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nostalgia for doc marten boots

26 Jan

london4.25pm  8C rain clouds, but still daylight, even though sunset 4.39pm… no wonder it is still light. i forgot it has not set yet. friday 2018

the whole bush is full of these camelias in bloom. taken yesterday.

today i was at camden lock place, this company is doing a promotion and giving away free dr marten boots from 12pm…to the first 90 people. i was there at 11am and was within the first 90… but we discovered that they had given coupons to some who had queued at 2am… and when it opened, they all came in and jumped the queue so that we got pushed back further and further till the security people came to tell us we are out of it, they have run out of boots and no point waiting… everyone was not sure whether to believe him or not, because at one stage we heard they are giving away 100 boots… it is a ramshackle affair and looks like someone had been queue jumping. the organisers are either too naive, or not bothered about it. 

i decided to give it a miss and wished the others good luck and went off.

i was chatting to the guys who were waiting  and they seem very keen to get the shoes. so i hope they did get them, but i doubt it. we were given a flyer saying we might get free shoes if we take a picture of ourselves with the van and post it on instagram… so perhaps they might get their shoes using that method. frankly i dont think they should give vouchers to those who came at 2am. they should let them queue, and then nearer the time they open to give numbered vouchers to all those who are in the queue.so that there is no queue jumping, as well as warn others if the numbers are all used up not to bother waiting.

as it is we waited for so long, to find many queue jumpers barging in front of the gueue ahead of us. it would have been not so irritating if they had told us long before that the numbers are all allotted so no point waiting… we would have gone away then . very poor show by the promoters.

ah well, its been many years since i wore out my doc martens. haha. they are very comfortable, and mine only went off when i got stuck in mud during one of the country walks and the mud pulled the sole right off, and it was impossible to get it repaired…otherwise it would have lasted even longer. 

one of the guys waiting  was wearing doc martens, and it has a lovely mahogany colour and we all admired it. it was a really lovely colour, he said he polished it with black polish to get it that colour. he said when he first applied it,he warned that  it was smeary and he thought he had ruined it, but after polishing it , it turned out real nice. it was originally red. i should have taken a picture of it.

it seemed if they run out of your size, in this free giveaway you have to take whatever is available. i think many of those who got the free shoes will be selling it off at ebay if they have to take whatever size is available. i hear each boot cost £145 now. compare that with my doc martens which i bought for £25 in new york, ages ago. haha.

life in those olden days were so much better. i mean when can you just fly off to new york for christmas shopping every year , spend 3 wks there and fly back immediately after new year day, so that u miss the storms that will come and wreck flight times and strand everyone. 

dont anyone today tell me different… youngsters now will never know  what a great time they miss in those days. 

well, after that i came back to eat and then went to the library and decided to go to sainsburys to redeem my nectar points and bought frozen chicken pieces 2.5kg for £3.50@£1.40/kg (compared to fresh chicken 2.45/kg for £3.80 1.6kg . if u are making a curry it is cheaper to buy these frozen chicken pieces instead of a whole fresh bird. i got also frozen fish £2.20 for 500mg.