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27 Nov

london 8.04am 11.6C drizzle friday 2015

the govt has asked tech companies to provide a backdoor to their encryption so that govts can use it to break the encryption on potential terrorists and read their communications.  the companies are fighting this, by saying there is no evidence that those people are using encryption, but of course there wont be evidence, as the encryption is very effective in hiding what they say or write in their communication.

the companies also argue that encryption is essential to safeguard govt and hospitals etc. if a backdoor is provided hackers can use it too.  

of course tech companies are afraid they will lose business if they provide that backdoor, as people will use encryption products sold by non USA( or british? or european?) companies who dont have to comply. it is possible that only china, (or russia? )might not comply but companies may not be able to trust that they dont allready have a back door for the chinese or russian govt to snoop on its citizens and not told anyone about it.

 it might be dangerous to deliberately weaken encryption which at present is foolproof and impossible to decrypt.

so it boils down to will we weaken our encryption just to be able to read what trouble makers say and to detect potential trouble makers and take them out before they commit the killings?

or use other means to find them out. for eg, tighten the sale of nitrites, etc ,and investigate everyone who buys them. quite a tedious and not fool proof way of finding terrorists.

or just stop and search more?

its a dilemma of our times.