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22 Jul

london virgin lounge haymarket 12.39pm 26.2C cloudy sunday 2018

i have just seen the movie, hotel transylvania 3 nearby. its a U certificate , so it is for all ages. and there were a lot of kids there. but it did make me wonder why they asked that i bring ID. in the end no one checked whether i got a ticket even , nevermind ID. they asked ID in the form of a credit card… so maybe that is just to ensure the adults have money to buy popcorn and drinks for the show.

i was early, it was before 10am when the doors are supposed to open. even so, the cinema had people allready inside. i noticed they had bought drinks (the family next to me even bought a huge hotdog sandwich) and huge boxes of popcorn.

the film was ok . the story is very lightweight. i am not a kid so am not the target audience. the animation shows the expressions and the emotions very well. they are digitally done, i think, as they dont look handdrawn. whatever the technic, it is very well done. i have heard that fur, water, hair are difficult to draw and depict, but here they were all done very realistically. what i noticed by its absence is the very small role played by the little kid, his grandson.  he was not featured much and never showed his vampiric powers, unlike what i heard about the 2nd film when he had more of a part to play.

its a pleasant enough film.

i have wondered if they would show the 2nd film on tv because they often do so when a new sequel comes up. and i had a look at today’s tv guide, and see hotel translyvania 2 is showing today at about 4pm.

added 9.10pm. i got a chance to see the hotel transylvania2, and it makes me appreciate the HT3 better. the HT2 and even the first one are quite dark, not only in theme, but also in appearance. the atmosphere is night, and the colours are subdued, mostly greys and blacks. and it really brought to my attention how bright and colourful this 3 version is. and i find i feel quite happy at the end of it, rather than the other previous versions. maybe because this latest version is set mainly in the day… quite an anomaly because vampires dont like the sun … and the plot of the previous two are very serious and caters to an adult sensibility, with adult injokes, whilst this latest one is very much aim at children, with quite a frivolous ending ,almost child like solution, really. the ending dont seem to matter really, just that it leaves you with a feel good feeling at the end. i think if u can suspend your adult logical thinking and just see it as a child , to get a feel -good feel about it, you will like this movie.


premier of film deepwater horizon

26 Sep

london 9.43pm 15.7C dry monday 2016

i entered  a draw for a ticket to the european premier of deepwater horizon, a film starring mark wahlberg, and john malkovich.

i did not know anything about this film but i enter these draws just for fun anyway.

they wrote back saying i was unsuccessful, but i can try again for the  75tickets they are giving out on the day itself. so at around 10.50am i went into the evening standard website, and got a page to save that will allow me to get a pair of tickets between 5.30pm-6pm.

i nearly forgot to go, but managed to get there and got the tickets. i then realised they want smart dress and i was in shorts, so i took the bus back and changed and still got time to get there before they close the doors at 6.45pm. i live that close.

it felt a bit weird passing through the crowd of people lining the red carpet. in side, every seat got a bottle of water and a pack of popcorn. i think there was a reception for those who were lucky enough to get the tickets from the original draw. when they appeared , they got glasses of wine. however, they could not get the best seats as we got them. haha.

anyway i was right glad of the water because i was real thirsty. and we were able to wolf down the popcorn too.

before the film started, mark wahlberg actually made an appearance, together with the director who made a short speech thanking everyone.  so it was quite an occasion. it was too dark to take a picture of them.

the film itself was very loud, and full of explosions from the fire. the fire engulfed the whole rig, and was a straitforward account of what happened, and showed how those who survived conducted themselves and were affected. the film blamed the bp man. at the end it says two of the BP men were found guilty of manslaughter.   the technical reasons for the blow up  were difficult to understand, to me anyway. but in terms of the story it was not very important to understand it. just that it happened. though i should imagine it must be important for the investigation in real life to find out why it happened, so that nothing like it can occur again. 

i have heard of this oil rig accident and the subsequent oil spill that polluted the gulf of mexico in the news. but did not know of the details. this film filled in the details.

 the whole thing was notable for how much it cost  BP to clear up the oil, compensate all those american people and businesses that live around the gulf of mexico who were  affected by the pollution, as well as fines. it  was very high. from the wiki page  BP has paid up to date $54billion. but the company is rich enough to remain solvent to this day. the film will go into general release in europe on 29th sept.

oil rigs accidents are rare. take for eg the north sea, they have been drilling for oil there for ages and no accident has ever occurred. so for this one to appear, on a test rig, too, is shocking for its size and rarity.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

added. 11.34pm friday 30.9.16 i came across this analysis of the deepwater horizon accident. 

The movie presents the discussion over the test results as a showdown between BP’s oleaginous Vidrine, pushing to ignore the bad test, and Transocean’s stalwart Harrell, urging caution. In reality, the confusion over the test results was shared, and the decision to move ahead despite ambiguous data was apparently not unusual. Of course, it’s hard to fault the filmmakers for amping up the venality of the BP execs onscreen. Movies need villains (and BP is hardly in a position to expect sympathetic treatment). But if we come away from the movie believing that disasters such as the Gulf spill are caused primarily by flamboyantly greedy and reckless executives, we are learning the wrong message. The kinds of decisions that lead to disasters are rarely telegraphed by malevolent executives twirling their moustaches. More often, they appear just like any other decision in a busy workday.



trying to do something else out of the rut.

18 May

london 11.40am 13.6C cloud. wednesday 2016

flowers are bursting out everywhere around me.

the bluebells , cherry blossoms are now gone, but in its place are a lot of others. taking their turn to show off as it were. they are the bright spots in my life. other than them, not much seem to interest me … friend telling me of his holiday in sicily do not make me wish i was there. and a naturist website conversation with a member who likes my post which i wrote a long time ago in my profile about going to studland bay; but it  does not make me wish i was going there now.

so i have been going into the world of the books i have borrowed … the earthsea trilogy and geek love. trying to go into a make belief world. i would like to go further into the corfu trilogy, the world of gerald durrell’s, but today when i wanted to renew the book, i saw someone had booked it so i had to return it. nevermind, i can find it again in future , so that world i can keep safe for another time. 

though tonight i shall go to see a film , part of the herne hill film festival … to see uncle boonme thai film. perhaps it might be interesting. … at least it gets me out of the flat and out of my routine. sometimes i do get stuck in a rut and take the easy way… so it is nice to have these film festivals of free films that they show in shops for people to gather and see… 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i dont seem to be able to allow veiwers to enlarge the pic if it is a solitary picture.



but if i post two pics, it comes up like this and then it can be seen in its original size.

added 7.50pm 13.3C cloudy . the fact i am writing this now would show that i did not make it to the film.

i did arrive near the time, but it is a restaurant and all the tables were occupied, with diners. the screen was right in the same room, just a  room with a huge glass window to the outside which we can look in . the organiser was quite apologetic, saying they rely on businesses to volunteer their premises and obviously it is business as usual and some have booked tables , presumably for meals, to make sure they got a place. and he said they allready have to pay £150 for the film, so they do rely on the businesses to give them the premise.

well, it is quite understandable, after all everything is free…. so i did not see the film, but it did get me out of the flat, and as i have to change buses at brixton, it was lucky that i decided to buy ginger and chili while waiting in between buses.

i have run out of those two veg, so it was good to get them. i was at brixton  around 6.50pm and many of the regular shops were shut. whilst the eating places were opening and gearing up for their night diners.

waiting for the bus i saw continuous streams of people coming out of the brixton station. such a busy place, and so much traffic. in the bus i could not help noticing a lot of people were having long hair tied up in buns. the women have natural hair, the men have hair extensions, tied to their crinkly hairs. i could not help wondering how they slept. that bun will make it real uncomfortable to lie flat on the back , they will have to sleep with the head on the side surely… i was thinking ah humans, go on and make your life difficult why dont you , as if life is not difficult enough allready. 

I am all read out

16 Jul


I saw vue is showing the two faces of january as a senior club show. i was quite tempted to go and saw their trailer of it.

the first trailer i saw did not show much, just the opening scene when one of the characters was leading a group of women tourists up the parthenon, and talking of theseus coming home and not showing a white flag and his father the king thinking he was dead, threw himself off a cliff into the sea.

that showed a promising start, but then i saw another trailer and it showed more of the film in bits and pieces and i was put off by it. it looked like a murder story… and i am rather tired of murder stories.

i should have known it would be a crime story as I found out it was written by patricia highsmith who wrote the ripley stories, and strangers on a train. both those stories are really interesting as the premises were unusual. I went to the library and saw the book on the shelf, it must be new reprint. 


i read a bit of it in the library but not sure i like the story. ah well, i will try to finish it; most probably by reading it backwards. i sometimes get too impatient to know what it is about. I think i wont have bothered to read it if it has not been turned into a film. Would i see the film? maybe not.

i dont have the patience to watch the slow unfolding of the story if i see a film about it. Though a film let u see it unfold, unlike a book which u have to use your imagination. and the views of athens are quite nice. but i think the film might be too static, with not much action, unlike a angelina jolie film i saw on tv  , using venice as a backdrop which shows venice to perfection but also with lots of action. so that was quite enjoyable. it was called ‘the tourist’.

i dislike watching video news, but it seems i am the minority

15 Apr


I was reading this statement by yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, about what she is likely to do with the multibillion windfall from alibaba’s listing… 

There are also reports she wants to buy the online video service NDN, to create a YouTube rival.“Video has gone from being a novelty to a daily habit for millions of users,” she said on the company’s last earnings call. quote from quartz.com

it reminded me that i dont like watching video.

the bbc has videos reading out the news, or talking of a news item, and i find i just dont want to watch it.

it takes so long to get to the point when a written article will tell you very quickly , (because i know how to read fast i guess).

with a video u have to follow at the slow pace of the production showing the talking heads or voice over the scenery of the area. or  what i dislike the most, a prevideo advert.

recently i lost my sound in my laptop, and realise i dont miss it much because i seldom watch video news if i can help it.

But it seems i am the minority, if what she says is true that everyone is watching video now.

when u consider the only time i would want to see these videos will be if i were getting too old and my eyesight is failing so reading becomes difficult… but surely not everyone is getting old to explain what she says is the popularity of video viewing. unless she is wrong? in which case she might be making a big mistake buying that website. 

It might also explain why i dont like watching movies. it feels like they are  dictating to me what i should feel, or what the story, viz the characters, scenery etc  should look like and i dont like that.

or what is worse, distorting the whole adaptation. like recently when i saw the three musketeers film. it was a recent adaptation and i was shocked to see flying airships, and acrobatics by the female lead acting the female spy of the cardinal dodging the near invisible threads of sharp wires criss-crossing the room where the jewel necklace was held. its all very silly really. 

remember i was talking of those crocodile files of school children in london durng the  summer last year? well it seems parents in uk are also blackmailed to pay for their children’s jaunt to europe and new york by the schools organising such trips. I doubt they are necessary though it provides the teachers with a nice little trip all paid for by the parents. haha. 


21 Oct

unable to post this via wordpress and have to send it instead. this library connection wont allow me access to post in wordpress.

added. interesting, it wont post the attachment. ah well, i can now edit it so below is the post i wanted to post.

London Sunday 20.10.13
Yesterday, 19.10.13 Saturday, my wifi box did not work. Not sure if it is the box that has gone wrong, or the adaptor. I know adaptors can go wrong, as witness the laptop adaptor I had which suddenly stopped working about 1yr ago. So I am waiting for simon to come back and see if he has a spare at his mother’s house in Essex that we can use. Either a spare wifi broadband box or a adaptor.

There should be a lead that I can use to connect directly with the phone line, which carries the broadband signal, but I have mislaid it.

So I am writing all this off line. That is the good thing about laptops that are the old fashioned kind, not the new ones which don’t have vast memory or big hard drive. I can still write on it when I am offline.

I can still go to the library to download this into the blog as it is free to get online at the library using my laptop.

I was wandering around Camden this morning. When I am offline, I seem to get the incentive to go out. In the past, I would be online and staying indoors. One of the new things that I find I am doing now that I am offline is that I go out more often. So I chosed to go to Camden today.

But I realise it is not really that much fun going to Camden again. When I went there for the first time in a long while, I was rather interested as it was new to me. But now I have been before, going again was not so exciting. I wrote the above, and then realised that I actually had an interesting time. Watching the narrow boats negotiate the locks. I realise why the boats are built narrow. They are just wide enough to get through one door width, so it is only necessary to move one of the doors that control the water flow. Also two of these narrow boats can get through the locks at the same time.
I was sitting with my back to the wall enjoying the sun and also eating my pack lunch; and looking at the canal boats going through the locks, opening and closing the gates and letting the water flow out or in, which cause the raising or lowering of the water level in the locks so that the boats can go upstream or downstream. Its restful, and sitting in the sun is always a nice thing to do when the sun is so weak like now.

As usual, it struck me that the whole of Camden is geared to sell things. That part of it does not interest me. Not even the food, as I pack my own lunch. Though if u can afford it, or are too lazy to pack your own lunch do patronise the food stalls and shops as they need to make money.
The price is not that bad, I see doc martins(it is a shoe brand) on sale for £30 which is rather a good price really, when u consider the first doc martins I had was like 25 yrs ago, and it cost about that price then. Of course the ones I got was made of leather uppers, unlike now when they look plastic and most probably is. The plus point is that the colours are now brighter and more variety. I don’t have a doc martin now. I tend to wear trainers, currently I am wearing the reeboks that I found.

I noticed everything in London is geared to sell you things. That is the reason for their existence. If u walk down the street, u can see everywhere there is the siren call to buy.

I suppose going to the museums or art galleries is the only things in London which is free. Even then if u want to see the special exhibitions u have to pay. Still, it must be an advantage to the tourists to be able to get to the museums free. Another thing, u can use the toilets in the museums free.

As usual I ended up in the library. The charing cross branch and the Pimlico branch.

I wanted to get online using the library computers at Pimlico branch, but half of the computers were not working, and the rest were booked. So I decided to go to the swimming pool instead.

And had a nice swimming session. Showered and then came back in time to watch the cartoon film … ‘cloudy with chance of meatballs‘, first time it is being shown on tv; a rather silly film, don’t know why it was so successful … the sequel is coming out oct 25th, which is why they are showing the first film on tv now.

With all this free time seeing I am unable to get online, I have plenty of time to read. So I finally finished salman rushdie’s midnight children. It is really very good, and it is a very thick and complexly written novel. There is a story in it, but to me it is the way he tells it that makes the book so enjoyable. I have been taking it easy reading it, as I don’t really want to finish it too quickly that is why it has taken me 3 months to finish.

Rushdie has a verbose style of writing which he utilises to great advantage in this novel. It works well here. I hear they have made it into a film. Will be interesting to see how they capture the essence of this book in a film … if they can do it. The style of writing makes it interesting, and I cannot see how they can show that in a film.

Oh, I also went to the Italian festival on Friday 19.10.13 I had printed out tickets for sat and Sunday too, but I am afraid I did not go. It was good to go for one day, and enjoyed that day. I doubt it would be worthwhile going everyday of the weekend.

Sampled this cake in a box, something that I see being sold at Christmas time, a cake with raisins and dried fruits in it, which u would think would be rather hard and stale, as it is sold in a box, but the sample bits I tried was very light … though very sweet to me. Glad I got to taste it because I have seen these cake in a box being offered for sale and often wondered what they taste of. Cant say I want to buy it. Too sweet.

Then I tasted olives and sweet chutney spread on bread, and olive oils dipped with bread. I suppose people who know their olive oils will be able to appreciate the various types but not me.

I got a taste of coffee too, specially brewed then and there by one of the people manning the stalls in there, but to me it did not taste any different , didn’t even have the coffee smell which long ago instant Nescafe used to have. Not any more nowadays, though u can sometimes smell it when u pass by a coffee shop which brews its coffee, or when simon makes the coffee at home. I always tell him the smell of coffee is the best bit of his brewing…

By the way, a friend who happened to come to town to visit the tate Britain, and who came to visit me afterwards, as it is so near to where I live, told me that he makes cappuccino using instant coffee inside those metal coffee makers and using hot milk. U know those metal coffee makers , which comes in two parts, a bottom half where u add the water, and the top bit when the water is forced through the filtered coffee and from which u pour the brewed coffee. He said instead of putting roasted ground coffee in the filter, u put instant coffee, and the whole thing gets frothed and is just like cappuccino.

swim, books, film

11 Jul

I decided to go swimming this morning. It is a new routine that I am trying to intiate. I am going to cancel my gym membership this month, and I shall be going swimming more often.

But as with anything new, it takes a bit of effort to start this new routine. Yesterday I had wanted to go swimming but somehow I put it off and went to the gym instead. But I have lost heart in exercising, and I went rather late in the day, at about 5.30pm when the gym is full of people and I did not fancy waiting for the exercise machines to be available. So I just took a shower instead.

This morning I did manage to get to the queen mum centre for the swim. The last time I went I got in by putting my card in the reader at the gates, but today both the gates readers and the terminal readers were not working. So I went to the desk and she said to re present the card to the terminal readers to see what activity I had booked.

But since I did not book any activities it came back with no activities have been booked and refused me entry. So back I went to the desk and she finally took my card and said the machine is not working and I have to present my card to the desk every time I want to swim.

I thought have anyone working there ever asked themselves why we have installed this expensive machinery for it not to work, but I guess that is a silly think to think of… of course no one had asked it, because machines like this are there to give some computer company free money to fleece the council tax payers.

Anyway I had a good swim, because there was hardly anyone there, which makes me make sure I go early like about 10am from now on. Such bliss when u can have the lanes almost to myself. Though I suppose I should not be wanting to be alone as don’t I want to make friends and have buddies to swim with? Maybe not. Haha.

After the swim, I decided to go to the waitrose in city hall to get a free coffee. The machine was working this time.

With my coffee I hopped onto a 24 bus, the new type of bus with open platform, such fun, reminds me of the old days.

And took it to the charing cross library where I borrowed some more books. ‘the world according to bob’ james bowen. ‘the bull of mithros’ anne zouroudi, ‘what in god’s name’ simon rich.

In the library I was reading the independent, and saw on the tv guide that ‘Brief Encounter’ showing this afternoon on tv was written by noel coward. And it occurred to me that maybe noel coward meant it to be the portrayal of a gay encounter but cloaked it in a man-woman encounter to disguise it;
Even though I have seen it many times, maybe this time if I juxtaposed celia Johnson as a man, it might make this movie take on a whole new perspective; a dilemma of a gay married man meeting another man and falling in love with him, and not free to break off his marriage and run off with this guy who is going off to Africa.

I wonder someone should cast this as a play with males, or even two females and see what happens. Though of course for another woman to go off to Africa is a bit far fetched. Haha. Though she could go there as a missionary…!!


10.7.13 wednesday
You may have read in the papers about our heat wave, that London is sweltering in it, but thank goodness I live here and I can report it is nothing of the sort.haha.

We had a few days, (correction, one day) when it hit 28C, in the past week but since then it has been blessedly down to a very comfortable 25C or so.

And either I have been staying indoors a lot or what, or I go out in the morning and afternoon, not at sunset when it seems to me the pollen is worst; but I don’t seem to be suffering hay fever much either. The pollen count is high, or so they say in the tv weather broadcasts; but I don’t get that much hay fever.

Maybe the pollen is not the kind that affects me. Who knows but I am rather glad of it whatever the reason.

Now and then I get this urge to go somewhere and do something, but I know it is silly to follow that urge, because I did it one time and it got me wandering around London aimlessly being in some place just to be going somewhere and when I arrived there not really bothered to be there in the first place.

I supposed the only thing it did is to get me to enjoy looking at people … that seems to be the only thing I like when I go wondering around London.