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electricity bill march-may 2018 spring quarter

13 Jun

london 1.26pm 21.2C sunny/cloud wednesday 2018

334 kwh for 90days @ .1223p/kwh plus £13.09 3 months’ standing charge = £53.92

3.72kwh/day  60p/day

its the same amount as i use in the winter quarter. my friend from usa came to stay this spring, for about 1month, that might account for the increase.

this is my actual usage. i have been using more than what my direct debit pay each month, but i am hoping the coming summer months i shall use less and make up for it. 



electricity dec17-feb18

14 Mar

london 12.05pm 12.7C sunny wednesday 2018

Fair Deal Electricity 2.0 (02 Dec 2017 – 01 Mar 2018)

02 Dec 2017 61480.0 Opening Read
02 Mar 2018 61815.3 Estimate
Energy Used 335.3 kWh @ 11.65 p/kWh £39.06
Standing Charge (90 days @ 13.66 p/day) £12.29
Total Electricity Charges £51.35
Subtotal of charges before VAT £51.35
VAT @ 5% on £51.35 £2.57
Total Charges for this bill £53.92



this is for my records. it is the first invoice i got from my new provider brilliant energy. their estimated reading is very accurate. they tell me i can keep the monthly direct debit unchanged at the same level, £15.59. i guess they know that the summer months will even things out. i seem to have used 50kwh more this quarter (3months)than my average usage.

last np electricity bill

22 Dec

london 11.55am 11.6C sunny friday 2017

sunset 8.04am, sunset 3.04pm

today my np (national power) bill came for the final two months. 1oct-1dec 2017

181kwh @ 0.1667p/kwh  £30.18

i move to brilliant energy from 2dec. actually i took the reading on 27nov. so not really 1dec as they say.

58days the actual period used.



i use electricity only for cooking and lighting. i dont have gas supply. i dont have any heating on. not needed. 

this is just for my own records. 

added 2.25pm 15.1C sunny . i am glad i got rid of my gas supply . a letter came today by the housing people to my estate, asking me to give evidence i got a gas certificate for the flat. so i had the enormous satisfaction of going to the office and handing them my letter that says i dont have gas in the flat. this requirement to have a gas safety certificate is a new thing.

in the past we are not required by law to have one… unless you rent out your flat. i think even now private owners dont need one. i asked ian who lives in a flat in a terrace house that has been converted into  5 flats , and they are their own management tells me he dont have a certificate, he dont even have his boiler serviced . i think they may well bring in a law to force people to do so. the dangers from a gas mishap is quite real. i think that is why the estate management of my estate is now trying to get it done for all the flats in the estate. i have lived here for 27yrs and it is only now that i got a letter asking me to show i have  a gas safety certificate for my flat.

the trouble with gas is that for your own safety,  u need to have a annual inspection of all your gas appliances, (i did not do so when i had a gas heater in the past,  but it is a gamble really) that means boiler and that means money. because no gas man is going to do that free. then on top of that, you have to pay for him to service your boiler… he wont give u a gas certificate till he gets that done… more money for him… and he most probably will find something wrong with it, and you have to pay for repairs…it is an endless money money money cycle. 

3.36pm 16.1C. simon went to the sainsburys and bought a duck and now we are having duck. and we got a friend,ian , who i had arranged to meet this afternoon at the virgin lounge, so we asked him to come to my flat instead and he can eat the duck. 

i have moved my energy supplier to brilliant energy

11 Nov

london 8.31pm 9.8C dry now, but the ground is wet. saturday 2017

here in the uk, we can move suppliers to a cheaper tariff. its competition. but it does mean we need to do research and start deciding who to join. 

my np contract is expiring end of december, and i was looking for a new one. it can be a worrying time for those who are prone to anxiety about these things… fortunately i am not one of them.  but we get some help, because here there are many newspapers who ask for people to sign up so that they can get the numbers to make deals with the energy suppliers. it does make it easy for us. 

i joined the daily mail who had asked for people to join so that it can negotiate a good tariff from the suppliers when it can give them a huge number of people to bargain with.

at first i thought i shall join sse, (who i found in the most recent news that np is buying them). the tariff they offer is better than the np tariff is asking me to join after my contract expired. the new np tariff is £50 a year more.  it is really true what they said  that your present supplier will not give u a better deal, even though u are allready a customer. or maybe because of it… but they must know that we will move when another rival offers a better deal, and yet they  continue to give us a bad deal…ah well, it looks like that is the rules of the game, and we go searching for the cheapest tariff everytime and go round and round the companies , moving from one to another in a perpetual game of musical chairs. 

but the sse offer would still have meant an increase of £20 a year to my present yearly bill for electricity. i was resigned to paying it , and they give 5000 nectar points to sweeten the deal. but when i started the process, there was a glitch and i could not complete it. then i thought i will delay joining them, as i wanted to see if there are any better deals and also i want the contract to start nearer the end of december, so i can make full use of my old contract, which is .1667p/kwh.

the brilliant bright  energy one is not nectar related, so i dont get that 5000nectar points, but it is equal to my old contract. even though it has a standing charge of 14.34p a day (£52.35 a year) the daily rate is .1223p/kwh. it works out  equivalent to the old rate or almost equivalent at 0.1689p/kwh. i am getting 0.1667p/kwh now.  i much prefer getting a lower rate than have the nectar points.

anyway today when i felt i have to join one of them, because the offer expires on 14nov, i found listed in there  a company called brilliant energy, which  was not listed before, and which i have never heard of , and they offer me a £61 saving, bringing the cost to the same as my old contract that will expire soon. 

so i joined them, and filled out the direct debit. and so i got a confirmation email from them saying i am in. i can cancel if i am not satisfied within 14 days, but their tariff is a good one. and it is fixed for the whole year from the time i start with them. so that is good.

electricity bill july-sept2017

3 Oct

london 3.43pm 17.6C sunny tuesday 2017

just for my own records, service charge for the flat oct17-mar18 £593.62p

electricity bill 3mths july-sept17 summer

267kwh in 91days =£44.52

0.49p/day 2.93kwh/day

this is for my records only.

my cost of living is very low. i dont mean just this low electricity bill, but also my groceries bill too. 




electricity bill april-june2017

7 Jul

london 29.2C sunny friday 2017 1.20pm

my electricity bill came today. i put it down here for my own information. april-june 2017

284kwh used over 91days @0.1667p/kwh = £47.36



its about £2 more than last quarter. i was at my friend’s place yesterday and he was saying everything is going up since brexit. and he mentioned his electricitybill has gone up. but i can see he leaves the lights on all the time. in the kitchen, the hall, even two lamps in his living room, even though the sun streams in through the french windows which opens into a small walled garden. so just by saying your bills increase is not indicative of increased energy costs, but just your own usage. my usage has gone up a bit too. the data to use to compare is the kwh used per day. last quarter it was 3.05kwh/day. so not a lot increase really. but it has gradually gone up from last year.

but yesterday they were chatting about brexit, and my friend in particular saying he is much affected as he gets his pension from america, and when cnverted to £s, he loses, and then when he converts it to thai bahts he loses again. for some reason he cannot directly convert the US$ to bahts. this is because he is investing in thailand. so i guess people like him will lose out. though to me, it should mean he shuld change his direction and start making the venture in thailand make a profit instead of subsidising it with money injections from his uk income. 

added. hang on, some discrepency here. he should not lose when he converts US$ to £s, as the $ is stronger than the £ and he should be getting more £s when he converts those $. looks like my friend is biased for remain, and so can only see the downside but not the upside. either that or the whole currency exchange system is a scam. u always lose out whatever currency u want to change into. the middle man will have his cut.

i was in victoria station earlier today and i see one money changer giving £1= 1.10euro. but not sure if it is buying or selling.  official rate is 1 to 1.13euro. £1 = 1.29us$. since i have no intentions of changing money these rates are not a concern for me. but it certainly do not encourage me to go to europe when it is almost parity. 

£1 =44 thai baht . £1 = Rm5.50 . interesting that malaysia ringgit has not changed much but baht has been very strong. 

the other friend says his shopping bill has goneup too… when i told him mine has not, in fact it has decreased and he was totally shocked when i said it is about £30-£40 a month. he said his is £70 a week! i dont know what he buys really. rubbish most likely haha. by which i mean processed stuff.



electricity bill jan-mar 2017

6 Apr

london 11.51am 13C sunny like anything thursday 2017

i got the electricity bill from NP today for the winter period

kwh used over 89 days  = 272

cost @ 0.1667/kwh = £45.35  

0.51p a day

3.06kwh a day

its gone up, slightly. this is posted just for my own record so that it is easy to look back on it and compare with past and future readings. from the past records, i see a trend to gradually using more electricity. perhaps it is inevitable as we get more electrical gadgets and use it more. 

added. 3.58pm 17C sunny. i also got the bill for the half yearly service charge for my flat . it is £648.90

it is the estimated bill april-sept 2017