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some small concerns but still irritating

22 Aug

london 2.18pm 24C sunny thursday 2019

its a lovely day today, and most days i would have nothing to worry about. however, i have been having trouble with my internet bank, specifically, i have trouble getting into it , because the EU wants all internet banks to have 2 way verification. in the past i could just put in my password, and presto i am in. now they want me to not only put in the password, but also to get a security code. and i can get this code from a gadget they gave me, but because i have not been using it, it is now not working; or i can get an app, but for that i need to own a smartphone, and i dont have one. 

i thought i can get round this by calling them, and getting a human being to carry out the transactions, but i seem to be getting scots people, with very heavy scots accent, so that i cannot understand them at all. in the past they used indians from india, who at least i can understand, but these scots are just impossible to understand. 

i wonder if others are also getting this problem. anyway i have made an appointment with the hsbc bank near me, to open a currant account, and so i can physically go there and make transactions without needing to use the internet.

my appointment is next week, they said it will be 60mins, such a long time just to open a currant account.so we shall see if it is easy to open an account. nowadays they are so paranoid about money laundering, i think it might be more complicated to open an account now. i am wondering if i should just use another currant account that i have with another bank… it has a branch near me in victoria too. i wish it were the old days when u have a bank book, and you can see the money in it, and can access it easily by taking the bank book to the nearest branch of the bank. and there is a cheque book to pay for things. 

then, to add to my troubles, my electricity company out of the blue tells me in an email that they are going to increase my direct debit from about £16 to about £25 a month. such a big jump, i am in credit with them now of £26, and still they ask me to increase the direct debit… and i only use £19 worth every month. i wrote back asking them to not do it, and am awaiting their reply. i wonder if it is a way for them to get extra money to help with their cash flow.

of course all these are minor problems, and really not serious. i have to constantly pull myself up and remind myself of this, as sometimes it can get my mind all worked up about it… so much so that i need to firmly remind myself it is a small problem, and should be easily solved, or if not solved ,referring to the electricity direct debit,  the direct debit amounts are small. i am glad my electricity bill is so tiny. 

added 7.40pm 22C dry, i got a reply from my electricity company saying since i object , they will keep the old direct debit, rather than increase it. though they warn me that in future it will be increased as there will be a debt in the future. i know that but i calculate it will be another 9months before that happens. that will take us to april 2020. and it seems the review is every 6months, so the next time they reassess it will be feb 2020. 

i went earlier to the krispie kreme shop in victoria station to redeem the free doughnut they gave me. it is a nice thing they do, where periodically they write me an email saying they have not written to me a long time, and so miss me and am giving me a free doughnut … i know it is all a public relation stunt, but it is very pleasing for all that. haha.

what is interesting is that i got chatting to the server in the kiosk. i showed him my chromebook with the code in that email, for him to copy it to the till, so i can get the doughnut, and he said i am the only person who carries around a laptop to show him the code. and then he mentioned he recommend i use a apple phone, so of course i said but it is so expensive that phone, and he said he got 3 apple phones.  i looked at his kiosk and at him, and  said does it pay so well manning this stall that u can afford 3 apple phones?!! he said he knows how to save, but then he must have heard himself  saying he got 3 apple phones and even to him that does not sound right because he said his friends make fun of him for having so many phones.

he says each phone costs about £1800. not sure if i heard him right, surely they are not that expensive? i thought they are about £700 to about £1000. or have things gone up a lot since the last time i checked. who knows with 5G phones, the sky is the limit now. anyway we have a laugh over it, and i took my doughnut off to the seats nearby to eat it. it makes me think no wonder those motorcycle gangs go round stealing smartphones right out of  the hands of  pedestrians. even if it costs £800, i would be really sad if someone grab it out of my hands, and steal it from me. it is a lot of money to see whisk away like that.

i asked ian, who got a apple phone, and was telling him about the motorcycle gangs of thieves; whether he uses a wire lead that attaches to the phone and which he can tie to latches on a desk, meant to keep the phone safe from thieves when he charges it in a public place, and he said he used to have that and tie it to his trousers, but he said it was so much bother, and no one does it, that he gave up on the idea. i thought he should tie it to his hands, wrap it around his hand, as a trouser loop on the waist is easy to break. i have never seen anyone tie their phone to their hand in all the people i see using smartphones whilst they walk the street.

added. sat 15.2.20.

glad to say that problem with accessing my online bank account is solved, sometime in jan2020. it was solved by them giving me another key, and password to activate my account. which i was able to do. am glad that i dont have to go through their helpline, because the people they employ there have very difficult accents, difficult in the sense that i cannot understand them. 


electricity bill 13.11.18-1.2.19

26 Feb

london 8.40pm tuesday 2019

i have only been with this company ebico for this short length of time. and my bill from them is as follows

13 Nov 2018 62667.0 Opening Customer Read 

01 Feb 2019 62948.0 Closing Customer Read 

Energy Used 281.0 kWh @ 19.5634 p/kWh £54.97  for 79days 

0.696p/day  3.55kwh/day

i changed my electricity provider again.

12 Jan

london 6.39pm 9.9C dry night saturday 2019

i am really enjoying sitting on this cushion that i found. it is interesting that i was quite happy sitting on the old foam mattress that i was using. just goes to show if u dont know any better you can be satisfied with what is, until u get a better thing and then u realise how comfy the new thing is. one thing for sure, i wont want to go back to the old cushion.

i am also enjoying the adidas shoes that i found. they are so comfortable that after i used them once, i just wanted to wear them all the time, rather than the old reebok trainers. the funny thing is this… the reeboks are my size, in fact too close to my size so that they fit very closely. but the adidas shoes are size 11. can you imagine? i thought they will be too big, and had thought ok i shall just use them if i dont find any other closer to my size, which is 7. but surprisingly i find wearing these oversized shoes they are very comfortable. i thought my feet will be slipping and sliding inside them as they will be too roomy inside, but i think they are laced shoes, so i can adjust the tightness of the lace to fit my feet and so they sit very snugly inside, and there is so roomy inside that my feet do not feel cramped , unlike when i was wearing the reebok trainers. so it makes me feel that those who buy trainers might like to buy a size or two larger than their usual size, they might be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it can be. and i have a feeling that these adidas shoes are smaller than their printed size on the shoe. i dont think they are really size 11, that is why i think the previous owner may find his size 11 feet are too big for it and so it is so uncomfortable to wear he hardly wears them and finally throws it out. 

yesterday i changed to a new electricity provider. i joined the mirror newspaper which set up a group to find good deals with the power suppliers, and they sent me this one from utility point. they offer a 18month contract on a plan that gives me 13.354p/kwh, standing charge 15p/day, exit fee £30, so i decided to take them up on it.

the present one i am on has just started this month, they are more expensive, 20p/kwh, no standing charge. i hope they dont mind that i have only been with them a month and allready wanting to leave them. but if it saves me money, i will move. no loyalty nowadays to any one provider anymore. anyway with this new move, i will not be looking to move again as there is a £30 exit fee if i do . i think it is the best deal i can get anyway. in a way it is nice to not have to bother with this electricity thing nor think about it for another 18months. haha. 


balance to pay brilliantenergy electricity bill

4 Dec

london 2.21pm tuesday 2018

this is just for my record. i got the final closing bill from my old energy company .

Fair Deal Electricity 2.0 (02 Sep 2018 – 12 Nov 2018)

02 Sep 2018 62431.8 Estimate
13 Nov 2018 62667.0 Closing Customer Read
Energy Used 235.2 kWh @ 11.65 p/kWh £27.40
Standing Charge (72 days @ 13.66 p/day) £9.84
Total Electricity Charges £37.24
Subtotal of charges before VAT £37.24
VAT @ 5% on £37.24 £1.86
Total Charges for this bill £39.10. so minus the amount i had allready paid by monthly direct debit £15.59, balance to pay £23.34. 

this was the tariff plan that i had with brilliant energy.

Tariff Name . . . . . . . Fair Deal Electricity 2.0
Product Type . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fixed Rate
Payment Method . . . . . Variable Direct Debit
Unit Rate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.65p/kWh
Standing Charge . 13.66p/day (£49.86/year)
Online Discount . . . . . . . £0.00/year per fuel
Tariff End Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Nov 2018
Price Guaranteed Until . . . . . . .12 Nov 2018
Early Exit Fee . . . . . £0.00 per fuel (inc VAT)
Estimated Annual Usage . . . . . . . 1,278kWh

£39.10 for 71days 235.2kwh

0.55p/day 3.3kwh/day

my plan with the new energy company ebico will be much simpler to understand. it will be a flat rate of .205416p/kwh with no standing charge. and i will be paying a direct debit of £21.55 a month.

there is no doubt that the new company is charging me a lot more than the old one. from about 17p/kwh to 20.5p/kwh. it is about 22.5%increase, £45, in my annual bill. but i would not want all this to take too much importance , just because i record it. the bill is a small one really. 

higher cost of electricity

22 Oct

london 10.03am 10C sunny monday 2018

well, i finally took the plunge and changed my electricity provider and commit to a higher tariff (£21.85 a month) fixed for a year. the rate i pay is 20.5p/kwh. no standing charge.

it is quite a big jump from my old £17 a month direct debit. so what i normally pay £208 becomes £261 a year for the same 1275kwh usage. almost £50 jump 33% rise.

i have been hearing of them saying electricity charges will be going up , to pay for the smart meters, to pay for the rising oil price, to pay for the green energy subsidy… and here it is , finally coming to me. i have managed in the past to just one step ahead of them and grabbed a low fixed rate before the increase, but this year i missed it. but also cheap rates are very rare now. even the smaller energy companies are not able to undercut the big 6 by much this year. 

just as well i have been reducing my energy consumption instead of just chasing cheap tariffs, (though i have noticed my usage have been inching up again by about 100kwh extra last year). but even with that increase it is low so that even this big jump comes down to only £260 a year. it is still cheaper than a annual gym membership. (it is not that i belong to a gym anymore. that is one cost that is up to us to take up or leave, unlike electricity which is a necessity). and not much more than my broadband/phone tariff. (now that one we can take up or leave, but to me, that i find i really cannot do without.)

i am hoping that i reduce my electricity consumption even more the coming year and reduce the actual amount i have to pay. this new contract do not have a standing charge. so that is good. it would mean any reduction of usage will translate to money saved.

ah well, that is life, isn’t it? some things the price goes up, other things it goes down. and it all comes to what we chose to use. for eg, i hear that olive oil will be going up a lot but i dont use olive oil much. in fact not at all, so that price increase wont affect me. and this goes for gas as well, if it goes up i dont get affected at all. 

correction. about the gas increase, i should say i am not affected directly. i am sure indirectly i am affected, as prices rises when those companies who are affected raise their prices. but still, i might not use their products so i can chose if i am affected or not. correction again… i noticed that my new electriicty provider uses gas to generate the electricity that they sell to me. 

following fuels:
% of total
Electricity Supplied Average for the UK
(for comparison) the second figure is average for uk
Coal 13.5%  8.5%
Natural Gas 41.4% 44.1%
Nuclear 11.3% 21.0%
Renewables 29.4% 24.2%
Other 4.4% 2.2%
Total 100% 100

so from the look of it, 41% of the electricity that i get from them is from natural gas. what is notable is that they are not using oil… and they are using coal!

indirectly i suppose we are all affected, but we can chose to move to another cheaper product of the same type, but without a well known brand. or like the supermarkets’ own brand. the quality may change and be worst, of course, but when it is a basic household item, like laundry soap, or washingup liquid, i dont think it is very important. they will all do their job well. 


electricity june-aug2018 summer quarter

3 Sep

london 10.44am 21C sunny monday 2018

289kwh for 92days @ .1223p/kwh plus £13.09 3 months’ standing charge=  £48.43




just for the record.


electricity bill march-may 2018 spring quarter

13 Jun

london 1.26pm 21.2C sunny/cloud wednesday 2018

334 kwh for 90days @ .1223p/kwh plus £13.09 3 months’ standing charge = £53.92

3.72kwh/day  60p/day 16.14p/kwh

its the same amount as i use in the winter quarter. my friend from usa came to stay this spring, for about 1month, that might account for the increase.

this is my actual usage. i have been using more than what my direct debit pay each month, but i am hoping the coming summer months i shall use less and make up for it. 


electricity dec17-feb18

14 Mar

london 12.05pm 12.7C sunny wednesday 2018

Fair Deal Electricity 2.0 (02 Dec 2017 – 01 Mar 2018)

02 Dec 2017 61480.0 Opening Read
02 Mar 2018 61815.3 Estimate
Energy Used 335.3 kWh @ 11.65 p/kWh £39.06
Standing Charge (90 days @ 13.66 p/day) £12.29
Total Electricity Charges £51.35
Subtotal of charges before VAT £51.35
VAT @ 5% on £51.35 £2.57
Total Charges for this bill £53.92



this is for my records. it is the first invoice i got from my new provider brilliant energy. their estimated reading is very accurate. they tell me i can keep the monthly direct debit unchanged at the same level, £15.59. i guess they know that the summer months will even things out. i seem to have used 50kwh more this quarter (3months)than my average usage.

last np electricity bill

22 Dec

london 11.55am 11.6C sunny friday 2017

sunset 8.04am, sunset 3.04pm

today my np (national power) bill came for the final two months. 1oct-1dec 2017

181kwh @ 0.1667p/kwh  £30.18

i move to brilliant energy from 2dec. actually i took the reading on 27nov. so not really 1dec as they say.

58days the actual period used.



i use electricity only for cooking and lighting. i dont have gas supply. i dont have any heating on. not needed. 

this is just for my own records. 

added 2.25pm 15.1C sunny . i am glad i got rid of my gas supply . a letter came today by the housing people to my estate, asking me to give evidence i got a gas certificate for the flat. so i had the enormous satisfaction of going to the office and handing them my letter that says i dont have gas in the flat. this requirement to have a gas safety certificate is a new thing.

in the past we are not required by law to have one… unless you rent out your flat. i think even now private owners dont need one. i asked ian who lives in a flat in a terrace house that has been converted into  5 flats , and they are their own management tells me he dont have a certificate, he dont even have his boiler serviced . i think they may well bring in a law to force people to do so. the dangers from a gas mishap is quite real. i think that is why the estate management of my estate is now trying to get it done for all the flats in the estate. i have lived here for 27yrs and it is only now that i got a letter asking me to show i have  a gas safety certificate for my flat.

the trouble with gas is that for your own safety,  u need to have a annual inspection of all your gas appliances, (i did not do so when i had a gas heater in the past,  but it is a gamble really) that means boiler and that means money. because no gas man is going to do that free. then on top of that, you have to pay for him to service your boiler… he wont give u a gas certificate till he gets that done… more money for him… and he most probably will find something wrong with it, and you have to pay for repairs…it is an endless money money money cycle. 

3.36pm 16.1C. simon went to the sainsburys and bought a duck and now we are having duck. and we got a friend,ian , who i had arranged to meet this afternoon at the virgin lounge, so we asked him to come to my flat instead and he can eat the duck. 

i have moved my energy supplier to brilliant energy

11 Nov

london 8.31pm 9.8C dry now, but the ground is wet. saturday 2017

here in the uk, we can move suppliers to a cheaper tariff. its competition. but it does mean we need to do research and start deciding who to join. 

my np contract is expiring end of december, and i was looking for a new one. it can be a worrying time for those who are prone to anxiety about these things… fortunately i am not one of them.  but we get some help, because here there are many newspapers who ask for people to sign up so that they can get the numbers to make deals with the energy suppliers. it does make it easy for us. 

i joined the daily mail who had asked for people to join so that it can negotiate a good tariff from the suppliers when it can give them a huge number of people to bargain with.

at first i thought i shall join sse, (who i found in the most recent news that np is buying them). the tariff they offer is better than the np tariff is asking me to join after my contract expired. the new np tariff is £50 a year more.  it is really true what they said  that your present supplier will not give u a better deal, even though u are allready a customer. or maybe because of it… but they must know that we will move when another rival offers a better deal, and yet they  continue to give us a bad deal…ah well, it looks like that is the rules of the game, and we go searching for the cheapest tariff everytime and go round and round the companies , moving from one to another in a perpetual game of musical chairs. 

but the sse offer would still have meant an increase of £20 a year to my present yearly bill for electricity. i was resigned to paying it , and they give 5000 nectar points to sweeten the deal. but when i started the process, there was a glitch and i could not complete it. then i thought i will delay joining them, as i wanted to see if there are any better deals and also i want the contract to start nearer the end of december, so i can make full use of my old contract, which is .1667p/kwh.

the brilliant bright  energy one is not nectar related, so i dont get that 5000nectar points, but it is equal to my old contract. even though it has a standing charge of 14.34p a day (£52.35 a year) the daily rate is .1223p/kwh. it works out  equivalent to the old rate or almost equivalent at 0.1689p/kwh. i am getting 0.1667p/kwh now.  i much prefer getting a lower rate than have the nectar points.

anyway today when i felt i have to join one of them, because the offer expires on 14nov, i found listed in there  a company called brilliant energy, which  was not listed before, and which i have never heard of , and they offer me a £61 saving, bringing the cost to the same as my old contract that will expire soon. 

so i joined them, and filled out the direct debit. and so i got a confirmation email from them saying i am in. i can cancel if i am not satisfied within 14 days, but their tariff is a good one. and it is fixed for the whole year from the time i start with them. so that is good.