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belgium 2 algeria 1

18 Jun


I usually ignore the world cup matches. but yesterday simon was excitedly viewing it on our big screen tv. and when algeria scored the goal he told me someone offered to buy his 11-1 bet for algeria to win. He bet £10, and the guy who contacted him on the betting site offered £35 and simon said he promptly took it.

Simon said an algerian friend of his told him the team will score one goal but lose the game as belgium is the better team. well it turned out he was right.

this morning i looked at the score and belgium won. He had the same thing happen to him with another match and he did not accept that offer to buy his bet and regretted it when he lost all . 

It is the first time i heard of the betting that can go on with these matches. I daresay everyone and their grandmother knows this. haha.

i should have known. now it becomes rather more obvious why so many are so keen to watch these games. they are betting on the outcome that is why. silly me to think they just like to watch the game for its own sake. now i know why i dont bother to watch these matches… it is because i dont have any money on them.

I suppose u have to admire the ingenuity of humans; if there is money to be made , you will always find some people will find those opportunities and do it. That online betting enables people to bet against each other and brings them together , taking a cut of all the bets. 

 Simon tells me that this year’s world cup is more exciting than the previous one, 4 yrs ago because so many goals are being scored. it is great to see goals scored but also more scope for gambling…