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15 Aug

london 12.13pm 21C cloudy wednesday 2018

i am waiting now for the talktalk manager to call me to ask how the problem with my landline went. actually it is all solved and no problemo. my broadband is back and the phone is working as normal now… and i hope to tell him to stop the call divert on my landline, if they had not allready found it out and stopped it allready. 

if i dont hear from him, i shall call the helpline myself to ask them to close it. then the phone saga will end and life goes back to normal.

and i hope simon will finish his cleaning mania and stop cleaning the kitchen. and i can get into it to cook my lunch. i suppose it is nice to have a grease free kitchen. but it will all get greasy again.

life here in london is very quiet until yesterday when i saw live on tv, in the good morning broadcast on itv, where they caught the assault on parliament live on tv. it is quite a coup by itv, to have a reporter and tv cameras so nearby, to be able to catch it all live as it happens. fortunately no one got killed, and the assault does not seem to be planned very well, with the car stopped by the barrier, and luckily no bombs involved.

life goes on as usual with us meeting up at the pub for our usual old ex members of a east west club get together. and because august is a dead time, with no news, the car incident took up a lot of news space. thank goodness in a way it is such a minor episode. unlike that bridge in genoa collapsing and killing so many. how is it possible to have such a thing happen in this day and age… bridge building must be so old technology, we should be able to build a bridge without it falling down nowadays. that bridge is only 50yrs old. its 12.30pm now and still no ringing from the talktalk people. looks like they have forgotten… or maybe they assume everything is fine and so no need to call me for feedback.

i am hesitant whether to call the helpline and tell them of the call divert. if i do and they call, that call will be diverted to my mobile and register as engaged. ah well, it is a small problem. 

added 12.49pm. i got a call just now and i thought it was the talktalk people, but it was from brilliant energy… my electricity supplier, and they were calling me to give them my meter reading. i have been trying to avoid doing it, because i have been using a lot more than they have guessed, and i had hoped that if i delayed it for another quarter, my usage would have dropped to compensate for the excess usage i have been doing for the spring and summer quarter. ah well, once they got me with this call, i cannot avoid giving it to them and so i gave to them. but fortunately, i have reduced my usage a lot and so the figures now conform to their estimate. for the previous two readings i have gone over by about 30kwh , but now i have gone under by 30kwh. and i think the next quarter, the autumn , i shall use less too and that would square me with the total for the year. it is about 1200kwh a year. 

that means that they will continue with the direct debit of £15.59 that i have been paying monthly instead of increasing it. i have a feeling i shall be using even less electricity this autumn. 

added 1.57pm. well finally the talktalk manager called me. and i asked him to remove the call divert which he did there and then. so that saga is now completely resolved to our satisfaction.

also, i see that this company is giving away free coffee… they call it vegan coffee, but really all coffee is vegan. when i first heard that term i thought they did something special to it to make it vegan… until i realise hang on, coffee beans are vegan… there is no meat in it. but if u put cow’s milk in it… can u call it vegan? or is vegan means it includes dairy products… 


Differences Between Vegan and Vegetarian. … Some vegetarians also exclude dairy, some don’t, and some may consume eggs. Likewise, vegans avoid meat, poultry, and seafood, but they also take it a step further by eliminating all animal products from their diet. This includes any type of animal milk and eggs. quote from wikipedia.

so when they say vegan coffee, they must mean they use soya milk or almond milk, not cow’s milk. i wonder if it will affect the taste of that coffee.


walks, falling down.

13 Dec

london 12.54pm 13.1C cloudy tuesday 2016 1.31pm 14.2Csunny. rapidly rising temp.

i got an email from my friend in bournemouth, telling me of the walk he took with a gay walking club along the coast near where he lives. he mentioned that after the walk they all went for afternoon christmas tea. not sure if it was at one of the members’ house or a commercial tea house. that mention of afternoon tea afterwards makes me want to join in. haha.

 it is nice , the walk, judging from the pictures he sent me. here in london, there are gay walking groups too who do walks, usually about 9miles. i used to go on these walks myself , notably a naked group walking in the country during the week, but they do such long walks, 11miles or so, that it is really too much for me. and when i got really painful hips after one of them, it made me wary of going on any more.

 added. 5.04pm 13.7 dry . i have come back from meeting my friend. he called me and suggested we meet today. he is the one who is french but lived here a long time so much so that he tells me he has forgotten his french.

we went to a coffee/pasta restaurant that lies directly over the regent canal. rather nice view right down the stretch of water . as usual the pasta dishes are about £9. but we did not eat.  they allow us to order just coffee. cappuccino for me at £2.65.

my friend fell this morning. he said he stumbled on the uneven pavement and fell, hitting the upper corner of his left eye. there was a cut and a large bruise over his eye. hmm, i did warn him about concussion, but he seems ok, he says he has no headache. so hope he is allright. but it did bring to our attention what old people are always afraid of , falling down. i reminded him that maybe we should go to the gym and exercise the leg muscles because that seem to get weaker when we get old. exercising the legs would keep the muscles strong and stop us falling so much. it makes me wonder if i should get back to the gym habit again. actually practising tai chi would be just as good i think. it is getting into the habit of doing it. that is the crucial factor. that is where a tai chi class would come in useful. 

the boats look unoccupied. i wonder if the owners just stay in there over the summer, or whether there is even a clause that says they cannot stay there for longer than a certain number of days/months in a year. it is cold in a canal boat during winter that is for sure. there is no insulation in the boat bottom, so the cold from the water just permeates right in.  it is not really very comfortable to stay in a canal boat either. i have done it and i know it is not comfortable.