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lose money first … it is the new way of doing business now.

17 Aug

london 6.40am 17.5C cloudy thursday 2017 added. 7.56am raining. i went to the kitchen to make porridge and so happened to look out of the window at the road, and see it is wet. it has been raining. i did not notice it earlier because sitting by the window in my living room i can only see the sky, so did not see the pavement. i dont know if it is raining by just looking at the sky… the rain dont seem to show up. it is so fine, that there are no rain drops to see.

i usually wake up about this time, 6am . its cloudy out there. this one caught my eye, an article about a start up moviepass in america, where u can pay $10 a month and can see all the movies you want, one a day, from any movie house that take mastercard. the startup pays the cinema its usual price. it will lose money, but hope to get some money back from the movie chains once they see more people coming to their cinemas and also from advertising. or so they hope.

 its a strange way to do business. but seem to mimic the internet businesses like amazon, who started by losing money, but got so many followers it is a huge force. and one comment said amazon is making money not from selling stuff , but from its webs services to companies based on the cloud.

what puzzles me is that moviepass has been bought and  owned by the chap who founded netflix. netflix is the one that is making inroads into the movie chains business by producing its own films shown only in its own website, and thus making people watch films on tv. so why is the owner doing this, seeming to muscle in to the cinema business? is it to build up such a strong numbers of punters, that he can control the cinema chains with his followers.

here in london, there is one chain of cinemas, empire , that is offering £10 a month to see any number of films a month. but it is not scaling it up with a online presence.  or maybe it is, once  i were to subscribe, it would effectively build up their web presence, they would know me as a subscriber in their books.  

other chains are doing it for £20 a month. i got notified of it via email, even me who dont go to the cinemas except once, when i was given a free ticket to see a pride sponsored film.

 i can see how tempting it is to join for just £10 a month, it was advertised on the front of the cinema in huge letters… that is how i got to know of it.  and u can see all the films in that chain, not only once but many times too. which is what film fans do, right? it will bring people back to the habit of going to cinemas. it has not got me to subscribe, because i dont really like seeing movies without the subtitles… haha. so tend to see movies on tv. but i do know i miss out on the big screen experience.

i googled empire cinema to see what films they are showing, and it is quite a good selection of films actually. 

added. 9.37pm 19.7C night .

i see from the empire cinema films being shown that there are quite a number of sci fiction films adapted from books. i like sci fiction, but i think it is quite impossible to adapt them to films. i prefer to read them. i know a lot of people like to live these fantasy worlds and immerse themselves in it, but i dont. all the immersion i can take is limited to novels and that is fine by me.

i like living a real life… even ordinary things like doing the shopping can be interesting to me, because i make it like i am hunting gathering. looking to see what is reduced and become bargains. and it is entirely depandant on luck, because i happen to be there at the right time.

take for eg yesterday, i was at the tesco and at first there dont seem to be anything reduced , the bargain shelves were quite empty of stuff. then i was walking further inside the store, at the back and came across a group of men surrounding a cart pushed by one of the staffers. they were taking stuff from the cart, reduced priced, and the staffer was bringing them to the bargain shelves but was waylaid by these bunch of guys. so i took a carton of 10 big eggs, for 45p, and another man took two packs of minced beef, but returned one of them and i saw it was 45p for 500mg  and so i took it. its a nice price. in fact another man said it when the guy returned the pack to the trolley. haha.

today, i saw two packs of halal minced beef, 500mg for 60p so not as good a price drop,(though their original price is £4, such a high price) but they look very dry, which is a good thing. the other one last night was a bit wet. i wonder if they add a bit of water to it to increase the weight. anyway i bought the two and frozed them.

but the bargain surprise tonight was coming across reduced ginger, a 1kg pack of loose fresh ginger, for 82p. that was lucky. i know the supermarket would have left over ginger not sold before a fresh load arrives, so they tend to bundle all the old ginger and sell it off cheap. it is rare to come across it. you have to be there at the right time and day. this is the first time i come across it. and all in one bag. usually they would split it into a few 250mg bags . most people dont really have much call to use a lot of ginger before it goes bad. 

this morning i went to brixton and bought ginger for 50p. so now i got a glut of ginger. haha. added 18.8.17 i thought i should weigh it, and it is 210mg, £2.38/kg. the supermarket’s usually  £3.40/kg

i wonder if i can freeze ginger and will it affect its taste if i do. maybe it will. i find freezing veg is not so good , when they thaw out they are wet and soggy. so unlike the commercial packs  of frozen veg. in fact, if u do freeze veg, cook it from frozen, dont thaw it out first.