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electricity bill july-sept2017

3 Oct

london 3.43pm 17.6C sunny tuesday 2017

just for my own records, service charge for the flat oct17-mar18 £593.62p

electricity bill 3mths july-sept17 summer

267kwh in 91days =£44.52

0.49p/day 2.93kwh/day

this is for my records only.

my cost of living is very low. i dont mean just this low electricity bill, but also my groceries bill too. 





electricity bill april-june2017

7 Jul

london 29.2C sunny friday 2017 1.20pm

my electricity bill came today. i put it down here for my own information. april-june 2017

284kwh used over 91days @0.1667p/kwh = £47.36



its about £2 more than last quarter. i was at my friend’s place yesterday and he was saying everything is going up since brexit. and he mentioned his electricitybill has gone up. but i can see he leaves the lights on all the time. in the kitchen, the hall, even two lamps in his living room, even though the sun streams in through the french windows which opens into a small walled garden. so just by saying your bills increase is not indicative of increased energy costs, but just your own usage. my usage has gone up a bit too. the data to use to compare is the kwh used per day. last quarter it was 3.05kwh/day. so not a lot increase really. but it has gradually gone up from last year.

but yesterday they were chatting about brexit, and my friend in particular saying he is much affected as he gets his pension from america, and when cnverted to £s, he loses, and then when he converts it to thai bahts he loses again. for some reason he cannot directly convert the US$ to bahts. this is because he is investing in thailand. so i guess people like him will lose out. though to me, it should mean he shuld change his direction and start making the venture in thailand make a profit instead of subsidising it with money injections from his uk income. 

added. hang on, some discrepency here. he should not lose when he converts US$ to £s, as the $ is stronger than the £ and he should be getting more £s when he converts those $. looks like my friend is biased for remain, and so can only see the downside but not the upside. either that or the whole currency exchange system is a scam. u always lose out whatever currency u want to change into. the middle man will have his cut.

i was in victoria station earlier today and i see one money changer giving £1= 1.10euro. but not sure if it is buying or selling.  official rate is 1 to 1.13euro. £1 = 1.29us$. since i have no intentions of changing money these rates are not a concern for me. but it certainly do not encourage me to go to europe when it is almost parity. 

£1 =44 thai baht . £1 = Rm5.50 . interesting that malaysia ringgit has not changed much but baht has been very strong. 

the other friend says his shopping bill has goneup too… when i told him mine has not, in fact it has decreased and he was totally shocked when i said it is about £30-£40 a month. he said his is £70 a week! i dont know what he buys really. rubbish most likely haha. by which i mean processed stuff.



electricity bill jan-mar 2017

6 Apr

london 11.51am 13C sunny like anything thursday 2017

i got the electricity bill from NP today for the winter period

kwh used over 89 days  = 272

cost @ 0.1667/kwh = £45.35  

0.51p a day

3.06kwh a day

its gone up, slightly. this is posted just for my own record so that it is easy to look back on it and compare with past and future readings. from the past records, i see a trend to gradually using more electricity. perhaps it is inevitable as we get more electrical gadgets and use it more. 

added. 3.58pm 17C sunny. i also got the bill for the half yearly service charge for my flat . it is £648.90

it is the estimated bill april-sept 2017

electricity bill oct-dec 2016

2 Jan

london 9.23am 3.7C sunny monday 2017

a mundane entry this one. but i am interested in it. i remembered i should be sending the reading to np my electricity provider. so i called them on the phone but was only given a list of numbers to push. and none of it was for giving my meter reading. and they wont transfer me to a real life person but kept repeating those lists of numbers to push. so i searched online and found their website and entered my meter reading there. it acknowledge my sending the reading. just have to wait for the bill to come then. so for my own records as well, here it is.

 £45.84 oct-dec2016, 275kwh over 91days 0.50p/day 3.02kwh/day

the bill is  very easy to calculate now when i just have to multiply by 0.1667. there is no standing charge, thank goodness. so this is the autumn quarterly bill.

i used quite a lot of electricity this period unlike the last autumn bill in 2015. but still quite low. i dont have gas heating,( no gas supply. i havent used gas for ages, and asked the gas man to disconnect the meter about 2yrs ago) , and i dont switch on the electric heaters, haven’t needed to do it even now.

they are predicting -1C in london tomorrow morning . i will believe it when i see it. the lowest we got here today was 2.8C this morning.

added 8.07pm 2.6C night dry. 


Digital StillCamera

electricity july-sept2016

8 Nov

london nov 2016

this is a belated post. it should be posted on oct when i gave my reading. i usually wait for them to post me the invoice but for some reason, i did not receive it . so i am putting this down for the record. 

253kwh over 93days @.1667p/kwh = £42.19




electricity april -june2016

7 Jul

london 12.39pm 21.1C sunnycloudy 2016 thursday

2.4.16- 1.7.16 electricity bill 242kwh used in 91days @0.1667p/kwh = £40.35

0.443p /day


i went on the buses today, to brixton at about 10am to buy chilis. got a good bargain, two large packs  for 50p each. they were tiny chilis, and very hot which i like. we malaysians know them as chili padi. i have not seen them sold so cheaply before. i think it is a matter of luck when they are put in that bin. it is a reduced priced bin  and i head straight for it whenever i go to brixton … it is the only shop in brixton that does this… putting out a reduced priced bin. in all this time, i have not found any dud batches that have gone rotten, so very good of them not to wait till it is long past its best to consign the goods to the reduced bin. 

then i took the 345 bus to clapham junction to the lidl and asda. i found out they reduce price of pork this early… thursday morning might be a good time to go to buy pork. usually £2.50/kg which is really very good value but reduced further by £1. so came to £2/kg. and while there i bought some spices,  cardamon sticks50mg45p, and cumin seeds 100mg and extra hot chilli powder100mg , both for 50p each. i bought asda ketchup too. i find not only are they cheaper, but are a nicer consistency and flow than the other supermarkets.

i have noticed the air conditioning in the supermarkets are very cold…

since i remembered these two branches of lidl and asda nearer to me in clapham junction where i can comeback easily on a 87bus , i go there now. it saves me going all the way to the old kent road where i used to go before. that trip involves two changes of buses.

 so the only reason for me to go to the old kent road now will be to go to the aldi there. aldi is the only chain that dont have any branches nearer to me than that. i wonder if they are looking to get more branches nearer to the centre of london. it must be the high rental that deters them.  

the buses are really very pleasant to take now, especially the upper deck as it is so cool. these few days it has been sunny and hot… so mediterranean i think.

it is certainly a change from the old days, when it is either freezing cold or sweltering hot or sometimes both in winter when the heater is either not working or blowing out of control. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it filled a plastic container. this picture taken after it had been frozen, and i forgot to take a picture when it was freshly bought. there is another pack in the freezer, still in its packaging.

would u want to live in these .electricity bill jan-mar 16

8 Apr

london 9.01am sunny 9.3C friday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a new block of luxury flats on the thames. the riverside development. contrasting it with the terraced houses in the foreground of olden days. the rooms inside both are very small.  in the background is the MI5 building across the river. i prefer my own flat actually.

if i knew it was so easy to catch piranha, i would have used it when i was in manaus, brazil, and on the amazon and its tributaries; (quite a long time ago). it is a staple on the menu .

this video shows how. .my guide didnt even bother with bait, just threw in a line of hooks, and pulled them up. they are quite small, but perfect for deep frying, i think. but the locals dont do it. 

the locals are not very imaginative when it comes to cooking them. which is why people get bored with eating them, even me… haha. because they are always on the menu.  i cannot help thinking if it were chinese, they would drum up a delicious meal out of them.

added 1.32pm 13.9C cloudy . came back from the library to find a letter waiting for me with a £25 premium bond cheque. i won it in this month’s draw. last month i won £25 too. yet recently they have reduced the number of prizes. just goes to show it is all luck really.

oh my electricity bill came too. for the 3months jan-mar2016.

265kwh used over 90days @.1667p/kwh = £44.18 .

2.94kwh per day. (last year’s was 2.52kwh/day). 0.486p /day

i am posting it just for my own records. 

added. 6.36pm 14.3C dry but rain clouds . friday 2016

i got a wordpress post in my wordpress reader saying all the blogs are now protected with a https.

i have not noticed but when i read that, i took a look at my url, and saw the https is operative in mine. well, it is good. i think it must be operative in my blog for quite some time, because chrome wont let me go into any website that has no https. and i have been using chrome for quite some time allready and all that time i have been able to get into my blog easily.  

oh, i read it more carefully and it says it is now operative in custom domains…whilst domains like mine using the name.wordpress.com has allready got https since 2014.