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do nothing day

4 Feb

Sunday 3.2.13
I woke up and thought it was Monday.
This was because I took a nap at 3pm and woke up at about 5pm.

I am sure a lot of us have been disorientated like this when we take an afternoon nap.

Sunday is a strange day anyway, as it has no structure. Most of us have no duties on Sunday to perform.

The funny thing is I don’t have any duties to perform the rest of the week either, seeing I am not working, and yet I experienced this disorientation today.

So maybe it is not anything to do with Sunday.

It is due to the afternoon nap. Haha.

I am in the happy position in my life that I can take a nap at any time, and any day. Such luxury!

What is strange also is that the temp outside is 9C and it is 7.15pm. So even the temperature is inverted.

It has been a low of 1.3C at about 1.30am rising steadily throughout the day to now. 9.6C. I wont know about all this temperature if not for the numerous weather websites showing the temperature for lots of places in and around London. In a way, all this information is not necessary. And in fact, can be detrimental, in that it makes people too obsessed with the weather.

Indoors it feels the same. I don’t have the heating on/ And it says 15C. I am so used to being warm in my clothes, I don’t take much notice of the temp in the flat as it does not affect me.


I haven’t gone out today so don’t really know what it feels like outside. Come to think of it, it is unusual for me not to be out at least once. I would go to the gym , or the library, or both; or to the supermarket. But today I skipped doing all that. I think it is because I got so sleepy in the afternoon, that I decided to sleep and by the time I got up, it was dark and that discourage me from going out. Not to mention, most things are shut. The library and supermarket closes by 5pm. My gym stays open 24hrs of course, but somehow I don’t fancy going there today.

Well, u know what they say about Sunday. It is the day when u can be lazy and do nothing.

London may be a major city but on Sunday a lot of shops are closed. Even my library opens after 1.30pm, and it is one of the rare branches that opens on Sunday. Many other branches of the library are shut. And supermarkets in uk are legally obliged to open only for a short time, 8hrs I think on a Sunday; unless they are small convenience stores which can open longer, and that is why so many of the named brands supermarkets have bought them.

U would think it strange that a big city like London keep these Sunday hours. But it enables workers to have a day off. And for those who want to work Sunday to earn double time. London is not like new york, which I think is truly a city that never sleeps.

I remember the restaurants were full of people even at 3am long ago when I used to visit over christmas. Granted it was the weekend, but still, I doubt u can see that kind of busy-ness in London.

I wonder if new york stays open on Christmas day? I think they do, but here in London, everywhere closes on Christmas day, even the buses and tubes, and trains.

I noticed that my thoughts tend to food. I start thinking I want to eat something, then I go to the kitchen and realise I don’t fancy anything there. It is true what they say about people eating out of habit or out of boredom.

Fortunately for me, I can overcome that urge.

And the tv is a good distraction. Now that it is after 7pm, most of the channels are on.

Though looking at what is on, I do find them rather boring too. Lots of detective and murder series.

Maybe that is why I am writing this, as there is nothing to distract me. Haha.

I could read a book , but somehow don’t feel like it.

Added. 4,2,13 read something today that made me think, but I shall make a separate post of it or this one will be very long.