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live to eat

18 Jan

london 12.30pm 7C saturday 2020 pimlico library

KODAK Digital Still Camera

such a lovely blue sky this morning.

home 1.51pm 8C sunny

still very sunny and blue sky out there even now, when i have come home. last night i got a bargain pork joint, and bacon from tesco, so i had a lovely bacon dinner last night and this morning a bacon breakfast. its rare that they sell   reduced priced bacon. just as well, as it is not exactly the most healthy thing to eat. but i enjoy it all the more when i do get it. especially i dont get that guilty feeling about eating it, since i seldom eat it. i find it is a great way to control the unhealthy things by relying on them being reduced in price before i buy it. eating is still a great pleasure for me.