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the greatest prize

5 Aug

london 6.30am 17.1C cloudybright saturday 2017

this article in the daily mail reminds me how much i like living here. dominic sandbrook has turned a review of a book the last wolf by robert winder, to remind us of what england is. the book is about someone who is the great wolf hunter, eliminating the wolf from england, and thereby, he argues starting what we are all so familiar with… the english landscape. he enabled sheep to be reared ,giving rise to wool, which was the basis of england’s wealth and that influenced the way the english countryside turned out. and so evolved the idea of england. 

It is not very fashionable these days — especially among those on the Left — to quote the controversial empire-builder Cecil Rhodes, but nobody put it better than he did. To have been born an Englishman, he once said, was to have ‘drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life’.

he was referring to himself and his times. those were the days of empire building where a few individuals can form an empire.

i think it can also apply to these times now. in a slightly different way, not empire building but way of life and opportunities as well as climate and environment.


english MPs have their own devolution

22 Oct

london 10.40pm 12.9C thursday 2015

saw this in the online news. english MPs can now vote for only english laws. that is good. high time this happens.

it may have been forgotten , but it was scottish MPs and their vote that pushed through the education bill that applies to england and wales that brought in student fees. whilst for scotland their MPs have voted against it. 

i wonder whether it will apply to voting for a 3rd runway in heathrow. the scottish MPs have said they will vote for it if they are promised increased money under the money- for- scotland formula, which says any public spending in england can be applied to a % towards calculating how much money is given to scotland. so they are saying if that money spent on the runway is included in the formula, then they will vote for the runway, otherwise not.

in the past, scotland did get more flight slots (8 i think.. imagine 8 flights a day to scotland haha. ) in heathrow during the horse trading in allocating landing slots there. but it seems they are loss making (not surprising now we think of it haha)and the airlines that do it have given up their slots and now the slots are used for flights elsewhere, but not to asia and other areas denied a landing slot now;  which was what was promised if the 3rd runway is built. so beware of promises that they make to argue for a 3rd runway. they can change their minds after it is built, when the market forces changes and makes it unprofitable. i have been thinking this might be the ploy by the EU. promise to agree to everything that  cameron wants in his demands, and then after the referendum and we vote to stay in, rescind them or alter them or delay legislation to bring them in, or even veto it in a vote and say well too bad, the other nations have vetoed it. sorry lah.  hah. 

but now that english votes for english MPs only is on, than all the scottish MPs wont be allowed to vote on it. though the scots can argue that heathrow is so important to the whole nation, all the MPs should be able to vote on it. so they could still get in.

unless parliament says the money spent will not be included in the formula.  

maybe they might even vote to abolish the formula, though that would certainly make the scots vote to leave the union. though if u come to think of it, it is like a child voting to spite its face… because if they object to getting no more money from england , leaving the union will definitely make that happen. haha.

frankly, if they have another referendum about whether the scots should get independence or not, they should let the rest of the uk vote on it too… and i for one will vote them out. haha. if nothing else so we dont hear any more of them whingeing about it. haha. 

result of shopping bag usage in scotland

20 Oct

london tuesday 10.9C 9.24am 2015 cloudy

scotland had the shopping bag price imposed one year ago, today. and the results are in. 80% reduction. scotland had previously used more per head than anyone else in uk. but in terms of figures, it is 800million bags compare to england which used 7.6billion bags last year. haha. so the impact of the price increase in england will be more significant when it gets reduced by this time next year. it is all to the good , this 5p charge on shopping bags. i am all for it. 

as usual you will get some idiots trying to over-react, by stealing the shopping carriers and trolleys. but they will get short shrift from the security people soon enough. its so easy to carry around a reusable bag, there is no excuse not to.

i like the method by sainsburys. where they dont even have any of those bags, just bags for life which is kept by the cashier. that way it stops people from taking the one off bags without paying. and they have bags for life, for almost the same cost as a one off bag. though this is not covered by the giving to charity. the supermarket can deduct the cost of the bags, etc, but since the whole exercise is not a money raising one for charity, this side effect is just that a side effect. the main aim is to reduce the shopping bags in the environment. 

4 new laws in force from today in england

5 Oct

london 7.17pm monday 2015

30day refund period .

smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all room in rented housing.

no smoking in cars with kids aboard.

10 min grace period after the expired time in private car parks .

link here