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Extreme Cheapskates – I Don’t Wipe My a$$

6 Jan


the chinese woman in new york featured in the video is very extreme but many of the things she does makes a kind of sense if u rein in and damp down the extreme lengths to which she went.

it sounds gross when she said i dont use toilet paper,and the title of the video… i dont wipe my ass, sounds horrific until u see the video. it is a misnomer.

when she demonstrated using water and soap, it is actually what many s.e.asians used to do long ago and many may still do even today.

i know in malaysia we have a tap with hose attached in the wc, for this very purpose. using water and soap is much cleaner than just wiping with tissue.

but somehow we all seem to have bought into the commercial toilet manufacturers brainwashing us to use their products in liew of water.

as for the dumpster foods, it is just poor cooking skills and presentation on her part. instead of throwing everything inside a pot and serving it pot and all, we all know it can be done better if they were served in plates separately.

it is too extreme to just eat only thrown away food.  packaged foods thrown by the road is not going to last long in the heat of  summer  in new york. 

it is cheap to buy fresh veg , meat etc when the supermarkets reduced them on the day they expire and cook them from scratch.

i daresay her hanging on to that 12yr short pant even though the elastic has gone ,to the extent of using a clip on it is because she has got fond of that short pant.

she is right about the dishwashing machine.

her not using a washing machine for her clothes is v extreme. but in the old days people wash their clothes by hand and have not felt deprived, so she is just going back to those times.

i think what it showed is that u can get too carried away with being thrifty and frugal, and u have to weigh it with a balanced outlook and choose certain aspects of it but always be aware of not going into extremes.

But having said that caution, i would say go ahead and do what u like, and be as extreme as u like. haha.

she did not appear to be angry or bitter about having to live like that. in fact she seems to derive a lot of pleasure from her lifestyle and that is something you cannot say for the majority of people who are not that extreme as her. 

Starry Musings

I was flipping through the channels and I came across this show Extreme Cheapskates. This woman is soooo strange..Sorry, there is no way I am not using toilet paper just to save a few pennies. Definitely wouldn’t shake her hand.

Part 1 – Explains her hygiene and living arrangements

Part 2 – She serves her friend and his girlfriend a “dumpster dived” meal.

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