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i have an inkling of how the independent makes its money from its websites

13 Feb

update 8.31am 5.7C rain, saturday 13.2.2016.

this is what the independent have to say for going digital. it seems their website, i100, is very profitable.

i was not aware of that one. i had a look at it, and i can see why. it is full of lists , 10 best, worst list, worst logo, worst plane, all looking like cocks or arses. haha. not really a newspaper more a compilation of all the funny quirky things u can find on the internet. so that is how they intend to pay for it. they have done a fine job of it and i find myself clicking on the topics.

and that will pay for the main website, where the main news is put. and also where these click bait articles  and sponsored articles too can be placed. their idea of having articles sponsored is another money spinner i am sure.