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even the smallest food shop is a chore when u got a bad foot.

16 Apr

london 10.20am easter sunday 2017 11C very sunny

i am running out of my basic foodstuff, like the tesco basic oats , milkpowder, sultanas. the trouble is they are cheapest at tesco, and only available in their big branches. not the little convenience stores outlets that are near me. even near me, it is quite a job walking to them. they are too near to get a bus. so i have to ask simon to get them, and he could not be bothered to go to the big tesco in vauxhall, and prefer to go to the the nearest supermarket. ah well. perhaps it is only me who dont like to pay over the odds for these things. i guess i do understand now what they meant when the elderly have to shop local and pay more for it, because it is too difficult for them to travel to the large supermarkets.

i mean the local sainsburys near me sells very small packs of milk powder for £2 for gawd’s sake. milk powder i find has really gone up tremendously because sainsburys has stopped doing their basic brand, which was 500mg for £1.15.  ah well, perhaps it does not matter much. as i hardly use a lot of it. the only time i use it is to colour my coffee and that only uses a small teaspoon. what i find rather miffy, is that john my usa friend will use my milk powder, when he runs out of fresh milk. and he uses lots of spoonfuls too. i have noticed this about people. they always use hell of a lot of it. i remembered i was so shocked when a friend came to visit me, and i offered him toast and jam, and he proceeded to spoon out half the amount of that full jar of jam to spread on his toast. he uses so much. and he was not even aware of how much he used. to him, it was so normal, he must think everyone does it like he do.  i was thinking here is one candidate for diabetes all right.

a friend who lives in brixton text me to ask me how i was. and when i told him about my foot, he offered to help me with shopping, and well, i jumped at his offer, because i really wanted chilli and ginger from brixton. so i asked him to buy them for me and then come to my flat to give it to me. oh dear , it is quite a imposition, but then he did offer to help. but it would be nice to have a visitor to visit me, too. nice to have a chat with a visitor.

i could ask simon or john to buy the chilli, and ginger, but it is out of their way to go to brixton. i mean if simon dont want to go across the river to vauxhall to the big tesco store, i doubt he will want to bother driving up to brixton just to buy chilli and ginger. and john is a stranger to london, and it would take too much time to explain to him where to get those packs of ginger and chilli.

 added 2.14pm i sent simon out to buy those things, and he returned to say all the supermarkets are shut. i forgot it is easter sunday. oh dear i sent him on a wild goose chase.

only ones open are like the sainsbury convenience ones near us, and that dont stock milk powder or anything useful. haha.

christmas is the only other day when all of the supermarkets close. in years past, the supermarkets open on easter sunday. but this year they must have realised sales are so low, it is not worth it.

added. 9.48pm . this thing about milk powder. the price rise has got me thinking… and looking more carefully into the ingredients. i was shocked to find it has 10mg of suger per 200ml. (about 2.5 teaspoonful of suger in a glass of milk).how strange i did not realise it has so much suger. i thought it has just got dried milk in it. but of course i should not have been so naive.

 it is just like the case with the yoghurts, i was happily buying them until they jack up the price, and that made me look at the ingredients to find it has a lot of suger in it. so i stopped eating them. now i think i shall stop buying milk powder and just drink my coffee black. the cafe au lait look is just psychological really. i could use whitener , but that has coconut oil in it. and lots of other chemicals. all to make the coffee look a certain colour. not really necessary i think. so let me drink my coffee black and see whether i can get used to it. afterall, i stopped putting milk in my tea and drink it black, and like it, without suger. so i think i can get used to coffee black without suger too.i want to cut out suger from my life or at least cut it to the minimum possible. so this price rise might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. and it means not having to bother buying milk powder ever again , i can strike another item off my shopping list and never have to buy it again. its the same with ketchup. i used to buy it, but saw the suger content and that shocked me into dropping it from my shopping list. 

liz jones, daily mail writer

18 Jan

london 8.53pm, monday 2016, 5.8C cloudy

she might not be to everyone’s taste, but this post is funny.

i like she is not afraid to poke fun at herself, and not afraid to put herself out there, warts and all.

she writes of spending wastefully in the past , and how extravagant she was, sounds like she enjoyed herself spending money then.

everyone should have memories like that to look back on, now that they are in the present, either forced to economise, or came to their senses and live ‘sensibly’. haha.

i have memories like those myself, and now i can laugh at myself then. it was wasteful, but it was a lot of fun too.