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a change of action

12 Nov

london 12.39pm 14.1C sunny rain with hail monday 2018

the time have flown past, i did not realise i have missed writing a post yesterday. my last post was titled a ordinary day. well i was wrong. it was an extraordinary day.

i had fractured my right foot (last time it was the left foot) without realising how i did it. i went for the circuit training on wednesday and i noticed the pain on my right foot on friday and by saturday it had become swollen.

at first i thought it might be due to a spider bite, because just the day before i saw a big spider walk by me on the sofa. i dont kill them as i think they are beneficial to keep insects in check.

but later i saw it was just like the time i had fractured by right foot. the symptoms were the same. so now i know not to put any weight on it but to rest it completely. i have given the crutches back to the hospital so i dont have them to use. so i have to crawl about the flat on my knees, just to put my foot out of pressure by not walking on it.

i know how important it is to keep the weight off the foot for it to heal. and it is healing now. the swelling is going down, even the redness has gone down. so i am not going to see the doctor about it as my body seem to be handling it well. i know the doctor will do the same advise , rest the foot, and let it heal. he might prescribe antibiotics, but so far i dont see the need,as i am not getting any fever, and the swelling is going down. i think it must be a small fracture this time. but it does make me reassess what i shall do in future. it seems i might be prone to weakening of the bones, if i can get fracture so easily. i might have to do more weight training,(and not do circuit training which would be rather sad)  sit out in the sun, and eat more calcium food. which means more green vegetables. the trainer who does our circuit training also do a weight training session so i might ask him about that and shift from the circuit training to the weight training.

i have noticed my muscles are wasting away, in that my arms and legs are thinner, and i find i dont have any strength in them. this is not good. as we go older our muscles can waste away… and it is important to keep muscle building to keep them functioning. there are  muscle weight exercise machine in the communal gardens in our estate. it has been installed by council for quite some time now, but i have not felt the need to use them.  it might be a good idea to use it more now.

so those are my new intentions once this foot heals. time to develop more of these habits so that i make a routine out of it.

day by day

30 Aug

london 10.52am wednesday 2017 15.5C cloudy

12.09pm rain

i came out even though it was raining, because i want to return simon’s library book. i think it is overdue, because when i returned it, the self service machine said there is something that needs my attention in his library record. i could not go in of course, not knowing his password, but i shall tell him of this. anyway it is  a small fine, really and he can well afford to pay it. haha.

then i walked to the sainsburys to put in more points, from simon’s purchase.

then i took this bus i am on now ,bus 24 ,to the virgin lounge as i fancy going there to read the papers rather than go to the library.

now i am stuck in the queue to parliament square. there is always a queue here, because of the traffic lights, i think, rather than the heavy traffic. or it might be the heavy traffic too. but i see flashing police lights so maybe there is something going on. who knows really.

there have been some scares recently, one involving an exploding vaping cigarette in euston station. usually if they explode it is during charging, so i wonder if this one is not charging and still exploded. that would be of concern if it is so. ah well, 1st world problems you might say. 


drenched tourists on the sightseeing open top buses. a near empty top deck on my bus. just a family with kids in the front. it seems every wednesday it rains. haha. 

we are clear of the jam now, and the flashing lights dont seem to be of any significance. 

inside the virgin lounge now. 1.03pm 

9.28pm 14.4C dry now. but had been raining for quite a bit.

quite a drastic change in the temperature , been about 15C all day. and raining for most of it…though i have been out and about wearing just my shorts.  i did wear  a track top with a hood. that seems enough. it is not really cold, and it seems to me it is the wind that makes it feel cold. that is why having a hoodie makes a lot of difference to how i feel.

anyway i went to the circuit training this afternoon. i thought it will stop when our trainer told us he was going away for 2wks on his holiday, but it seems there will be replacement trainers to take us whilst he is away. today there were only 2 of us, me and another. but it was a good workout. the new trainer got new exercises that we have not got before. it is a change from my first time, when i nearly fainted. but now i can do it all without difficulty. have i got stronger? or have i just learned to breathe better and pace myself? it is a nice feeling after this workout. 


i am starting to get exercise now

3 Aug

london 3.20pm 20.8C cloudybright thursday 2017

i went to a meetup.com men circuit training session yesterday.

i belong to meetup.com group and they send me notification of new meetup groups and this one came up. it was at chelsea gym and free. and it does not even require that i be a member of the gym to attend. so what not to like right?

i immediately signed up and that was how i find myself there at 3pm yesterday. it was a really nice experience in that i got to find out what a circuit training is about and also i got a trainer who was able to keep an eye out on me, when i told him i have never done it before. he was able to see when the exercises got too much for me even before i realise it myself and suggested alternative ways to do the exercise and finally even suggested i sit the rest of it  and lie down. i am glad he did , because when i was lying down it hit me… i felt a bit faint… those exercises look deceptively easy but they sure take a lot out of me, and what is more i did not even realise it at the time. it seems the secret is to pace yourself… you do each exercise , there were 12 of them in a circle, for 1min… and pacing yourself is the important thing so you dont tire yourself out. the mistake people make is to do it quickly and that is not the thing to do. it is not a race.  

of course, i was very out of shape, having not done any exercises or gone to the gym for 2-3 yrs now. this one came along at the right time… as i have been thinking of resuming my fitness regime but was too lazy to make the effort. this one will let me into the front door as it were and as i gain in stamina i shall start taking up more activities on my own initiative. but this one , with its commitment to go once a week will keep me motivated. it helps to have a trainer guiding me , not to mention making sure i dont over do it.

i am hoping more of the others who have signed up start attending the sessions. so far there are 30 members who have put their names down, but only two of us turned up that time. lets hope more of them take the plunge and come to the sessions. i suppose part of the discouragement must be the fact that the sessions will show u up if u have not got the stamina, and some people might not like it and feel inadequate if they have  take it easy and even drop out as it were to take a  rest and to recover , as it shows their lack of stamina exposed to others. i dont mind, but then i dont mind showing my lack of stamina haha and how unfit i am. 


screening for health

11 Aug

london 20.7C 1.40pm thursday 2016

went to chinatown to buy black soya sauce, and there i see reduced price dry indo instant mee, 50p for 5packs, (from £2). so i bought it, as it is only 10p a pack. cant get that price nowadays for plain instant noodles. and these include sachets of seasoning, oil, etc. and 80gms too. when i got back , i tried one. and it is really very good. so much so that i am tempted to go back and buy some more. they are real convenient for when u are hungry and just want something to eat in a hurry. 

i decided to go to the pimlico library and there saw a desk with some volunteers offering to find your blood pressure readings…. so i got my blood pressure taken, the first reading came to 135/92, which was rather high i thought. well, it is on the border of getting into the borderline shaded area.

the 2nd reading came to 121/82…well within the normal area.  big difference. it seems it always happen like that… they blame the subject for being a bit excited at first, before calming down. but such a big difference? hmm, i sometimes wonder how exact this so called science of reading the blood pressure. a machine read it, on this occasion. if it can flunctuate so much how accurate is it then… and also can one mindfully control the blood pressure . i mean by mind alone? didn’t someone say meditation alone can reduce blood pressure? i actually tried it when the second reading was taken, but not sure if my mindfulness lowered my blood pressure. 

they ask me to sign a petition to ask the govt not to reduce funding for stroke care. which i was glad to sign actually. he said there is less funds for care of stroke patients. i can see it will be a problem, finding carers for them, not to mention dementia patients as well.

 i asked about prevention of stroke,because i always like prevention rather than wait to get it and deal with the consequences of it;  but it seems they dont really know what is best… only suggesting general ideas like exercise, being active, and diet i suppose. but no one seem to know really how to prevent it. why some people get it and others dont… as i understand it strokes are caused when something blocks small blood vessels in the brain… and that area of the brain dies from lack of blood. i heard that aspirins can be taken as a preventive measure for those who suffer their first stroke, to prevent another. also anticoagulants… esp after an operation. but no one seem to be talking of aspirins nowadays. so maybe gastric bleeding as a side effect of it may have dampen their enthusiasm for it. as usual u take one medication to prevent something, and it will cause a lot of other problems. i mean they are having doubts about statins now… 

chatting to them reminds me that i should really get back to swimming regularly… i have stopped doing that for about a year. must get into that habit again i think.

this afternoon i shall be going to another check up .the good thing about living in central london is that everything is near me, and this place holding the screening is a short walk from where i live.

 the nhs contacted me for it. it is abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. it is the weakening of the wall of the aorta, which is the blood vessel that takes blood from the heart and send it all over the body. if weakened, the wall can balloon out. it looks like they screen everyone over 65yrs old. i wonder what caused that weakening of the wall. ah well, if all this make me start exercising more, it can only be a good thing.

added 4.12pm got my screening, and everything is fine. he used a ultra scan to see into my abdomen and look for the widening of the abdominal aorta. but it seems even if they find something, there is not a lot they can do. they can only slow the decline, and even then the advise is to stop smoking, reduce weight… so really nothing that we dont know about. when he said to stop smoking, i thought it is like a knee jerk reaction. you got this,whatever it is, stop smoking… so what is the point of this screening  other than to worry someone out of their minds by letting them know they got a slowly widening walls of their aorta that can kill them? i would have thought in this case where nothing can be done anyway, ignorance may be bliss. unless it is just an exercise to get more funding for the GP haha. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

can u guess where this is taken? bet u cannot haha. looks a bit like the lower end of the star wars imperial war machines. it is really vauxhall bus station

daily exercise

14 Jan


Since taking up swimming, i have noticed that i want some daily exercise that i can do without too much setting aside time for it.

These set of exercise in the link below looks like what i want. they can be done easily everyday without interrupting my routine, and can be done anywhere, anytime.


I shall add sit ups and chest press, and back stretches. i like that there is a breathing exercise included.

I think deep breathing is essential. we all think we know about breathing as we do it evryday so what is there to know right? but few of us breathe deeply.

I think the underlying goodness of exercise is because it makes us, forces us , to breathe deeply and the whole thing is to enable the tissues to get oxygen, by increasng heart rate, increase circulation of blood to brain and body, increase use of oxygen by the tissues etc. The secret of good health is to allow all the tissues to get their oxygen. 



getting in shape and fitness

23 Aug

This weekend will be the last bank holiday weekend till dec when Christmas/new year comes.

So enjoy it while it lasts.haha.
This does not apply to me of course as I am in the wonderful position of being off the mainstream of society. Everyday to me is a holiday.

Its been very warm today, but I see from the forecast that here in London it will rain. Again not a matter of much concern to me. Haha.

I daresay most of us in London are not dependant on the weather so I think we shall not be too bothered if it rains or is overcast. This is not a seaside town and there are plenty of things to do indoors.

Certainly when I went to the sainsburys this evening to buy bargain loaves of bread (I bought two for34p each of 800mg hovis granary wholemeal) the restaurants near the supermarket were packed with customers.

The supermarket itself had lots of empty shelves so it looked like not many bargain meats will be left over for reduced sale after the holidays. I suppose the good weather have encouraged people to buy meat for barbeques.

I don’t mind that the bargain reduced priced for meats are not available anymore. as I have decided to reduce my food intake. Just to get back into shape. I noticed I have been putting on weight eating pork. I still got a lot of pork in the freezer but shall eat them in small amounts and finish them over a longer period.
This warm weather makes me less wanting meat.

Saw a tv program called the men who make us thin, showing a guy with an operation on his stomach whereby a tube leads out where he can drain a third of the food he has eaten into the toilet. Rather wasteful I thought, throwing away food like that.

This is rather an extreme alternative to those buliemic people who induce vomiting after a meal. it works for him because his before and after photos show a loss of weight.

Someone said in the program that the way to lose weight is to eat less, and then he adds, that is not possible.

I disagree … of course it is possible. In fact it is the most sensible way. You don’t eat so much, u save lots of money and u lose weight , and if u couple that with exercise you will feel fit too. and fitness may turn out to be more important than weight.
What that program concluded is that it is not the weight that is the end and be all, but the level of fitness, and fitness is not equal to thin. Thin people can be very unfit, whilst the converse is true too… not all fat people are unfit. Fitness is measured by stamina… how long u can do some exercise without stopping exhausted. If u run for the bus and find yourself gasping for breathe and feeling faint, u are unfit, no matter what u weigh.

Eating less is better than going on those diets, or drain the food away , or eat 2 meals of kelloggs super k cereals, which was one of the diets featured in the program.

So I am just gradually reducing my food. I usually have breakfast of porridge, and I eat more vegetables, less meat (chicken mainly) more fish, and one main meal a day… I find it quite easy to do. And I go swimming everyday. i noticed that i can swim more laps more continously now. 

I thought I shall just do some body shaping, my shoulders and lats are getting bigger from the swimming, which I do mainly breast strokes, so I thought I shall trim the waist with my reduced food intake just to get that v shape look.
Also this way I get fitter which may be the most important aspect of exercise.

jacques peretti

the bbc episode3 (expires in 13days and u might not be able to see it if u are not in the uk.)

 what i found revelatory was him doing exercises with two big size ladies, and they were out performing him, continueing long after he became exhausted and had to stop. it shows that fitness is more important than weight. 


 Added.18.9.13 i saw this post about sumo wrestlers , the video show one of them lifting the other and so end the fight. these guys are fat yet he must be quite strong to be able to lift the opponent. u might think they are fit, but i wonder. strength and weight are the requirements for this sport, but not fitness, as in stamina because the contest is over quite quickly.  the sport favours those who are very heavy yet strong