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25 Jun

london 1.39pm 21.4C cloudy sunday 2017

it was very quiet on the streets round chinatown…i went there to see the film , jungle book 2016 version. the boy was played by an actor, whilst all the animals were cgi images and voiced by people like bill murray, idris elba, etc .

its actually quite a nice film and with lots of shock effects that made me jump. i enjoyed it, but there were very few people in the cinema room even though it is free. the seats are very comfy and can be tilted back, and it was such that the people in front never obstructs your view. and the screen is big. 

it is a pity that there were so few people seeing it..maybe they did not advertise it much, or it was a spur of the moment inclusion in the pride events, as it was not mentioned at all in the pride events website.added. i see they have added it in now but too late to get people to the cinema to see the film.

pity , because it is a nice film. when i got out, after the film, i saw there is quite a big public space in that cinema complex…bars, and lounge rooms and eating places. i never knew it has such a lot of space inside there.

 in fact when u first walk in, i thought i got into a restaurant, and walked out again to go round the corner thinking that is the entrance to the cinema. but it was the entrance, but u have to go up stairs to the box office. there did not seem to be any lifts, but i suspect it must be somewhere at the back, but it was not obvious.

its strange that they dont make it obvious that there was a cinema there. no posters of films or anything like that. at least not that i notice.

there was a westend live show featuring all or almost all the theatres in trafalgar square going on for the whole day which might explain why there were so few tourists on the streets round leicester square. it must cut down the footfalls to all the businesses round that area, as the people seeing the shows are trapped inside the square and not likely to be out and about buying things or eating.

oh, i was early for the film show so i went to wait in leicester square, and saw there is some kind of premiere showing of despicable 3 and lots of kids with their parents queueing up to see it. so that might explain why so few went to see this film, they are all there to see that other one. i cannot say why the despicable films get so much popularity with viewers. but i am just an old fart and so not the target of the film makers of that francise. haha. 

added. 7.20pm 21.4C. it occurred to me whilst i was seeing the end credits, that there are a lot of backroom boys for these films. it was so long listing them all, that it took considerable amount of time to go through the list of people involved in the process. must provide a lot of work and jobs for people.


instant mee for breakfast

24 Jun

the london 7.13am 18.1C cloudy saturday 2017





the chicken flavoured instant mee, it comes with a oil paste, which gives it its flavour. as usual, u can custom make it by adding stuff. in this case i put in some cox lettuces, cut up small so it can cook quicker. though veggies dont really need much cooking, as it can be eaten raw. and of course you can add meat too, or sea food. it is very versatile and that i think is why it is so popular.

added. 8.46am i read of a chap in his blog saying he has found a two night rental in a sheltered housing flat, when he start commuting from france. i have heard of these sheltered flats, meant for over 55s. i was thinking that is one place where they will want care workers … i think care as a career will always be available for anyone, and will constantly be a source of work. health and care are sure to be in need of workers in future.

and i was reminded of a chap i met in a gay website who works in this field. he works parttime, which sounds ideal. he even suggested that i do it. not for me, because i dont need the money, nor am i patient enough to deal with old people haha. but i figured it might suit others who need money and have not much skills to offer. you dont really need conventional skills except maybe a kind heart. 

but also i was thinking if old people living alone want food to eat, instant mee sounds like it is right up their street, something so easy to prepare they should be able to do it themselves easily. then i had another think, and realise that actually cooking, as in stir frying, and stewing is really very easy to do. i think even if i were a doddering old fool, i should be able to make these meals without too much help. unless of course my mind goes, but i think dementia is rather selective… in that u can forget to do some things but can remember to do others. maybe the biggest danger is that u can start things but dont finish them. thus u leave things on, and forget to shut it down.

(that is why i think the timer on my induction stove is so useful. i set it to stew and put the timer on for 15mins and then i go off and forget about it, and it will automatically switch itself off. i was thinking it will come in useful for someone who has mild dementia. i dont have dementia, at least as far as i know. haha. but it is good practise for when or if i do. )

 what u might need is someone around the place just to mop up after you , or switch things off after you. just generally to keep an eye out for you. that might mean just have a partner around, or failing that have a lodger who is kind enough to just watch a bit over you.

anyway, today is the start of pride celebrations, it goes on for 2wks culminating in the big pride parade on sat 8th july. and i read in a newsletter i get sent to me via email this morning that there is a free showing of a disney film, the jungle book.it is part of the pride festival ;

its a new remake by disney of the old jungle book cartoon film. you need to apply for tickets online, so i did and got one. it is tomorrow at 10.30am in picturehouse central. it means a break in my routine, normally i would go to the paddington library to read the newspapers. it takes some doing to make me change my routine… so i hope that film is worth it. 

i have not heard of this chain of cinemas, so it has served its purpose in that they have advertised their presence to me. i live here and still have not heard of them, just goes to show that they need to advertise. 

added. 10.10pm 19.4C rain earlier, dry now. i went to chinatown after the library to buy more of that instant noodles. 20 packs in fact. they are rather nice, because of the different flavours. they are quite distinctive. there was a bit of a jam going on in the centre of town, due to some demonstration or other. but i escaped the peak of it, and traffic or rather the buses were running their usual route by the time i finished and wanted to get back.

i noticed looking at the website of the picturehouse cinema chain that they charge quite high £16.50 for a ticket, but you can get reduced prices if u become a member, or go off peak. so it brings it down to the average pricing for cinemas in the centre of town. about £12.50 a show. i think it too much to pay for a film show, even if there are any now that i deem worth seeing, which there is not. added. the cinema in the haymarket is offering all films for £9.99. 

i am just glad i lived in an earlier age, where things are so much cheaper and thus better value for money. so that now i dont crave seeing or experienceing these things. films now are just action movies , with lots of action , very contrived and impossible but i suppose gets the adrenaline flowing from the audience. thrills and spills as they say. but dont have any substance, and the story line is lost and reduced in significance as a result on all this emphasis on action.

seeing clearer

15 Jan

london 3.36pm rain 8.9C sunday 2016

8.17pm 8.8C dry now.

i have got my glasses on 8th nov, and so have about 2months of use and i have to admit they do make my tv viewing much more pleasurable. i can see the pictures so much clearer now.

it is one of those things, where i am so used to seeing things blurry, that it comes as a revelation when i can see things so clearly now. i did not know what i missed when i was looking at things in a blur. haha.

i wonder whether that is what life is all about, that u dont miss something when u are not aware of it, but once someone open your eyes to it, u find you cannot do without it and the pleasure u take from it is so much enhanced.

i think also my eyesight has gradually got worse. it is so gradual that i am not aware of it. but now i got these glasses, when i take them off, i can notice the difference. the far distance is more blurry than  before.

now, whether the glasses has caused it, or my eyesight has got worse, is something the cause and effect of which i dont know. but whatever, i got the glasses now and they make my vision so much clearer so it is a moot point really.

watching tv is now so much more pleasurable. i am seeing ‘the hobbit, an unexpected journey’ now, and am really impressed by the background and props. they are now in the elven kingdom and it is really splendid to see. and it is so sharp the picture, even though i am not seeing it in HD. it must be great for those who dont want to imagine it, but to see it with their eyes. 




about films about disability

29 May

london 7.15am 11.1C sunday 2016 cloudy, but bright.

i woke up and realise we are still on the long May holiday weekend, time seem to have gotten slower for me. sunday used to be such a luxurious day, when it is a day to laze about and enjoy doing nothing. this was a time when i was working, but of course the times have changed for me. now it simply merges into just another day and if not for the calendar i would not have noticed it. in the past it used to be noticeable for the mass of sunday papers that can fill up a big part of the day, but that is long gone.

i read this article about a disabled film, called ‘me before you’. and the critic is saying so few films are about disabled people, but i think he/she did not like this film because of the ending. so now s/he complained it is not about reality… firstly because  the actor is a fully abled person pretending to be disabled, and secondly he kills himself in the end.

i am thinking well no wonder no one makes films about disabled people anymore…if u get critics like this complaining about how your disabled character is depicted.  you have to get a disabled actor and have a happy ending… it is very restrictive to you if u are a producer of such a film. it just means u got to have a sentimental ending, or tug at the heart strings throughout the film… even to me that sounds boring. you cannot make the disabled person a horrible person… or a murderer, for example.  in other words u cannot treat him as a character in the movie, and be allowed to be bad or good  person… the character is loaded with baggage just for being disabled. 

disabled people really cannot complain when no one makes a film about disability and then complain that it is not real when someone does. films are not real… or rather i should say movies are not real. they depict made up stories about people and things and their behaviour or rather they play up certain behaviours , usually the extreme ones, just to have a story.

gay people used to be non depicted in movies, until they do, and then the gay character always cop it in one way or another… but  gays realise they cannot have it both ways and expect the gays to be depicted well…(or rather there is not much we can do about it haha).  so olden day movies with gays in them always ends up badly for the gay character… even today, most times the gay character cops it badly… but then it wont be a movie if everybody have a great life in it… happiness is the most boring to depict. that is why when they live happily ever after, the movie ends.

disabled people should just suck it up and keep quiet about it not being real to encourage more directors to stick disabled people in their movies, so much so that it becomes normal, and then they might get some real character parts for the disabled  bits in that movie. though it will never end  with happy ever after endings. for that u can go to fairy tales. haha.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the cucumber sandwich. it is really the perfect answer to when u want something to nibble but dont really want anything sweet.

added. i saw this about why london got pavements

added. wordpress is 13yrs old. it started on 27 may 2003. 


5 Mar

london 7.49am 3C bright cloud saturday 2016

gerald butler seems to be everywhere in films these days. this morning i read in the evening standard a review of ‘london has fallen‘ . it is a very funny review. and it is supposed to be coming out in cinemas soon, that explained why the film ‘olympus is fallen’ has been showing so much on tv lately. it is done by the same team, and starring gerald butler too. he starred in another film about egyptian gods, that is being shown now, and bombing at the box office. taking in only £14million in its first weekend. it has run into the controversy about white men in black men roles. like the other film about nina simone, with her estate complaining of zoe saldana playing her and having to black up.

all these wanting diversity in films, it seems they have forgotten that films are make believe, and now want to stick too much  reality… a black person must be the one to play black roles, a chinese person to play a chinese person… so a woman must play a woman’s role then? no one complained about whathisname playing a woman and got nominated for best actor too whilst playing a woman. 

awards and race

20 Jan

london 3.07pm some say 4C others 8.9C, so it looks like it depands on whether the thermometer is in the sunshine or shadow. its sunny. wednesday 2016

quite too cold to sit outside, and this was at about 12pm, when i got back from the library; much as i like to have the sun on my face and get some vit D.

there is sun, but it is quite weak. and what with a cold wind blowing, i  gave up the idea of sitting in the park bench in the little communal garden . so it is indoors for me. haha. and watch daytime tv.

i noticed they are all featuring caucasian actors and actresses. now that the academy awards have been criticised for featuring only white people, i was thinking well because there are so many of them in films. here in the west that is all we see, white people in films. in malaysia , and s.e.asia, we get to see chinese films, with chinese actors, indian films with indian actors, malay films with malay actors… we all expect that, no one will ask that such films have white actors or actors of other races. now that they ask that of the academy awards, will anyone start demanding the same thing for those chinese, korean, indian , productions? i wonder. 

 now we come to think of it, the academy awards were meant to showcase white people and the films they make. 

 let me ask u, when was the last time, if ever, that u saw a film with all black actors and actresses? i can only think of one, an all black cast , the wiz, based on the wizard of oz. i dont think i saw it to the end. it has a lot to live up to, because the wizard of oz is a superlative film, and judy garland was just too perfect for that role, she made it her own. i did not see what a all black cast can add to the narrative. 

i think when it comes to awards, race should not come into it. we are not looking to award equality, the very nature of awards is to judge who is best. it is subjective of course, but it is a peer judgement, and there is no argueing with it. really. anything else would sound like sour grapes.

if u dont like it, go and cook up your own awards. haha.

added i was curious to see whether there are any all black films, and googled it. this link tells me. it seems there was a period when they were popular, but not many have survived. 






11 Dec

london 9pm 8.4C friday 2015

perhaps if u are in asia, u might not be so interested in the news that it is the start of the film awards season. the first one that is coming up, on 10jan, is the golden globe awards and they tend to be harbingers of  what films will be famous. esp in the academy awards, which is the most prestigious of all.

looking at the nominations it strikes me that there are hell of a lot of new films made. these are just the tip of the iceberg.

it must cost money to make them, so what makes such a lot of people want to invest in making films? i can understand someone writing a book, because it is relatively cheap to publish a book. but films require someone or many people putting real money in it. its one of the things that humans do that dont make sense if u just look at it in terms of cost and reward. but humans still do it anyway and we get some really great films.

right now channel 5 is doing a whole evening of star wars documentaries. i suppose because the latest one is going to premier in the cinemas soon. and they are showing how the first one had a really difficult beginning. i remember being thrilled by it when i first saw it in a cinema so long ago. it came out in may 1977, according to google. it cost $10million to make.

but it will not make me want to see the latest film when it is released on 17dec. 

some background info of how the franchise developed.

disney bought the rights from lucasfilms for $4billion in 2012.

added. 5.55pm saturday 12.12.15 here are those who are left out.