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poisoned chalice

6 Dec


It is 11.30 pm 5.12.12 now and the temp outside is supposed to be about 1.2C according to the weather website.

Inside, the card thermomether that I got from the nhs is between 15C and 12C. Or at least that is what I assume, as I can see both these numbers appearing.

But I don’t feel cold at all. That is normal , but what I meant is that I don’t feel the furniture is cold. Usually that is the only way I can tell it is really cold. Haha.

My heating is not on and since I have not need to do that for 4winters already, (even that one where they say it is the coldest for 100 yrs ; cannot remember which winter that was as they have said it more than once before.haha) I am confident this year will be the same.

Oh I just realised I have a hot water bottle at my feet . So maybe that is why I don’t feel the cold.

I read in the papers today that the average household is spending about £65 a week on the house with utilities bills, mainly heating accounting for £22 a week of it. and about £54 a week on food.
Their utilities bill is huge.

My electric bill is £20 a month and that is for everything electric in the flat. granted it is not used for heating.

But people esp those with children always think their children will die if the house is not heated up. Then the children run around lightly clad and catch cold easily the moment they get out and the sudden change in temperature.

And even my nhs card thermometer, (they give it out free) tells me next to the 12C mark …’too cold, increased risk of heart attack and strokes in vulnerable people‘.

With advise like that no wonder people over heat their houses.




Added today 6.12.12
Temperature according to the website is -1C outside. It is 12C inside my flat.

Didn’t feel that cold and I opened my windows a notch to get some ventilation. It still didn’t feel that cold even then.

Read this about some ec countries not entering the Eurovision song contest for 2013. Greece, Poland, Portugal and cyprus. They not only don’t want to pay £100,000 to enter, but are afraid of the £60million bill if they win and have to host it.

Here is where winning is losing. It is silly to enter a competition wanting to lose, just because it costs more to win it.

A bit like the Olympics hosting. Brazil got the poisoned chalice next Olympics. Suckers. Haha.

I wonder when it will dawn on these suckers that they have been conned into paying for something that does them no good.

The uk is now counting the costs of our Olympics. Haha. The extra cost for security is the one that killed all the carefully thought out calculations. We are all glad it is over and for heavens sake if anyone ask us to bid again, knock that person on the head quick.


Some people don’t know what they are asking. Beware of what u want, u will get it. (And then wish to god u have not got it).

Football is a strange thing.
Chelsea were the champions last year, but today I read that even after winning 6-1 , they are not going to play in the knock out matches.

So just because u won last year does not qualify u to defend your title next year.