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duck tours

11 Mar

london 6.48am 4.6C misty it seems, though where i am the sun is comingup and it looks like a nice day. friday 2016

i see these ‘ducks’ around , most times in the thames near where i live, because across the river is where they enter and leave the water , but also now and then stuck in traffic on the roads, haha. this article which i read this morning says they have been around a long time, since 1946 when the first one was bought to form   wiscousin ducks tours. they were originally bought as cast offs army surplus amphibuous crafts during ww2.

they are distinctive not only for their water-land combination but for the running commentary by the drivers. i have not been on them, but i can understand their attraction to tourists. i enjoy the sight of them on the water, actually rather than be inside them looking out. haha.