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fictionalised bloggers

2 Aug

london 2014 saturday 1.38pm

Sometimes i wonder bloggers dont make up things and write about make belief things  just to be able to post something interesting.

i mean my life is so ordinary now, that i find i dont find anything to write about.

i could rant about world affairs of course, but what is the point right?

or i could add my two cents worth about celebrities, or about someone being charged £75 for 3 bottles of water in a posh hotel cigar trench bar, somewhere in london, because the hotel  impose a minimum £25 on each person in the bar. but what is the point right? and anyway others can do it better. 

perhaps i can understand some bloggers who make up their persona and create a blog on it.

the problem comes when they become quite well known and their blog is quite successful with lots of followers, and then they try to come clean and get a lot of disgruntled followers who have been fooled.

recently this happened with two blogs, one of which i follow, he calls himself theo fenraven and he writes Men on men ebook fiction. but he had confessed that he is really born a woman. and he is 62yrs old and not 33 yrs old as he had said on his blog.

 and another blog, his friend, A J rose, who also writes Men on men ebook fiction,who said he is really a she. i have not been following A J rose, but i have been following fenraven’s blog. i wish in a way that he had kept it a secret.

it is much more fun to read what he wrote in his blog if u dont know who he really is.

real life is not so interesting, it would seem. i mean to say not a lot of us lead such exciting lives really. most of us if we are lucky get some really exciting periods, and then years of nothing… and it is a good thing, because a life full of excitement is rather tiring to my way of thinking.

 but i think he feels he have to come out as he wants to make his fiction more popular, and his friend A J Rose also came out and she had some positive support i think , which might encourage him to do the same. and if he wants to make personal appearances , and book readings, to publicise his ebooks,  he will have to come clean.

But it brings me back to my opening words, about my life being so uneventful, that i wonder if i should invent something just to make it more fun to read. ( dont worry, i wont bother, because i am too arsed to make anything up. haha.)

so i can understand other people doing just that and invent a persona and blog about that and invent stories about them. after all i think ebook fiction writers must be more prone than most people to do that, seeing they are allready in the business of make belief, and fiction.

one wonders what one can believe in the world of the internet. do we all have to take everything here with a pinch of salt?