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money bills

9 Feb

london 12.32pm 5.4C overcast (that means cloudy) friday 2018

its actually quite pleasant outside, i was out earlier and it felt fine, but of course i was well wrapped up with my woolly beanie, and my scarf and my thinsulate gloves. all items that i found over the years. haha. and i take them out every winter to put them to good use.

this year is mild, i did not have to put on a lot of layers, nor use a heavy duty fleece jacket with a hood and which  comes right down to my knees;  that i keep specially for very cold winters. but this winter i did not have to use it at all.

i have used up all my old £10 notes today. used them to pay in advance my flat service charge fees. they sent us the bill every six months, and the next one will be due in March, but the old £10 notes will cease to be legal tender on 1st March. so i thought i better pay it in advance of the closing date and get rid of them that way. 

i think using up my old £20 notes when they expire in 2020 will be much more of a chore and bother. i have many more £20 notes than i have got the  £10 notes. they are the notes everyone go to if they have bills to pay and they want to use cash. and i think the treasury will have a job printing a lot of new ones when they replace the old ones. a lot will have to be printed to satisfy demand.

so from now on i am using the £20 notes every chance i get , that means every time i buy something . haha. i wonder whether others are doing that too.

maybe not, as most people dont plan so far ahead.

i think if i were to be overseas and have these british notes i would be very irritated that i have to change them and keep pace with all this issueing of new notes. maybe that is why people prefer to deal in US $s. the USA never change their notes do they. so it will be legal tender like for ever. the same might be said for the euro. with the added advantage that the euro have 500 euro denominations bills. that is great for money launderers. i am sure the euro must be their currency of choice. and it also explains why people quote everything in US$s. also the £ tend to go up and down in value, and trending generally downwards. so better to use the US$ instead, or euros.

that reminds me what is the price of gold now? $1249.50 per ounce. £1=US$1.38 though u never get these rates when u go to a money lender. 

dow jones index 23860

FT se 100 7107



eu and our leaving

8 Oct

london 8.51pm 14.2C saturday 2016

trouble with nowadays when news is so easily available and news feeds throw news our way continuously, it makes u feel as if there is so much turmoil in the world.

if not from man made killings, it is huricanes, like the one hitting america’s florida coast. it has devastated haiti, but it seems its force has gone down once it hit the coast. islands by the very nature get the worst blast from them. nothing to block them and deplete their force. these islands are considered paradise , or what paradise is like, but it  is not so paradisical as far as i am concerned. these devastating huricanes are not an isolated incident. it happens almost every year.

not many places in the world are trouble free from nature. that is why i consider uk as paradisical, in that the weather here is friendly and never extreme. if it does go extreme it is not horribly extreme. if that is not paradise, what is?

i had a very pleasant day today. nothing dramatic happened, but got a little bit of everything.

freebies to collect… free coffee from john lewis, and lego bricks from daily mail which i collected from the whsmith store in victoria station. so far i had not felt the urge to break open the pack and build it up.

and i avoided the traffic jam on that part of the west end that borders hydepark. there were marchers who had marched from the north to london to enact king harolds march to hastings to fight the normans, and where he got an arrow in his eye that ended it all. they had amassed at hyde park, and i supposed would have been quite nice to see, as they are wearing costumes, and i daresay the papers tomorrow will show them. but in terms of getting around london, i am glad i avoided them.

its quite a normal day in london, people going about their business, whether shopping or eating out, which is all i see, from the top of the bus. you would think that is all they do, but then they all look like tourists. and they are enjoying themselves what with the £ costing so much less now. its parity now. £1= 1 euro.

i can see the businesses in central london may well depand on the tourists spending their money. how else are they going to get customers, certainly it would not be possible to have so many businesses like there are here making a profit if they only rely on locals patronising them. every  business seem to be full of customers inside. it might be to uk ‘s advantage that the £ is low… tourism will boom.

the papers are also full of articles about the fears of eu punishing uk for voting to leave. they have threatened it, so it is not a fear that is unfounded. we shall see if they really can do it and not make themselves lose money. and obviously they will try their best to steal business from the city of london and other uk businesses. but they are especially eager to bring back financial business back to a european capital, and centre it in frankfurt or paris. though plenty of observers say they dont have the expertise , and the business will go to new york, if they try to cut out london. or the whole thing fails and they do not get london or new york and their own businesses find it hard to raise finances or do any business. we shall see.

in the meantime i think we here in uk will have to keep to our shores, and forego foreign holidays for a time. at least for those of us who like a bargain. because it really rankles when the £ does not buy as much as it did before in europe. at least i get rankled haha. that is why i stopped going to europe when it dropped from £1=1.50euros to £1=1.20euros. now that it is £1=1euro, there is even less reason to go there. for me anyway.

i have yet to hear from my friends who have recently gone to europe. perhaps they did not notice much difference.  perhaps their liking for europe overides the low £, and they will still like going there. i wonder if the low £ will entice even those in europe who dont like to travel to come to england. or will they get so angry with uk voting to leave that they refuse on principle to come here. haha.

i have someone in the gay website telling me he is coming to uk, he is from bulgaria,and recently i got a message from him saying he is here, in london and staying at a hostel in bloomsbury. he wants to find work as a kitchen porter. his written english is good but he says his spoken english is poor. and from the news the govt has conceded that most of those eu citizens who are here will remain, as they cannot be forced to leave legally. so i think anyone who comes in now and work here will be allowed to remain. they will be given automatic leave to remain when uk finally leaves after giving the two year notice. uk is very gay friendly, and is ideal for a gay guy to come and live. 

i ahve a feeling eu citizens will still be allowed to come to work, uk needs them to fill up the vacancies. people should make a distinction between those who come specifically to bring their families and claim benefits from those who come to work and take up the job opportunities for work here. though if the £ remain low, i wonder if they might not find it not worth the effort as the money they earn will get less when they send it back to their home countries. 

added.7am sunday 9.10.16. i had word from him that it is difficult to open a bank account now. he said it was easier in the past. without a bank account it will be difficult to get that job. i suspect it is a catch 22, he cant get a bank account unless he gets a proper address, instead of a hostel; or a proper job.

 i have a feeling lots of new comers will get this drip drip obstacles put in their path. not only in uk with newcomers, but in europe, with uk citizens maybe not being able to get free medical treatment in europe. it is not a problem for uk tourists visiting europe, most will have travel insurance, but the long term stayers, the expats, they will feel it if they dont get their usual free access to medical care. 

added. 8.06pm 12.8 light rain,monday 17.10.16. i got a message just now from the bulgarian guy who came to london to work. he started work on 11.10.16. and lack of a bank account was not needed to get the job, he just needs one so that his salary can be put in it. so he used his friend’s account. it seems very easy to get jobs here. it looks like london need these eu workers to fill the vacancies.

 added. 7pm 13C wednesday 19.10.16 he got a job as a kitchen porter in a 5star hotel,

he says ‘ Yes they give us free meal and soft drinks.
Im working 9-10 hours per day from 7 pm to 5 or 6 am
with 1 hour break and in this hour we eating and drinking in zale for staff.’

its long hours, but hey, if i were him, i wont mind. after all the idea is to make money here. and long hours means the daily wage will be higher. even at minimum wage of about £7 an hour, that means about £70 , less tax and national insurance  so maybe £50 a day. it is possible he might get higher wage scale for the unsocial hours and weekend work. so he is looking at least £1000 a month take home pay. maybe more. hmm, i shall have to see if i can get him to tell me how much he gets. haha. but i can see why this kind of work will not appeal to the british person. such long hours… not to mention if i am on income support that is £65 a week,given to me free money…  plus if i get free housing, (£500 a month, if not more even if it is a room, and if a long term benefit person i  might have a one bedroom flat allocated to him by now, rent free or paid for by social security. ) he would have to earn hell of a lot more than £1000 a month to afford the rent. so no wonder none of them want this kind of work. 


just to write something.

3 Sep

london 4.20pm 20.6C cloudy saturday 2016

you have heard of bloggers saying they love to write, and want to be a writer. but they never say what they are going to write about.

well that is what i am finding out that applies to me too. i want to write something in this post, just because i like to write something. but the trouble is i dont really have any theme or subject i want to write about.

or rather i have lots to write about, but i cant help thinking they are rather mundane and only of interest to me. things like groceries, and prices of stuff…

or about what i see on the bus. or the disruption of the bus route back from the library, this afternoon, due to a demonstration at parliament square. i saw lots of placards with the EU circle of stars logo.

i thought it was pro EU remainers, but i saw this article in the daily mail about it, and it seems it is part of a country wide demo by both brexit and remainers, ahead of a parliament debate on monday about whether we should have another referendum. 

after all the disruption that has happened because of our vote to exit, i think it silly to have another referendum and bring in lots more confusion.  if we vote to remain on a second vote on a tiny majority, which one will we follow then?  its just asking for trouble. the country should just get on with exiting, and take it from there. 

 but i guess it is just a bit of confusion until people see what really happens to europe. if it sinks, they will all be glad to get out, but if it begins to prosper , they will all want in. judging from what i see, europe seems to sink , rather than swim.

i have always wondered why the market thinks the £ is weaker than the euro, to me the opposite is the case, and i think once we let that sink in to the world’s consciousness, they will realise that all this time, it is the presence of the UK in the EU that has propped up what seems to be the impression of strength of the euro. once the UK is taken out of the equation they will realise the euro is a very weak currency and then we shall see it go into a steep dive when the market takes its about -turn and attack the euro. that is my prediction.

just to show how paradoxical it is, a fall in the euro is exactly what the EU govts wants. they have tried QE, printing money, lowering interest rates, but the us and £ continue to trump it by falling even faster. every country is trying to win the race to the bottom, making their currency lower relative to everyone else’s.so if the euro comes under attack and falls in value, it would be great for the EU. their goods will be less expensive and they can export more, and growth might result. as it is, the persistent high value of the Euro is making it harder for the EU countries to get out of the stagnation they are in now. this link might explain why they all want a cheaper currency.

gerard st, chinatown. lots of chinese restaurants closing so that other businesses are able to come in to set up like that betting shop behind the lions.

the tv was showing a doc of the carpenters, such lovely songs and brings back nostalgic memories for me. its nice to hear them again.