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no doggy bag from fancy mayfair restaurants

25 Mar

london 11.54am sunny 12.9C good friday 2016

on a day when christ died i am talking of doggy bags from posh restaurants. haha. that is what happens when a religious day is not relevant to the many of us who dont observe it.

though all of the working people are happy to take the day off, nevermind who died to make it possible.

to those of us who think all religions are a nonsense, i am dedicating this post to you all non believers, to lighten your day and  for laughs. 

it seems some mayfair restaurants wont allow u to bag the food u cannot finish when u eat there for u to takeaway. the convention is to say u are taking it for the dog… though i must say i would be real offended if i am a chef there that u would give it to the dog, food that i have slaved over… might it not be more convincing and flattering to them if u were to say it is so delicious, i dont want to waste it, so let me bring it back to eat when i am not so full. i think we chinese say that when we are at a chinese restaurant and there is more food than we can eat. usually after a 10 course dinner.

 i cannot imagine any food being left over at a posh restaurant… because their portions are so small. but in a chinese banquet, it is often that by the fried rice ending of the 10 course dinner, most diners are full. though i remember at one dinner, even though we were all full, the fried rice was so delicious, we could still finish it off.