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enjoying life

10 Aug

london 15.2C cloudy wednesday 2016 10.36am

london 18.6C clear , sunset.

i am sitting up in bed, looking out of the window, it has a low sill, so i get a good view out of it. there is a sunset glow in the sky above the buildings so block out the horizon. it is quite difficult to get a clear view of the horizon to view the sun as it sets. buildings get in the way . that’s london for you. or any city as a matter of fact.

quite a cloudless blue sky still… even though sunset is 8.31pm. in fact it must be going on now, as it is 8.30pm now. it is not a spectacular sunset, dark clouds on the horizon masking it. the highest today is only 19C, but it is really very pleasant in spite of this low temperature.

i was out by bus to clapham junction, south london, to the lidl and asda there…( to buy asda basic ketchup which at 34p for 550ml is very good value. it got a nice thick consistency and a good red colour.) and really enjoyed the weather. it is nice to be able to just hop on the bus and go anywhere i like and at no cost at all to me. i think it is one of the best things about my living in london.

this morning the papers were reporting the sudden death of the duke of westminster. and he is the same age as me, or rather slightly younger. it always gives me a turn to read someone who is close to my age dying suddenly like that. and of course that person is bound to be rather famous , or their death would not be reported so widely in the papers. for all their wealth they die , relatively young i am thinking;  as i am the same age. my idea of old seem to get thrown further and further into the  years as i go older myself. haha. now i think 90 is old.

it does remind me of my mortality.

health , good health is really priceless and if the poorest of us have it, they are rich indeed.