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roast beef lunch

17 Apr

london 3.23pm 10c cloudy easter monday 2017

simon went at lunch time today to the kennington tesco to buy my milk powder (2) and oats (2) and sultanas (2) like i ask him to yesterday when he found out it was closed. its nice of him. and he bought back stuff to make a roast beef, yorkshire pudding, potatoes and veg.

nothing like a lazy day like today to have a roast dinner. so delicious. and he cooked the beef so quickly too, pink in the middle, it cooked quicker than the potatoes in fact.

well now i got such a lot of milk powder etc, i guess i shall have to finish them off before i implement my strategy of having my coffee black. so i shall delay that and continue with white coffee. though i might just use less milk powder and make it last longer. i think that might be the better strategy.

anyone who finds costs have escalated and what they buy have got more expensive, the strategy might be to use less of it.

i do know that if things are cheap, i tend to use a lot more of it. it is only human really. but using less of it does not make much difference to the taste of it. and might be healthier too, if u cut down the intake of some of those foods.

he cooks that roast beef with so little fuss.and so quickly too, the whole thing was finished in half an hour.  i usually hear people spending hours cooking these things, and getting flustered about it. he says his mum is guilty of it. overcooking the beef, and the veg. he says it is not necessary really. i would say not only not necessary, it is wrong. 

one thing though, this is not the case with chicken or turkey. you do need to make it cook long enough to cook the bird right through and so it will need time. and a bigger bird will take longer than a smaller one.

today my friend john woke up with a bad back. he went to a night club last night, and was ok when he got back. he thought he would be able to escape that bad back from recurring, but he was wrong. he had been putting hot and cold compresses on it and it seems to work. until now, when it is clear it had not worked. i dont know if he had been doing the stretching exercise i told him about. 

and it was so bad that he had to call and cancel the trip he was supposed to make to grantham, to see some friends. his tickets by rail will be wasted but cannot be helped i guess. better to find out now that the back is bad, rather than to go and then find out. at least he can rest in my flat and not have to keep travelling which he will have to do if he had taken the train as planned.

i wonder how others spend this day. they have allready 3days of break from work, this extra day must feel like a treat. haha.

it is quite a cloudy day, and threaten to rain. so not a nice day to go for a walk.  i think most will go indoors to see art , like in a museum. the tate britain near me is open today. so perhaps today is a culture day.

the snooker is on live on tv now, so for those like simon, that will take up most of their day.

 added. milkpowder 340mg £1.88. oats 1kg 75p, sultanas 500mg 89p. it is quite difficult to find out how much suger there is inside the milkpowder. 200ml has 10mg of suger. but how much is 200ml. it does not sound like a lot. but check this out… 100mg has 49mg suger. (10 teaspoonsfull)now that is better as a guide. half of the weight is suger!! dont believe me? click on that link. it really brings home to me just how much suger there is in there.  if i can be fooled, and i thought i really know these things… how much more easy for plenty others to be completely bamboozled.

i am definitely going to use very little. i wish i did not ask simon to buy two. it will take me ages to finish them.