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3 May

london virgin lounge 3.26pm sunny thursday 2018 18C (highest temp today so far)

i had an interesting day today. went very early at about 7am to the polling station, just across the road from my flat, to vote for the local elections. 

4.5.18 added. labour had high hopes of taking control of westminster and wandworth in these local elections. but we locals will stick to  our conservative councillors, as they have kept council rates amongst the lowest in uk. as a rate payer, i dont trust labour councillors to keep in budget. even kensington and chelsea  have re voted in conservatives, inspite of grenfell tower disaster. 

today was also the promotion by ecover , in their pop up restaurant in covent gdn, giving away free veg , coffee/tea , chocolate,and washing up liquid in exchange for rubbish plastic…  quite delicious the one veggie dish i chose, pickled egg and salad. the egg swung it for me. haha.the others were lentils, and cauliflower.


i ate most of it by the time i realised i should take a picture. haha. there are 3 choices of veg dish… and banana bread. they decorated the shop with live plants. later i went into a specialist shop in liverpool st selling high end health foods, and they are selling the ecover dishwasher for £1.50. well i shall try it out and see if it is extra special from my usual 40p dishwasher. the bottle top is very good though. it has a restricted opening which means you dont squeeze out a lot . the shop is there tomorrow and i shall go again. my friend from bournemouth who  is coming to stay with me tomorrow, and he might like to join me in this. it is a very pleasant place, with everyone very friendly, and you can easily get chatting to the other ‘customers’.