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is the future hello fresh?

24 Nov

london 8.19pm 11C night dry sunday 2019

i thought there will be a cold spell coming down from the arctic, or so they have been threatening us with it, but it is very mild now and no sign of any cold spell. unless it is all in scotland, in which case i could not care less. haha. i can only say, everyone should welcome a cold winter in scotland, that might kill of those biting midges. i would love if mosquitos and midges go extinct. but it is not likely. they have certainly evolved to adapt to the winter, which normally would kill them off, but their eggs seem to survive to break out in summer and breed.

i have just eaten a pork stew that i cooked only just now. it is really easy to cook stew. basically, you just chop everything up and throw it into the pot, add herbs, and black soya sauce and just heat it to boiling then bring down to simmer, and you can really just simmer for maybe 15mins or less, and then switch off and let it cook in the residual heat. if u want the pork to be much softer, simmer it longer, but both soft or hard pork can be very nice. the beauty of cooking stew is that you can cook a lot and just eat it over days, by just heating it up, no need to be cooking everyday. i have read recipes for making stew and many of them say you got to cook it for hours. i wonder why they suggest that. i dont think it is necessary. 

i was looking at some blog talking about those fresh meals like hello fresh, where they send you the ingredients and recipe and take you step by step to cooking it, and promise you that it will only take 30mins. one of the disadvantages it seems is that you have to cook it everyday, there are none left over to warm up for another meal another day. 

i searched google for the british version of hello fresh, if u chose the veggie option, for 2, it is about £5, per meal. though during the introductory offer u can get it half priced. the blog i read was canadian and it costs $12 per meal. people might consider £5 a good price to pay for the convenience, no more need to do any food shopping, and from all accounts the taste is delicious, and varied. what is noticeable is there is a lot of plastic packaging , used to hold the various ingredients. 

lots of choices of meals so never need to repeat them .  though i notice myself , i like eating the same foods, esp my favourites, i dont seem to constantly want new experiences of food . maybe i am unusual, but i think most people are like me, we like eating the same foods . it is just a guess of course for all i know i am the only one who likes it that way.

what i notice in myself is that i dont like to be cooking everyday. so i cook a large batch and then divide them into single portions and freeze them, so i can just take one out another day and just heat it up, and eat it with cooked rice that i can just do in the rice cooker. i remember gousto is another one of those companies who does this. what is the collective name for them that we can put into google search? otherwise, how to find out who these companies are. added. i found these terms to use in the search, ‘fresh deliveries of home cooked foods’, brings up a nice selection of choices. and i found through it, the independants testing of them. 

business is good in central london

27 Oct

london 8pm 7C dry sunday 2019 GMT

today the time has reverted to GMT, which means 12noon will be the highest point the sun will be from now on.

i was out and about today, and it is a day like any day… even though the indians will be celebrating diwali. but since this is a western country, no one else will be making celebrations.

in fact, today there is a demonstration on the street for kashmir, i think it is pakistani supporters against the indian govt. but i did not see them when i was about, as the buses were avoiding them, and not running on the  streets where they march.

usually trafalgar square will be taken over by the indians, to celebrate it, but this year it is on next sunday, not this one. i suppose it is only right, as those who will celebrate it will do so at their temples or at home, and wont be coming to trafalgar square today.

i was at marble arch, coming back from the paddington library, and changing bus at marble arch, and whilst waiting for the bus to get me back,  a number 6 bus came by and it says it stops at piccadilly circus, so i took a spur of the moment decision to board it and go to the virgin lounge instead of going home.

it was very pleasant at the virgin lounge, drinking coffee and soft drinks, and eating biscuits. haha. as well as reading the papers and surfing the internet.

the streets around it were busy with tourists, with every coffee house and restaurants full of eaters, which makes me think that anyone with a business in that part of london cannot help but make a profit, with so many people in the area and all so willing to go into the shops to eat and buy.

my impression as i walked through the chinatown area, was that every business was full of customers, jammed pack with people eating at tables. and the street was filled with people too. business must be good. 

eating and shopping

7 May

london6.33pm sunny 22.2C saturday 2016

it looks like the main activities with us humans are eating and shopping. at least that is what a person sitting on top of the bus will conclude.

sitting on top of the bus, i notice eating places are  full of people and regent street full of shoppers. trafalgar square was crowded too, presumably by shoppers taking a rest from shopping. haha.

it is quite predictable how a nice sunny day brings people out and about. i dont see many of those people walking on the pavement in regent st carrying shopping bags. so maybe they are just out to enjoy the sun and going into the shops for the airconditioning. i wonder what other things other people in other lands may be doing to while away the time? maybe with the world being so globalised, many of them will be doing the same thing as we here in london, eating and shopping. 

eating well has nothing to do with if u are rich or poor

6 Dec

london 12.31pm,13.9C cloudy sunday 2015

i saw the heading of her article saying it is hard to eat well when you are poor, and did not read further as i thought that is not true. i did not bother to comment on it as i thought i shall not harp on it.

i dont know where we get this belief that eating well is hard when you are poor.

in the past, poor people have never considered only the rich eat well. people who dont have much money know how to cook and use everything around them to make great meals and lack of money have never been a barrier to having great meals. do u know that oysters, eels were  poor man’s food? i can still remember eating eels and mash with liquor  (its really mashed peas) and so cheaply too. it was in the 80s. now there are no such food anymore. 

also in the past it is true poor people dont eat a lot of sweet things, because those were luxuries that only the rich can afford. now everyone and his mother eat too much sweet things.

just yesterday i was at a shop in oxford st that shows free films as part of their promotion. they are a soap shop that makes the soap looks like sweets. and they were giving away popcorn and lots of sweets of all types. even i was tempted to ask for it, until i realise i dont really eat them.

i have not bothered to eat sweets for a long time now. dont know when it began but it is easy for me as when i was a kid i never was given any sweets so i never did get into the habit of putting sweet things in my mouth.

it is a tragedy , to my way of thinking, to give children sweets.  but i bet no one else thinks so. so much so that children now are given sweets as a treat. it is giving them a lot of trouble in their future. if u want to kill someone with kindness, give them sweets. 

 but now people have lost that skill of cooking from scratch and with anything to hand;  and rely on manufactured foodstuffs for their meals. that is why this reporter can say such a thing and not be laughed out of court. however this morning i read in the letters column of some people who deign to reply to her



5 bad foods and other thoughts about healthy eating

2 Jan

1.1.13 tuesday
Watching this tv program on bbc2, called nature’s weirdest, presented by chris packham, showing travellers to foreign countries being infected with parasites and bringing them back in their bodies, makes me glad I am not travelling now.

And that I am glad I did not pick up these parasites when I was travelling in my younger days. U might say many of us travel to cities and towns and so are hardly likely to meet up with these parasites.

But many of these parasites are spread by flies and biting insects and these will invade towns and villages.

There is one that lives under the skin moves about and cause the immune system to reacte to its presence by causing a swelling in the skin. So over the years, u might find different parts of your body mysteriously swelling and subsiding for no reason at all. The worm do not damage the body of the host, which is clever of it, because if it did and kill the host it wont do itself any good.

I guess it is up to your soul whether u will get infected. After all many have gone there before and came back unscathed, until u came along and picked it up. So why you and not the others? It must be your soul wants to experience it.

I saw ‘Up’ the movie on tv just now. I am glad I did not see it when it first came out. It got a lot of good reviews, with people saying it is so feel good a movie, but I just cannot believe the story line. A house that flew away on balloons, is impossible.

And all those talking dogs … it was so ridiculous, I switched the tv off and went to cook my dinner rather than see it to the end. It was too childish by which I mean it was creating silly sentimental situations.

2.1.13 Wednesday
I got an email from stumbleupon.com I subscribed long ago but forgot to visit it for sometime now. This emailed sent me some suggestions so I clicked on one, and came across this website, with the headline 5foods that are bad for you.

i did not realise it at the time, but it was an advert for a weightloss website and the video is a standard one used by all of them to catch the eye.
The link went to a weightloss website but the video is very interesting, even though it is a spiel for joining their membership, (quite reasonable I thought at £29 for a one off payment, and money back if u don’t lose weight.)
And their list of 5 foods that are bad for u is very good.

It is concentrated fruit juice,
Wholemeal bread
Gm corn.

They are all processed foods made by manufacturers.

U might think soy is natural, it is from the soya bean and we in Malaysia all know it as the soya bean milk drink and tofu. In their natural state they are very healthy, we used to buy these drinks at the hawker stalls, and slabs of tofu in the wet market; but not when the manufacturers have got their hands on it. Haha.

As for the genetically modified (GM ) corn, it illustrated it with a picture of a corn on the cob. i think corn on the cob  should be ok, but all the stuff they add in foods by the manufacturer to bulk it out will be bad.
I don’t buy the suggestion by the website that GM is bad.

It is the amount of any foods eaten which determines if u gain weight or not. I think u can still eat all the above so called bad foods, and not lose weight provided u eat very little of it and mix it with a lot of other types of foodstuff that is in its original state. Like fresh veg, fruits, and foods u cook from scratch.

My suggestion for what it is worth is that they are not bad, per se. You can eat them just don’t eat a lot of them.

I find the secret to weight loss is really eat very little of any one type of foods. but have a vast variety of them, so that add them up and u can eat as much as u like.

In the video it is mentioned that sweet increased glucose levels and affect insulin production, all of which affect the suger levels in the blood and that have an effect on fat storage by the body.

So cut out the suger and that is why the concentrated fruit juice is not good for you. They have a lot of suger in them. I don’t hear them say don’t put suger in your tea or coffee. That would be the natural conclusion of not having sweets in the diet.
Needless to say I don’t put suger in my drinks, nor drink soda or squash drinks.

The bread? It is a processed food, like pasta, pizza.
I eat them, but I keep them frozen so I don’t feel I have to finish off the whole loaf at once, for fear it goes off.

Margarine, is because of its transfat. So now they are suggesting u eat butter instead. But again, don’t slather the butter on like there is no tomorrow. I bet u can eat margarine, but just coat it thinly and not pile it on. I spread it very thinly if I use it . I don’t spread jam on top of my magarine on bread. I just spread one layer and that is it.

Soy and corn will be in a lot of processed foods so best just avoid processed foods. And remember, cheese , olives are processed foods.
Quite a lot of foods are processed though u might not suspect at first.

U cannot eat fresh olives by itself, it is inedible.

So best to not eat a lot of them, because in many cases it is hard to know what is processed or not.

This guy says there are 5 foods that are absolutely so bad, u cannot even eat them in moderation.
He lists doughnuts, soda, French fries, chips(I think he meant what the british call crisps, tacos, corn chips), fried non fish seafood.

The non fish seafood, like shrimps, lobsters, clams, oysters, shell fish, he says is full of mercury. And parasites.

I like shrimps, but they are expensive anyway so that limit’s the amount I eat them. So I guess they naturally limit my intake of them. Sometimes it is good not to be so rich … because it makes u eat less of these expensive stuff and save your health. Haha.

If u are very rich u can eat loads of meat, fish, seafood, caviar, etc that cannot be good for you, just the sheer amount u can eat, it makes a glutton out of you. And u have to have great discipline to limit yourself. If u are rich, and u cannot eat all these things as much as u like, it kind of take the fun out of being rich, don’t you think?

I doubt their advise about not eating those things. Health wise it is not that big a factor. once in a while it is ok to eat them. Anyway, don’t get so obsessed about them, the amount of mercury poisoning is so small, u will die of something else first.