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how to get online, use a old laptop or buy a new smartphone cheap?

21 Oct

london 8.38pm wednesday 2015 15.1C (so warm isn’t it?)

its been more than a year (1 year 5months to be exact) since i gave up my windows laptop and gone to chrome book and i have forgotten how weird the windows can be. it was a frightening excursion into the past, for me. bring back all the old memories of horror i felt in the old days.

i promised my friend to give him the old laptop, so i went in to delete all my stuff so that he can have it on a clean slate.

the laptop is very slow. and for some reason i could not get online. it wont let me type in the password of my wifi. ah well, i guess i shall ask my friend whether he can find a computer person to fix it for him, if he wants to go to that trouble. or just not bother and maybe in future try to get a smart phone, which will answer the main purpose … to get email. nowadays is it possible to get a cheap smartphone? and how cheap is cheap?

a nokia C5 £40 to buy outright,( not a monthly payment plan)is the cheapest i can find on google. 

it is possible to use a smart phone and get onto free wifi and get email that way. no need to buy a monthly data plan. so if that nokia can allow him to get online, it might be better to just buy that for £40. what say you? he is coming to my place to stay for 5days while here in london, and we shall see. he is not very computer savvy, so maybe even a smartphone may be too difficult for him. who knows. or he might not bother at all and just make and get calls on his mobile phone like he had done always and have been happy with it all this time.