was so blocked up that ice was forming behind it and when it melted it caused streaking all down the back of the fridge.

added 28.8.13 well that was what he told me, and i take his word for it. but today i smelt the inside of the fridge and smelt cheese. and i wonder if that was what he smelt and it was not the fridge . simon has cheese lying around in the fridge. i would put them inside a plastic container but am reluctant to do it now, as he might not see the cheese if i put it in a container, and then it will lie there forever. 

The fridge could do with a clean. So I thought maybe that OCD may have its uses haha . People with it make good cleaners. just joking, though people who suffer it may not see the joke.

it might be good if they can see the joke. it is easy to get into this obsessive state. if u let your mind run away with you. u have to rein in the mind and tell it to be sensible and stop it. i remember once i started stepping on every line in the pavement,(or was it not stepping on every line, i forgot)  until i realise it is getting obsessive. and there was some bit of superstition involved too… so i told off my mind and deliberately did not step on the line. so there. 

In this occasion, there was a cross over of communication. He told me there was an old carton of milk and I saw a carton of milk there and thought why didn’t he throw it away, and I took it and poured it down the sink. I was expecting rancid curdled milk to come out but It did not look rancid. All the time he was saying the sour milk can be used to make scones.

It is only now, 1pm the next day that I realised I had thrown away his milk that he bought … oh dear how awful, he should have stopped me straight away and told me he had thrown away the old milk and this is not it.

So what I mean to say is don’t assume the other person is spiteful when he does something bad to you. I can see how it would look , my actions. That is why I always put up excuses when I hear others talk of another person’s unreasonable behaviour. I always think there might have been some break down in communication and that there was a misunderstanding.

I think my friend is forgiving… he is very easy going that way. But he had been suffering pain lately. Firstly he had found out he has very high blood pressure , it fluctuates between 140 to 200. It is strange for such wide ranges of readings, but he said he gets so anxious when the reading is taken , that is why. 
And he is overweight. 100kg. He is so fat that he said he split his shorts when he fell, (at about 5am on snow in Bournemouth!! What is snow doing in august???)when he was going to catch the bus to london and had to go back to get another, as he did not pack another in his luggage. to find that he only had a pair of old trousers at his place that fits him. And that made him miss the bus, luckily national express allowed him to catch the next one.

Yesterday he said he got swollen glands under his jaw, and then migraine developed on his left temple. And he said he got the runs, which he thinks is his irritable bowel syndrome acting up.

Such a lot of things happening to him. He is only 54yrs old.

A friend of his came to visit him, bringing along some old clothes of his, ones that he could not wear anymore. He was at fat as my friend, but now when I see him, he is very slim. He said he exercised and ate fruits only. 
I have heard of this diet, and followed a blog of a guy who did it and was very successful at losing weight. He lives in the usa, and travels all over the usa and used the car battery to liquidise his vegetables and lived on that. He also exercises.

So he had 2 suits, that he is giving to my friend. The jackets fit well, but the trousers did not fit. Too small. Just goes to show how fat my friend is.

One of the trousers he says has been attacked by moths and have small holes in them. I thought that means they must be thrown away, but he said they can be repaired; it will cost £100, but he said the suit costs £1000 when new. I think if it fits my friend it might be worth it to repair the trousers, but the trousers did not fit. So that saves my friend spending the money.

Anyway, I think my friend should just haunt the charity shops to see if they have trousers his size, maybe track trousers because they are elastic. Or better still lose weight. 
I think I have noticed that if u have one thing , that one thing can cause hell of a lot of problems. 
His is the weight. 
It is like having a car, that one thing you possess, you get along with it all kinds of problems. 
Get rid of the car, and in his case, his over weight and u get rid of a lot of problems. At a stroke.

I got rid of my car, just like that. 
To me it should be just as easy to get rid of the weight… but that is not the case for a lot of people.

I doubt I shall make a good weight loss trainer. I have the discipline but I don’t know how to motivate another to get that discipline. 
Short of being a dictator and hold my friend as a captive and force him to undergo the kind of exercise and diet routine that I would enforce on myself if I were that fat, I don’t quite see how he can get thinner.

I was reading  ivan’sblog who says he used to be thinner when he was younger, but eating unhealthily, but now he is heavier, even though he is eating healthy. 
Makes me realise that just eating healthy is not enough to compensate for the slower metabolism as you grow older. You have to eat less too; and do endurance exercises. 

added 29.8.13 what a coincidence, here is a blog showing patterns that will make an OCD person climb up the wall. 

getting in shape and fitness

23 Aug

This weekend will be the last bank holiday weekend till dec when Christmas/new year comes.

So enjoy it while it lasts.haha.
This does not apply to me of course as I am in the wonderful position of being off the mainstream of society. Everyday to me is a holiday.

Its been very warm today, but I see from the forecast that here in London it will rain. Again not a matter of much concern to me. Haha.

I daresay most of us in London are not dependant on the weather so I think we shall not be too bothered if it rains or is overcast. This is not a seaside town and there are plenty of things to do indoors.

Certainly when I went to the sainsburys this evening to buy bargain loaves of bread (I bought two for34p each of 800mg hovis granary wholemeal) the restaurants near the supermarket were packed with customers.

The supermarket itself had lots of empty shelves so it looked like not many bargain meats will be left over for reduced sale after the holidays. I suppose the good weather have encouraged people to buy meat for barbeques.

I don’t mind that the bargain reduced priced for meats are not available anymore. as I have decided to reduce my food intake. Just to get back into shape. I noticed I have been putting on weight eating pork. I still got a lot of pork in the freezer but shall eat them in small amounts and finish them over a longer period.
This warm weather makes me less wanting meat.

Saw a tv program called the men who make us thin, showing a guy with an operation on his stomach whereby a tube leads out where he can drain a third of the food he has eaten into the toilet. Rather wasteful I thought, throwing away food like that.

This is rather an extreme alternative to those buliemic people who induce vomiting after a meal. it works for him because his before and after photos show a loss of weight.

Someone said in the program that the way to lose weight is to eat less, and then he adds, that is not possible.

I disagree … of course it is possible. In fact it is the most sensible way. You don’t eat so much, u save lots of money and u lose weight , and if u couple that with exercise you will feel fit too. and fitness may turn out to be more important than weight.
What that program concluded is that it is not the weight that is the end and be all, but the level of fitness, and fitness is not equal to thin. Thin people can be very unfit, whilst the converse is true too… not all fat people are unfit. Fitness is measured by stamina… how long u can do some exercise without stopping exhausted. If u run for the bus and find yourself gasping for breathe and feeling faint, u are unfit, no matter what u weigh.

Eating less is better than going on those diets, or drain the food away , or eat 2 meals of kelloggs super k cereals, which was one of the diets featured in the program.

So I am just gradually reducing my food. I usually have breakfast of porridge, and I eat more vegetables, less meat (chicken mainly) more fish, and one main meal a day… I find it quite easy to do. And I go swimming everyday. i noticed that i can swim more laps more continously now. 

I thought I shall just do some body shaping, my shoulders and lats are getting bigger from the swimming, which I do mainly breast strokes, so I thought I shall trim the waist with my reduced food intake just to get that v shape look.
Also this way I get fitter which may be the most important aspect of exercise.

jacques peretti

the bbc episode3 (expires in 13days and u might not be able to see it if u are not in the uk.)

 what i found revelatory was him doing exercises with two big size ladies, and they were out performing him, continueing long after he became exhausted and had to stop. it shows that fitness is more important than weight. 


 Added.18.9.13 i saw this post about sumo wrestlers , the video show one of them lifting the other and so end the fight. these guys are fat yet he must be quite strong to be able to lift the opponent. u might think they are fit, but i wonder. strength and weight are the requirements for this sport, but not fitness, as in stamina because the contest is over quite quickly.  the sport favours those who are very heavy yet strong
















5 bad foods and other thoughts about healthy eating

2 Jan

1.1.13 tuesday
Watching this tv program on bbc2, called nature’s weirdest, presented by chris packham, showing travellers to foreign countries being infected with parasites and bringing them back in their bodies, makes me glad I am not travelling now.

And that I am glad I did not pick up these parasites when I was travelling in my younger days. U might say many of us travel to cities and towns and so are hardly likely to meet up with these parasites.

But many of these parasites are spread by flies and biting insects and these will invade towns and villages.

There is one that lives under the skin moves about and cause the immune system to reacte to its presence by causing a swelling in the skin. So over the years, u might find different parts of your body mysteriously swelling and subsiding for no reason at all. The worm do not damage the body of the host, which is clever of it, because if it did and kill the host it wont do itself any good.

I guess it is up to your soul whether u will get infected. After all many have gone there before and came back unscathed, until u came along and picked it up. So why you and not the others? It must be your soul wants to experience it.

I saw ‘Up’ the movie on tv just now. I am glad I did not see it when it first came out. It got a lot of good reviews, with people saying it is so feel good a movie, but I just cannot believe the story line. A house that flew away on balloons, is impossible.

And all those talking dogs … it was so ridiculous, I switched the tv off and went to cook my dinner rather than see it to the end. It was too childish by which I mean it was creating silly sentimental situations.

2.1.13 Wednesday
I got an email from stumbleupon.com I subscribed long ago but forgot to visit it for sometime now. This emailed sent me some suggestions so I clicked on one, and came across this website, with the headline 5foods that are bad for you.

i did not realise it at the time, but it was an advert for a weightloss website and the video is a standard one used by all of them to catch the eye.
The link went to a weightloss website but the video is very interesting, even though it is a spiel for joining their membership, (quite reasonable I thought at £29 for a one off payment, and money back if u don’t lose weight.)
And their list of 5 foods that are bad for u is very good.

It is concentrated fruit juice,
Wholemeal bread
Gm corn.

They are all processed foods made by manufacturers.

U might think soy is natural, it is from the soya bean and we in Malaysia all know it as the soya bean milk drink and tofu. In their natural state they are very healthy, we used to buy these drinks at the hawker stalls, and slabs of tofu in the wet market; but not when the manufacturers have got their hands on it. Haha.

As for the genetically modified (GM ) corn, it illustrated it with a picture of a corn on the cob. i think corn on the cob  should be ok, but all the stuff they add in foods by the manufacturer to bulk it out will be bad.
I don’t buy the suggestion by the website that GM is bad.

It is the amount of any foods eaten which determines if u gain weight or not. I think u can still eat all the above so called bad foods, and not lose weight provided u eat very little of it and mix it with a lot of other types of foodstuff that is in its original state. Like fresh veg, fruits, and foods u cook from scratch.

My suggestion for what it is worth is that they are not bad, per se. You can eat them just don’t eat a lot of them.

I find the secret to weight loss is really eat very little of any one type of foods. but have a vast variety of them, so that add them up and u can eat as much as u like.

In the video it is mentioned that sweet increased glucose levels and affect insulin production, all of which affect the suger levels in the blood and that have an effect on fat storage by the body.

So cut out the suger and that is why the concentrated fruit juice is not good for you. They have a lot of suger in them. I don’t hear them say don’t put suger in your tea or coffee. That would be the natural conclusion of not having sweets in the diet.
Needless to say I don’t put suger in my drinks, nor drink soda or squash drinks.

The bread? It is a processed food, like pasta, pizza.
I eat them, but I keep them frozen so I don’t feel I have to finish off the whole loaf at once, for fear it goes off.

Margarine, is because of its transfat. So now they are suggesting u eat butter instead. But again, don’t slather the butter on like there is no tomorrow. I bet u can eat margarine, but just coat it thinly and not pile it on. I spread it very thinly if I use it . I don’t spread jam on top of my magarine on bread. I just spread one layer and that is it.

Soy and corn will be in a lot of processed foods so best just avoid processed foods. And remember, cheese , olives are processed foods.
Quite a lot of foods are processed though u might not suspect at first.

U cannot eat fresh olives by itself, it is inedible.

So best to not eat a lot of them, because in many cases it is hard to know what is processed or not.

This guy says there are 5 foods that are absolutely so bad, u cannot even eat them in moderation.
He lists doughnuts, soda, French fries, chips(I think he meant what the british call crisps, tacos, corn chips), fried non fish seafood.

The non fish seafood, like shrimps, lobsters, clams, oysters, shell fish, he says is full of mercury. And parasites.

I like shrimps, but they are expensive anyway so that limit’s the amount I eat them. So I guess they naturally limit my intake of them. Sometimes it is good not to be so rich … because it makes u eat less of these expensive stuff and save your health. Haha.

If u are very rich u can eat loads of meat, fish, seafood, caviar, etc that cannot be good for you, just the sheer amount u can eat, it makes a glutton out of you. And u have to have great discipline to limit yourself. If u are rich, and u cannot eat all these things as much as u like, it kind of take the fun out of being rich, don’t you think?

I doubt their advise about not eating those things. Health wise it is not that big a factor. once in a while it is ok to eat them. Anyway, don’t get so obsessed about them, the amount of mercury poisoning is so small, u will die of something else first.