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17 May

london 9.45am 14.1C cloudy tuesday 2016

some bits of news this morning which came up in my wordpress newsfeed that i find interesting .

this one showing that dna testing is not all that great , it is fallible. i too have fallen into the idea that it is accurate and taken its result as conclusive .

another article in the same website, theatlantic.com is interesting too. about donald trump’s eldest son and the hotel he is supervising between the capitol and the white house in washington dc. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

this is a new child’s contraption i see outside my neighbours flat. he has two kids, and over the years i have seen him with different stuff, prams changing as the child grows up.. , to his most recent one, a two children pram, now this. i shudder at how much all this must cost him. though that two children pram i saw earlier that day at the recycling bins, so i think he may have got it from there. so quite possibly a lot of stuff he got from charity shops or second hand. well,  there are so many of these children stuff to be had, because when the kids grow up, those things are of no use anymore and are discarded. at first i thought it was a child’s tricycle, but on closer look, it is a push chair shaped like a tricycle. what will they think of next? all these useless things to make parents part with their money. it has pedals on the front wheels, so maybe when the kid is old enough, the back push handle can be detached.

added. 8.04pm 14.6C cloudy . it has been rather a dull day all day.

i got an email from john, who lives in bournemouth, telling me he just got back from a holiday in sicily with his friend. from his pictures, it showed a deserted town… so i asked him is it really that empty of people or did he deliberately pointed his camera away from people. sicily is quite remote , at least where i am sitting… but it did look very sunny. they hired a car but seemed to have got trouble driving it, because he said they broke a sidemirror and got a parking ticket. haha.

i got this in my wordpress reader, an expat in the telegraph talking of her move from the city to the countryside. she used to live in abu dhabi, and said there are no flies there, but she had a plague of them now. 

One of these is the plague of flies.  I don’t think the Egyptians could have been more sorely afflicted than we have been.  It seems strange that in a hot place like Abu Dhabi flies are very rarely at all bothersome whereas here in (still pretty chilly) Suffolk they are driving us to distraction.  They swirl in clouds in the kitchen, you find them floating in the bath and in the loo bowl – I found a dead one in my hair the other day.  I don’t want to spray and poison my family so we’ve had to resort to fly papers which are gruesome, obviously they look disgusting and you also have the constant whine of flies in their death throes – especially unpleasant when you’re eating (though I have to admit to a certain grim satisfaction when I hear it).  I’m hoping the problem relates to cycles in the farming year and will calm down. that link is to my wordpress reader but if u cannot get it this is the link to the telegraph.

it makes me realise that the rest of uk is not like london. i would think the countryside would have more flies … all that manure they scatter in the fields must be a huge fly attraction. not to mention all those cattle and sheep, and pigs and chickens all pooting away. haha. another reason not to live in the country if u ask me. haha.