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another tv adaptation of durrell’s my family and other animals

3 Apr

london 2.47pm 17.5C cloudy sunday 2016

there has been a few articles about today’s new 6part itv adaptation of durrell’s my family and other animals. i love the book and none of the film adaptations come close to conveying the magic of his descriptions.

this new adaptation concentrates on the family and embellishes it a bit. might be good to see, as it does not pretend to follow the book. 

in fact, i felt i want to read the book again, and found this ebook for it. i know it wont be the same reading it now, when i am an old man. this book should be read when u are 10yrs old. 

added. 9.11pm 13.9C rain. I saw the first episode. its quite interesting. shows the family a lot more than the animals. maybe because it is quite difficult to work with animals. and the dialogue with the family members is quite acidic, and unlike the book where they might quarrel and be bickering but it is quite witty…unlike the dialogue in this episode.

it is more realistic, i suppose, showing the mother addicted to gin, and letting her have more of a say… voicing her  frustration at her children, etc unlike in the book, where the mother hardly says anything, or rather, gerry never gives her any conversation. i am not sure it rings true, that the mother is frustrated at her brood. from the book, i get the impression she is perfectly easy with letting them do what they fancy without much nagging. but here the dialogue did bring in a bit of a nag from her. i had the impression from the book that she is really used to the different eccentricities of each of her children, and indulges them and not get too agitated by them. maybe it is not true, because i heard some of the things he wrote in the books are fictional. but i must say i prefer his version. haha, whether fictional or not, because it is quite funny in places. i remember giggling away by myself while reading the book and trying to suppress it because i was getting looks from the other members of my family wondering what was going on with that book. 

i think if you take this as a soap opera, of an expat family in corfu in the 1930s, showing what it was like to live there and the characters they meet along the way, and the bickering amongst themselves, it will be enjoyable.  it might spark off another tourist invasion of corfu this summer. haha. but certainly nice to see all that sunshine and flowers.