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today is real equinox

17 Mar

london 6.38am 7C sunny tuesday 2020

its a lovely morning today. and according to google today is the real equinox


Tuesday, 17 March 2020 (GMT)

Sunrise in London, UK


Tuesday, 17 March 2020 (GMT)

Sunset in London, UK

KODAK Digital Still Camera

life is free doughnuts

26 Sep

london 9.35am 18C rain thursday 2019

SUN                       Madrid      Paris           Berlin         NewYork   LasPalmasdegrancanary
RISE 6:54AM        8:06AM      7:43AM      6:59AM      6:48AM      7:53AM
SET   6:54PM        8:08PM       7:43PM      6:58PM      6:48PM      7:55PM

its all man made really, the clock settings , just so we get the sunrise times that we like. haha. and i suppose it gives endless fun to people who like to see the way time can be manipulated all over the world. 

2.41pm virgin lounge haymarket 19C.

earlier, i was in chinatown, trying to get free dumplings. it is dumpling day today and the restaurants there are giving away free dumplings, unfortunately it runs out very early. i was queueing in the dumpling legend restaurant queue, and saw plenty of people walkng by eating dumplings which they got from other restaurants, and then half hour after it dished out the dumplings, the man from the restaurant went down the queue saying they have run out , so all our waiting was for nothing. i wish they had told us earlier, then we could at least have gone to other places. i dont even know what they are giving out, to make so many join in the queue for it. but luckily there was another place giving out free stuff, it is a place selling doughnuts. and it was nearby in soho. so i went there and queued up and got mine. it is a bourbon doughnut. and took it to the virgin lounge, and there met some of the malaysian women who do these freebies, and they did not know of the doughnuts. so they went there hoping they are still giving it out, but they returned to say they missed it, only 200 given out. 

anyway, it is all best not to be too obsessed about getting these free food, nice to get it , but it is ok if you missed it. after all, if u really want it you can always buy them. i must say it is very nice life i lead, if all i need to worry about is to get these free food. haha. i think of it as just a bit of fun. 

this is thursday so lidl will be changing its 6 bargain price vegetables , and i see they are selling celery 35p,brocolli 59p, mixed salads 55p, which i shall buy . i fancy vegetables. added 7.55pm, the salad mix was mainly spinach, i thought it was salad leaves like various kinds of lettuce, rocket,etc that kind of thing, but it was mainly spinach, so i did not buy it. if i wanted spinach it is much better value to buy bags of spinach.

i have dinner of the veg that i bought, and it was very nice. because i used oyster sauce, and barbecue sauces and ketchup , those combination seem to make a very nice tasty sauce. when u cook vegetables, the sauce is important, the veg gets their taste from the sauce, because vegetables by themselves dont have any taste at all really. they have texture, and that is what u get with vegetables.

added 4.44pm . came back from my lidl shopping. i went there straight after the virgin lounge, as the bus 88 goes there, there being the lidl in stockwell. anyway, it has made me buy a lot more other things whilst i was there. so it certainly seems to be a good strategy, to offer lower prices just to get us to go there, and once there we tend to buy other stuff that we need too, and in my case even when it is cheaper elsewhere. for eg, i bought onions from lidl, even though i know that aldi sells it cheaper. but aldi has only very limited number branches in london (only two in fact) and the nearest branch from me is in tooting broadway , a long way away from me. lidl is so much nearer, a short bus ride from me in stockwell. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the bourbon is in the creamy stuff in the middle, to me it just taste bitter. all liquor tastes bitter to me, so that it is wasted on me, i just dont appreciate it. 


day and night are equal 12hrs long today

18 Mar

london 10.39am 0.6C cloudy sunday 2018. still no snow storm nor heavy snow drifts. high 0.9C low -0.3C

i saw this in the weather website today.

Length of Day 12 h 0 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 58 seconds longer

sunrise 6:08 AM sunset 6:10 PM

its funny, i always thought sunset and sunrise times should be the same if the day is equal to night. but the above shows it is not so. will be interesting to see what it is tomorrow. will it be same setting and rising times, making it equally 6.09 or will it flip over. added. 19.3.18 sunrise 6.05am sunset 6.11pm

so by rights, today is the spring equinox.

it can go by without us noticing, because it is not dramatic. unlike the shortest day or the longest day. near the equator everyone experiences it everyday. i live there for 22yrs, whilst growing up, and i know none of us take a blind bit of notice of it. haha. we get so much sun during the day, we are quite glad to welcome the evening and the night as it is so much cooler  and people come out then. added i found i made this same observation in 2014 at the same day. i also found a post of mine that explains why the equinox does not equate to equal day and night. hint. it is due to the size of the sun…

 Digital StillCamera

 very pretty patterns that the snow makes on the shed roof.

there has been no heavy snowfall at all today. though if u read the papers you would not think so. ah well, perhaps they have a reason for talking up this so called beast of the east 2, it is more like baby beast really.

this morning only the top of the parked cars have a layer of snow on them. i wonder if people have been scared off attending the st patrick day procession at trafalgar square today.

its a real pleasant day out when i went to the paddington library today. but i think i am a minority to enjoy this weather. majority dont like this . 

added. 11am 1C cloudy but sun is coming out 19.3.18 monday sunrise 6.05am sunset 6.11pm it says winds are from the west, yet everyone tells me we are getting winds from the east, that is why it is called the beast from the east. so who is right?

Length of Day 19.3.18
12 h 4 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 58 seconds longer
so looks like the days are lengthening.

do u realise all of us are speeding round the sun, and spinning on the earth right now even when we are sitting still

20 Mar

london 7.50am 12.3C cloudy monday 2017

Mar. 20, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:02 AM GMT 6:13 PM GMT
Length of Day
12h 10m
Tomorrow will be 3m58s longer.

today is supposed to be the spring equinox, meaning day and night are equally 12hrs long. but as u can see, it is not. i wonder why it is not. maybe the world is moving at a different speed than what we calculate it should. either slowing down or speeding up as it moves round the sun. more likely to be slowing down, somehow that is what we are used to when something is in motion, it tends to slow down… but then someone has said the universe is expanding faster.

added. 7.30am tuesday 21.3.16 8C sunny. read in this article that the date of the equinox changes because of the elliptical orbit of the earth round the sun. 

The dates of the equinoxes and solstices aren’t fixed due to the Earth’s elliptical orbit of the sun. The Earth’s orbit around the sun means that in early January, the sun is closest (known as perihelion) and in early July it is most distant (aphelion).

the whole idea that all of us are speeding about all over the universe whilst we feel we are sitting still, seems so outlandish, it is hard to wrap our thinking round it. everyday we can see evidence that we are speeding through space at a fast rate, when we see the sun moving from sunrise to sunset, and we notice the effect of the earth moving round the sun, when we notice the seasons. it sounds fantastic doesn’t it?


eggs are hatching now that spring is here

19 Mar

london 9.21am 13.3C cloudy sunday 2017

Mar. 19, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:05 AM GMT 6:12 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 13h 13m
Length of Day
12h 06m
Tomorrow will be 3m59s longer.

its not even the equinox yet,(supposed to be on tomorrow) but allready the days are getting longer than the 12hrs day and night. one of the funny quirks that must make those with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)go mad. for those who like nature to conform to their well ordered calculations, it must be irksome. for the rest of us who like the day to go longer, there is nothing to show us yet that it is getting longer. a few seconds dont make much difference, when cloud can obscure sunrise or sunset. we will notice it getting longer when summer time kicks in. that would be in a week’s time.

it has been rather warm though. all day yesterday and all through the early hours of this morning it has been hovering around the 11C-13C mark. it may not sound like much to those living with 30C temperatures, but it is very pleasant for us here. it heralds a change and that is as good as a holiday. haha.

and i saw a clothes moth fluttering in my lounge. the first of the season. haha. the windows were closed so it must have hatched out in my flat. i had hoped the winter cold would kill the eggs, but it obviously did not. i guess u could say i am one of those who are responsible for the plague of clothes moths to come this summer. we are the secret breeders of them in our homes. its like those neglectful gardeners who dont take care of their garden and allow weeds to grow and contribute to the weeds seeds being produced to scatter in the wind and spread itself all over the country and their next door neighbour with his well tended lawns. hehe. some might say they have the right to spread themselves, after all they were here before us humans, haha. though many a gardener would have loved to have them go extinct.

there is all this anguish about species going extinct, i am sure plenty must be thinking i would love it if the mosquito would get extinct. or if u are in scotland, the midges.

added. 12.28pm 14.5C cloudy library paddington. 

Digital StillCamera

new books that i just now borrowed from the library. the bill bryson one is not new of course, as it was published in 2000. but i think it is a new paperback edition. the sarah dunant is definitely new. 

marches in central london

18 Mar

london 1.37pm 14.7C cloudy saturday 2017

another weekend, another protest march.

today there are two of them, 6th anniversary syrian march, from marble arch to oxford st to merge with the against racism march from portland place to parliament square. the routes for them seen here in this link.

i saw mention of the anti racism one when i googled , so know to avoid that part of london, but did not know of that syrian one. but luckily i avoided both of them. i took the bus no 2, from marylebone, at about 12.30pm even though the bus stop warned there will be no service of that bus from 11.30am onwards. the bus 2 route dont really go down oxford st, though it does go through a small part of oxford st at the marble arch end;   and any marches starting from there will block the route. but from that twitter website, it seems there were not many people going on the syrian march, and so they  delay it by an hour. well when the bus i was on came to that end of oxford st, there were no one marching or carrying banners there. no litter with their protest slogans at all.  not a single sign to show they have been there.  perhaps they have all moved on to oxford circus and left the area round marble arch. if so, they are very tidy haha. maybe after 6 yrs of doing it every year, they have got a bit bored with it. haha. 


 some commenters  on that twitter site were talking of traffic and ordinary people being inconvenienced by these marches. and tomorrow there will be more disruption as the st patrick procession will occur. ah well, perhaps the businesses in that part of london gain from having so many people come to london for these things. after all , those marchers, and those coming to celebrate st patrick, will need to eat and they might even be tempted to shop. who knows.

but what about many others like me who avoid going to that part of central london. perhaps there are very few people like me. though from my experience, even for people like me, there is no need to avoid that area at all, seeing that only the buses are disrupted , and the tubes are normal. so perhaps it really dont inconvenience any one really. i would say the biggest people affected are drivers. but then, no one in their right minds should be driving in central london anyway. i think drivers in london are the bogeys , no one cares about them . haha. they get less road every year, as more of it is taken up by bike lanes, which are mostly desserted most of the day. then if that is not bad enough, there are the bus lanes, where they are not allowed to enter. and i am not even mentioning the parking charges, if u can find any empty spaces , and the congestion charge. 

added. 7.58pm 14.2C what do u make of this, i happen to take a look at the sunrise and sunset times 

Mar. 18, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:07 AM GMT 6:10 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 13h 09m
Length of Day
12h 02m
Tomorrow will be 3m57s longer.

so it looks like today is the equinox. or even yesterday was the equinox. but it will be interesting to see what happens as we near 21st march. i had a look at the same time in 2016 and saw i made the same observation that year too but on 19march 2016. i forgot to take a snapshot of the situation on the 21st 20th march 2016 to compare. this year i shall, just to see what it gets up to on the 21st , if it is not equal day and night.

added. google tells me 2017 spring equinox is on 20march 10.29 GMT


first day of autumn, or so they say

23 Sep

london 4.36pm cloudy with sunny spells 17C wednesday 2015

google got a new doodle which reminds me today is the autumn equinox. so they said it is the first day of autumn. i always used to think it is the 21st but it is not so. even then, if u look at the chart below, it is still not yet exactly 12hrs. tomorrow is shorter still, and it might take another 2days before it equals 12hrs. i have given up trying to understand why it is the way it is. haha. 

if u look outside or look around you there is nothing to tell u autumn is starting. the trees are still green and not shedding much leaves. at least in london. there are even roses in bloom so i dont think we will feel it is autumn until much later, at the time when the clocks change, (oct25th this year) i think.

but then living in the city, i think we are insulated a bit from the changes of the season. there are no blackberry bushes around here so we dont get to see or harvest blackberries.

there is an apple tree nearby, and it is laden with red apples but they are small and i am not sure if they are edible. i think the plant is grown as an ornamental tree. they will litter the ground and cause a mess. more work for the poor road sweeper. haha. as if leaves are not a bother allready.

but not living in a farm, we city folks dont really notice these seasonal changes. i am glad of it, because all the roads in the city are paved and so there is no muddy tracks that clog up the shoes every time we go out. we dont realise how it is a real bother to clean the shoes not to mention they get so heavy  as the mud accummulates. just because we dont have to contend with mud, we forget how bothersome they can be. imagine trying to keep a flat clean if every time you go out u bring in lots of mud when u come back.

sometimes i am reminded of a london that is muddy in olden days. some houses have a small hole in the support at the bottom of their steps, with a iron grate to scrap the mud off the shoes and boots. 

Sep. 24, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:49 AM BST 6:55 PM BST
Length of Day
12h 06m
Tomorrow will be 3m55s shorter.
Sep. 23, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:47 AM BST 6:57 PM BST
Length of Day
12h 09m
Tomorrow will be 3m56s shorter

first day of spring

20 Mar


Google got a nice doodle about it today. now that i am using chrome as my internet browser, i get to see it. in the past i have to go to google search and since i dont search much, i sometimes miss seeing the doodles. this is what i see in my weather chart today. so the day is not actually equal.

Mar. 20, 2014 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:03 AM GMT 6:13 PM GMT
Civil Twilight 5:30 AM GMT 6:46 PM GMT
Nautical Twilight 4:51 AM GMT 7:26 PM GMT
Astronomical Twilight 4:10 AM GMT 8:07 PM GMT
Moon 10:47 PM GMT 7:33 AM GMT
Length Of Visible Light 13h 16m
Length of Day
12h 09m
Tomorrow will be 3m 58s longer.

i have puzzled why it is not equal today when it is supposed to be so, and i got a good explanation of it here. its a wiki page and worth a look.

Another meaning of equinox is the date when day and night are the same length.[3] The equinox is not exactly the same as the day when day and night are of equal length for two reasons. Firstly, because of the size of the sun, the top of the disk rises above the horizon (constituting ‘sunrise’ which is the start of ‘daytime’) when the center of the disk is still below the horizon. Secondly, Earth’s atmosphere refracts sunlight which means that an observer can experience light (daytime) even before the first glimpse of the sun’s disk has risen above the horizon. To avoid this ambiguity the term equilux is sometimes used in this sense.[4][note 1] Times of sunset and sunrise vary with an observer’s location (longitude and latitude), so the dates when day and night are of exactly equal length likewise depend on location. For places near the equator the daytime is always longer than the night, so they would never experience an equinox by this definition.

of course it is really not important why it is so, after all life still goes on even if u are ignorant of why the day is equal two days before the sun actually gets to be directly overhead the equator today. i suppose they will have a good explanation why it is not 21st march instead of today. i always thought it falls on the 21st. 

though reading all that it makes me realise how big the sun is. but really everyday should tell me how big and powerful the sun is, when it is so far away and yet burns away enough heat and light to pour onto the earth to sustain life and even then it is only a fraction of what it puts out falls on the earth, it is radiating all this 360degrees for millions of years.

I dont seem to dislike winter as much as most folks , maybe because in london winter is very mild, so the coming of spring is another way mark in the ever changing season which itself is enjoyable for its own sake. it makes for a bit of variety , 4 seasons to enjoy throughout the year which is another reason why i like living in these temperate latitudes. 

today is 12hrs long. so how come it is not the equinox?

18 Mar

london tuesday

Today is allready 12hrs long, so we are allready equal day and night. so what gives? isnt 21mar the equinox when we would expect that to happen?

Mar. 18, 2014 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:08 AM GMT 6:10 PM GMT
Civil Twilight 5:34 AM GMT 6:43 PM GMT
Nautical Twilight 4:55 AM GMT 7:22 PM GMT
Astronomical Twilight 4:15 AM GMT 8:03 PM GMT
Moon 8:29 PM GMT 6:35 AM GMT
Length Of Visible Light 13h 08m
Length of Day
12h 01m
Tomorrow will be 3m 59s longer.

Maybe our calendar is getting out of sync with the real world.